Fix me up (Chapter 2)

I sat waiting for the therapist to finish reading through what I had written. He seemed focused on every word. His brow furrowed reading the last bit that I had written.
‘So you can’t remember the night with him?’ He asked me. I shook my head. From how I woke that morning,  it is clear I engaged in sexual intercourse with the demon Sebastian Michaelis, but I wish I could remember it. ‘Mrs Spears, what does any of this have to do with your night terrors?’ Once again I shook my head, but this time it was in disbelief. This man before me is supposed to be a psychiatrist, surely he must have realised that what I had written was not the whole story.
‘You wanted to know what my night terrors were about, I am simply telling you what the events were that lead up to me not being able to sleep.’ I told him. He wanted me to finish the story, so that is what i am going to do.

It was early evening, a few months after me and sebastian had become a thing. I was going to meet him at the park once I had finished my job. He said he was going to take me out somewhere tonight, so I should try look my best for then. I didn’t expect this job to take the turn that it did. It was supposed to be a simple job, where I was to collect the soul of an old fat man who had died in his sleep from a heart attack. When I arrived there was someone stood over him; a demon trying to eat his soul. It’s in the rules that I am not allowed to let a demon eat a person’s soul. So yeah, that turned into a fight and I ended up getting blood all over my white shirt. When I arrived to Sebastian, he laughed at me.
‘You expect to go to a restaurant dressed like that?’ He asked. I rolled my eyes with annoyance that it actually made a noise. Sebastian pulled me close to him, holding my waist. I looked up at him.

‘I’m sorry, I got into a fight with a demon.’ I explained to him. He chuckled and pecked my lips.

‘I bet you killed him. You’re too powerful for any old demon to take down.’
‘You took me down’ I spoke while pouting. He let out another chuckle. He lifted my leg up around his waist.
‘Yes, but I take you down in a different way. How about we just skip the restaurant and go home.’

And that’s what we did. I will spare you with the details. In a story about night terrors, you don’t need to know about my sex life with Sebastian. Perhaps I will tell you about the future sex life, but not this one. I stayed with him overnight and he washed my clothes while I slept. The next day was when he took me to the restaurant. It’s the day he proposed to me. I was so shocked when he did that, I wasn’t expecting it at all, so I said “Yes” without thinking. A week later we married. Very soon, I know,  but Sebastian is a demon. All I needed to do was get me a dress. I know it’s sad, but I had already bought a dress. I was so desperate for love that I had one bought before I even got with Sebastian.

The marriage was fairly traditional, but it seemed a bit more like an elope. Due to the species of Sebastian we could not marry in a church, so we married in the phantomhive estate garden. I invited three people, but only one showed and that was Undertaker. I guess Will didn’t want to come because of Sebastian and so wouldn’t let Ronald come. Sebastian had the other servants from the estate and the young brat. At least I felt beautiful, and Sebastian made me feel beautiful afterwards. I will spare you with the boring details from the wedding, like the speeches from the servants, who played the roles of maid of honor and best man. You don’t need to know them, they don’t matter towards my night terrors.

I think I got bored. That is what happened. I was sat every day inside the estate while Sebastian worked, and I got bored of waiting for him to finish. Every time he finished one job, the brat made him do another. I think I saw him every day from 10 pm (when the brat went to bed) till about 11:30 (when I fell asleep). It was not how a marriage should work, so I told Sebastian.
‘Sebby’ I said, ‘I want to move.’ He couldn’t understand what was wrong with me only seeing him at the times I did. So I made him choose between me and Ciel. He didn’t take to that like I had expected, and didn’t speak to me for a week until I had apologized. It was then that I had decided that I wanted to occupy myself, so I went back to work.

Naturally, with me not being there and Will hating my husband, I was forced onto paperwork. I didn’t mind. Anything was better than laying across the sofa every day waiting for Sebastian. I that was the hardest I had ever worked in the whole of my 90+ years working as a reaper. I got up early and arrived to work on time. All my paperwork was done and handed in to Will by lunch time so I got time to talk to my friends and help them with their work. Apparently my effort did not go unnoticed, and Will came to me about it.

‘Grell…’ he said. I believe he only called me by my first name because my last name was Michaelis and he hated that name. ‘It has come to my attention that you are doing your work on time and correctly.’ That conversation was rather awkward and the only thing I remember from it was William saying ‘Perhaps that scum has done you good’ before blushing and leaving.The blush was the thing that made me remember that sentence. It was the first time William had ever shown me emotion, and it wasn’t the last.