I can’t let anything happen to you (Chapter 1 and 2)

Chapter 1

“But dad!” (y/n) yelled. All (y/n) wanted to do was go out with some friends she had made at school.
“No!” William said firmly. He didn’t want her to go out.
“Dad I am 16” She complained.
“That is too young” He said. William had buried himself in work throughout all the time (y/n) was growing up. As she grew up she started to look more and more like the elder (y/n) and it got too hard for him to look at her without breaking down.
“Dad you don’t even care for me. You never want me to do something which will make me happy.” (Y/n) ran off after that. Will let out a sigh and looked at a photo on the wall.
“Where did I go wrong darling?” He looked around the room. “Maybe ill go visit Grell and Ronald. I haven’t seen them for a while.” He stood up. (Y/n) walked back in the room.
“I’m sorry Dad, I know you’re only trying to protect me because Mum died, but I’m not a child any more” she spoke.
“Were going to see your auntie and uncle” Will announced. (y/n)’s face brightened up as she looked at a photo of them on the wall.
“Really? We’re going to see them? I haven’t seen them since I was little!”

Will took (y/n) to Ronald’s and Grell’s. She knocked on the door smiling and a teenage boy answered.
“Can I help you?” He asked.
“Um yes. I am looking for Uncle Ronald and aunt Grell.” (y/n) spoke. Will pushed past the boy and walked in. Grell was sat on their sofa. She had a black eye. When Will walked in she jumped up.
“Willy! You came to see me! Why didn’t you call first?” Grell hugged him and kissed his cheek. (y/n) looked at them.
“Aunt Grell” (y/n) spoke. Grell went into hugging mode and grabbed (y/n), claiming she was beautiful and looked just like her mother.
“Who’s the boy?” Will asked.
“My son. We’ll my adopted son. If you came to see me more you’d know that Willy” Grell laughed and sat down again. Will sat with her. (Y/n) was staring at the boy. Brown, shabby hair. Golden eyes. He had a slender frame but muscles could be seen. He was very good looking.

Will and Grell got talking. She seemed very different to the Grell he knew a few years ago. The thing he noticed the most was the amount of scars and bruises she had. He asked her where she got them but before she could answer Ronald came in.
“Grell you here?” He asked. He walked into the room and saw Will. “Oh… William…..Sir I didn’t know you were here.” Ronald seemed different as well. He had more muscles. Neither were as hyperactive as they used to be. It’s like they matured. “Grell, go get dinner on.” Grell shot up and almost ran to the kitchen. What has happened to them? (Y/n) came running down the stairs, the boy had been showing her the house.
“Daddy! This place is beautiful!”
“Daddy?” Ronald asked. “Wait (Y/n)?” Ronald measured her height. “My how you’ve grown.”

There was a smash in the kitchen. Ronald went to check it out, that was followed by a muffled scream and cry. What has happened here? William decided it was time to stay with the people he once called his “friends”. He sensed something was wrong and it needed to be fixed. Also he suspected something to be off with that boy. Grell came in shaking. She had no oven gloves on and was carrying a piping hot pan. Her hands were blistering as they burned.
“Enjoy. Charlie come sit down at the table.” The boy listened to his mother and sat there. He wasn’t interested in the meal though. He just stared at (y/n) while she ate like she was some kind of new fascinating creature.
“So… What happened to you lot?” Will asked. He pulled a small first aid kit from his pocket and wrapped Grell’s hands in bandages. Even if he has lost sense in what was important to him, he still wanted to be prepared.
“A lot. I could tell you, but you will have to take me with you to your house” Grell said. Honestly she just wanted to get away from Ronald.

Chapter 2

Grell stayed at William’s that night. She was so happy to get away from Ronald. They were in Will’s office. Grell was looking at the objects.
‘You know. This place looks exactly the same as when she died’ Grell spoke. She took a seat in william’s chair, on his lap.
‘Tell me what happened between you an Ronald’ William spoke. Grell smiled.
‘Okay, but only because you asked so nicely.’

‘So after the death of (y/n) and you depression’ she said, ‘Ronald got a promotion. I never saw it coming. Ronald was as bad as I was at not working. It was unusual. We went out for a meal to celebrate. He was very happy with himself. It was at that meal that Ronald said “I want a child.” which is why we have Charlie. Well later that night I was asleep and Ronald awake. I dont exactly know what was going through his head. He woke me by pinning me to the bed. I don’t like it when he wakes me because he wants to have sex.  But that is what we did. Nothing bad happened that day. It was the next day that it did. I went to adopt a baby with Ronald. I think something clicked in his head while seeing them adoption papers. “You can’t have children of your own can you?” he said. Of course I couldn’t.  Eventhough I did get that sex change I always wanted, I’m still infertile. He knew that so I dont know why he asked me that. So I answered back with a small “No.” We actually came out that place with a baby girl. She was so beautiful.  Lilly was her name. It was my choice to have a girl. We needed one of us to be a fertile female, but we couldn’t keep her. Ronald didn’t like her too much but he’s not the reason we couldn’t keep her. The orphanage we got her from had realized that me and Ronald weren’t married, or even engaged. Their was a couple who wanted a baby girl and they were married. They took priority for some unfair reason. So baby Lilly was taken from us.’

‘That night was hell for me. Ronald was screaming and yelling. He punched the wall and he turned to punch me. I took the hit as best as I could but he broke my nose. There was a lot of blood. “I’m so sorry” he said quickly and went to help me. He got some tissues to try and stop the bleeding. Honestly the punch to the nose calmed him down. We sat on the bed, my nose was patched up and Ronald was staring at the door. “I know you didn’t mean it” I said to try and get him to snap out of his stare. I had a feeling that he was depressed about hurting me. “You’re very fragile aren’t you” A smirk grew on his face. He laughed. “I’m not that fragile”  I said back pouting. He turned and pinned me hard. His thumbs were digging into my shoulders. I whimpered as it hurt which made him laugh more. “Fragile” he moved his hands. I was wearing my night clothes, so he could easily see the bruised marks his thumbs had left on my shoulders. He kissed them. “You know what that means don’t you?” I shook my head to his question. “No, what does it mean?” He sat up and sat me up. His hand gripping my own. “You and I are bound together. You cannot leave me. Grell Sutcliff will you marry me?” I was throwback by the question. How do you answer a question like that when it just comes out randomly? I just said “Yes” without thinking. After the day we had I really should have said no. I didn’t know that saying Yes to that question was going to ruin my life forever. How could I have? I was still quite childish then, we both were. He was giddy about his new job, I was giddy about being engaged. We were stupid, well I was anyway. From getting that job he got it into his mind that he was more powerful than me and I was just there to do as he says. Its rather scary when you think about it isn’t it? ‘