Chapter 2- You think I like him?

When the twins finally pulled themselves out of bed and went to breakfast, Kaoru sat next to Haruhi. This made Hikaru feel sick again. Why was he getting so jealous? Kaoru is his brother, he will always be his brother. So what is the issue? Tamaki sat next to Hikaru, who was sat on his own due to Kaoru being sat with Haruhi. “You seem lonely, still worried for Kaoru?” Tamaki asked. Hikaru shook his head. “Why was you moody this morning? Honey Senpai said you terrified him.” Hikaru shrugged. “Just tired…” Tamaki looked over at Kaoru and Haruhi. “No offense, but I don’t like seeing her flirting with you two.” Hikaru’s heart beat sped up when he heard the word ‘flirt.’ It started to hurt a little. “Excuse me” he said and ran from the room to try and stop the pain in his chest. He found himself being sick in the toilet from all of the pressure, which had been building up in his stomach. “Hikaru?” A voice called out. It was Kaoru’s.

Hikaru stayed quiet, hoping his brother wouldn’t find him in his moment of weakness, but Kaoru did. “Are you alright?” Kaoru asked, seeming very concerned. Hikaru nodded but never spoke. He was acting very out of character. Kaoru rubbed his brother’s back, hoping he wasn’t sick. “I’m fine.” Hikaru said. He didn’t want his brother to stop touching him. ‘What is wrong with me?’ he thought. This was going too far, and he knew it. “Hey Hikaru, I thought about adding more homosexual stuff to our act at the host club. How do you feel about actually kissing me passionately?” How did Hikaru feel? He felt like crying because Kaoru said it was an ‘act’ and to him it was so much more. The love Hikaru felt was real, not an ‘act’. However, would it ever be anything more than an ‘act’ to Kaoru? Kaoru may be bisexual, but would he ever turn incestuous? The chances were low in Hikaru’s head. “Yeah, that’s fine.” He spoke out.

Later that day Hikaru was talking to Kyoya about his and Kaoru’s ‘twincest act’. He was asking about what kissing would do to the clubs profits. He still wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through with it or not. Kaoru looked at his brother and sighed. “Everything okay?” Tamaki asked. Kaoru shook his head. “Does Hikaru like Kyoya Senpai?” Kaoru spoke. His stomach was doing flips. He hoped the answer was no. “I don’t know, if he does then he has hid it well.” Tamaki spoke. Kaoru still prayed that the answer was ‘no’. “I feel very sick…” He said. Tamaki panicked a little and rushed him to the bathroom. “So you’re still feeling ill” Tamaki let out a soft sigh. “Get well soon Kaoru.” Little did he know the reason for the sickness was jealousy.

Both twins were feeling jealous of each other now, but they didn’t know. Kyoya was the first to notice with Hikaru. While he was talking to the older twin about their act he realised a hint of disappointment in his voice, like he was upset about something. It didn’t take long for him to realise he was disappointed because he didn’t want the kissing to be an ‘act’. Kyoya called a club meeting but before it started, he made sure both twins were in their room then locked them in. “Where are Hikaru and Kaoru? It’s not like them to be late.” Haruhi spoke. “They aren’t late, I locked them in their room so they don’t hear this conversation.” Kyoya said. Everyone looked dumbfounded and said “Why?” Kyoya smiled and explained. “This meeting has been called because of them. It has come to my attention that Hikaru has a crush on his younger brother and is getting jealous of him.” Tamaki started to laugh at this. “Well that explains why Hikaru didn’t feel well yesterday” Haruhi said. She had picked up on all the little hints that Hikaru was giving, “and why he was staring at Mori Senpai while he was carrying Kaoru.” Kyoya started to take notes in his little black book. “Kaoru’s jealous too” Mori spoke. “Come to think of it, Kaoru did ask if Hikaru had a thing for Kyoya…” Tamaki said. Kyoya looked up from his book. “So I guess the question now is whether or not we get them to become a couple.” He announced. They made a vote and they all agreed on an outcome.

The twins were both banging on the door, wanting to be out. The door opened and both fell to the floor as they had been leaning on the door. Haruhi and Honey Senpai laughed at them. “We have been discussing you both and have come to the conclusion that you should go on a date tonight.” Tamaki told them. The looked at him and blinked in unison. “What is he talking about?” Hikaru asked, secretly pleased that he had to go on a date with his brother. “Beats me” Kaoru responded, he also was secretly pleased. “Stop pretending, we all know you like each other” Haruhi said and the twins burst out laughing. “You think I like him.” They once again spoke in sync. They faced each other. “Hey, what do you mean? I’m not bad. You can do worse.” Hikaru said to Kaoru. “I could also do better” Kaoru responded. Both twin glared at each other before a full blown argument erupted. “Are you sure they like each other Kyoya?” Tamaki asked. Kyoya nodded “positive.”