Chapter 2

A month. A month of perfect love and romance. A month without arguments. That is what the ‘honeymoon period’ right? Everyday I went to meet Ronald after work, we would go out for a meal (or stay in and have a meal) then probably have intercourse. It was perfect. And then… the arguments started. It seemed every little thing me and Ronald had a fight about.

The fights started when I ran into the Undertaker on one of my jobs. It was great to see an old friend like him. He asked me if I wanted to go to his shop for a drink that evening and I said ‘yes’ without even thinking. When Ronald went to collect me for the evening’s drink, I started to smack my head against the desk.

“I can’t” I told him. He looked at me with a frown.

“But we go out for a drink every night.”  He spoke. “Why can’t you go?”

“I promised a friend I’d visit him tonight.”

“‘Him’?” Ronald questioned. “You’re going to a male’s place?”

“What difference does the gender make? It’s only Undertaker”“Oh, because knowing who it is, changes the fact that you are going to a MALE’S HOUSE!” I did something there that I never thought I would do to Ronald. I slapped him. It wasn’t a light slap, I know that for a fact. The poor man went flying, like when you watch them old melodramatic films and someone gets hit. Tears were in my eyes. People looked at Ronald and gasped in shock. I grabbed my coat and ran out of the room to escape the people’s stares.

“What did I just do?” I thought outloud to myself. Once outside of the building, I sat on the floor by the wall. William, who was returning from a job, found me. Just what I needed.

“Sutcliff?” he asked. I tried to pretend like I didn’t hear him but that lead to him saying my last name louder than before. I turned my face away and spoke rudely in return to him.

“What?” I half snapped.

“Has Knox upset you?”

“What has it got to do with you?” I got up and made a run for it. I heard Will shouting my name behind me, but he never followed me.

I ran to the only place I knew I’d be accepted right now, and that is to Undertaker’s parlour. As I walked through the door, tears streaming down my face- messing up my makeup, I saw the Undertaker talking to someone I recognised but never knew. Of course I recognised him, I never forget a handsome face.

“Ah Grell, glad to make you came.” Undertaker spoke and giggled at the end of it. The man looked at me with a smirk on his face. “This is Jack, he was bringing me my client. Dreadful thing, not even a scratch on the body.”


“Hi.” I spoke simply to him. Jack wiped some tears from my eyes. “I’m Gre-”

“Grell Sutcliff. I know. Undie here said you were coming to visit him.” He interrupted. “A beautiful lady like you should not be crying, so why don’t you go clean your face and come back so we can talk.” I suddenly felt vulnerable, like this man was in charge of me. I walked silently to Undertaker’s bathroom to wipe my face. Not wearing makeup is dreadful, but I had left my makeup back at work. I would have to collect that tonight when only William is in the building because if anyone else sees me like this I will die of embarrassment. When I walked out of the bathroom, Jack wasn’t there.

“Where did he go?” I asked Undertaker. He shrugged.

“You know the price for information, my dear” he smirked at me. He was making tea for the two of us. I sat down on a table and sighed. “So you don’t want to know where he went?” I shook my head.

We were happy. We were laughing. We were having a beautiful conversation- and then the door opened and a young earl walked in with his butler.

“Undertaker, are you there?” Ciel spoke. I stood up and looked at him. The smirk on Sebastian’s face grew insanely upon seeing me. “Grell?” Ciel asked.

“I was… just leaving… Thank you for the tea Undie.” I kissed Undertakers cheek and made a break for the door. Sebastian’s arm reached out for me as I ran past, and his hand clenched onto my arm.

“You look beautiful today Grell” he whispered into my ear from behind, “No makeup really suits you.” He licked my ear and I pulled my arm loose from him.

“You have no right!” I snapped and continued out of the door. I could hear Sebastian laughing behind me. I closed my eyes and blocked it out as I made my way home. The walk home was boring on my own, I am usually with Ronald or at least Eric and Alan. It seemed to go on for miles when I had no one with me. To make things worse, the rain started to fall on me- drenching me.

Splatters of blood were laying on my doorstep and were on my door. I knelt down and touched it then rushed inside.


“Hello?” I called out. I received a pained grunt in response and saw a bloody hand raise up from behind the couch. I walked to it and held back an emotional yelp upon seeing who it was. Ronald. It was Ronald. He had a knife in his hand and his wrists were cut to ribbons. Rushing to get the first aid kit, I tried to patch him up the best I could. “Did I cause this?” I asked. Ronald stayed silent. I held his head to my chest. “Why?” I asked, “Why did you do this?” I still got no response. Either he was unconscious or he was ignoring me. Turned out to be the second one, so I grabbed the knife; took a deep breath, and cut. His hand went onto mine as soon as I did the first one.

“Don’t!” He said. His blonde hair was full of his red blood, and I didn’t like it. “I will never forgive you if you continue to do that.”

“Did you do this because I slapped you? Or because I went to Undertaker?” I asked.

“You’re not wearing makeup” he whispered, avoiding the subject. “You look beautiful.” His eyes closed. Ronald never died. I got him to the hospital, they said I had patched him up wonderfully and that he just needed to cover the stitches in bandages. I wish I could say that when he woke I was the first thing he saw, but I wasn’t. Every second he was out, knowing that I was the cause of this, was painful for me. I looked at him from the doorway, but he never saw me when he awoke.

“I’m sorry” I said, loud enough for him to hear me. But he didn’t get to see me. I had speed walked down the corridor before he looked in my direction. I had left him a note. The note explained my thoughts and feelings about the situations. It expressed that I didn’t want Ronald to leave me and it hurt to see him unconscious. I had told him that red and blonde just weren’t meant to be. It was my break up note. It was the only way, I could think of to try and save his life. I don’t want to be a danger to people’s lives, especially the ones I care deeply about.

I sat at home, trying desperately to wash the stained blood out of my floor. Soda water and lemon for blood- but it wouldn’t vanish. No matter what I did it wouldn’t disappear, and so I moved the couched over the stain. It still didn’t vanish. The stain just moved onto the couch. I stared at it for a while and then decided there was something wrong. My teeth chattered through fear, and my body shook. The feeling of nausea laid in my stomach and I couldn’t take it any longer. I sprinted as fast as I could towards William’s house.

Being the clumsy person I am, I tripped on this porch steps and hurt my knee. He must have heard the thud of my landing, because he opened the door to me.

“Help me” I said. He looked down at me and went to help me up, but I couldn’t stand. My left knee was busted and there was no way I was going to be able to walk for a while. Will, being the gentleman he is, picked me up and took me inside. He laid me on the white couch in his front room and got his first aid box. His was neatly arranged into bandages, plasters, other stuff. Mine was just a mess spread out in a box. At least I had one though.

“Why did you come here Sutcliff?” William asked. I bit my lip. “Sutcliff?”

“I broke up with Ronald… No matter what I do his blood is stained in my vision and I can’t Will” I spoke. Tears forming in my eyes. “Even here, it feels like my hands are covered in it.” My voice had gone very quiet.

“You’re having a relapse of when you were in his position?” Will asked. When I was trying to kill myself (in the past) I got hurt. On the job, I got hurt and had to fight for my life- after that the image of blood wouldn’t leave my eyes and I ended up trying to kill myself to remove it. I am relapsing now. So I nodded to Will.

He was straight up and too the phone. This is how I know Will cares for me. I couldn’t hear what he was saying on the phone, but he came back to me and stroked my hair.

“You will be alright, I won’t let it consume you.”