The wrath of Ranka- Prologue

Haruhi’s POV:

The date was the 4th February. ┬áMy birthday. To celebrate, dad is letting me have a birthday party. It won’t be at my place though. Tamaki said it could be at his place. The party was obviously going to be huge. If it’s there though, I will have to go dressed as a guy. I don’t mind going as a guy. It is a lot comfier to dress as a guy than it is to wear frilly dresses.

My dad dropped me off at the party and said I could stay over if I wanted to, as long as I texted him to make sure I was fine. I went inside. Everyone jumped out screaming “Surprise!” I nearly had a heart attack hearing them all. There was at least 100 people at this party. I made sure to dance with all of the host club though, especially Tamaki (who was the host of this party).

There was drinks at this party. Alcohol. It was the first time I had ever drunk alcohol before. It affected me pretty badly. I think it affected everyone there. The night is not something I remember at all. The others all seem to remember bits and pieces, but not me. All I remember is waking up with my clothes a mess like they had been off and been put on in a rush.

A few weeks later I woke up feeling sick. I still hadn’t remembered the party. My dad got worried and made me stay off school that day. He got a doctor in, which is when we found out the news. I was pregnant. I wasn’t happy myself, because I didn’t know who the father was, but my dad was furious. He was determined to find out who did this to me. It was something I also wanted to know, but I think if we found out then my dad would kill whoever did it. We narrowed it down to the host club. It couldn’t have been anyone else who did it because no one else knows I am actually a girl. I hope my dad doesn’t kill one of my friends.