Will you always love me? (Page 1)

Darkness. A scream bursts out loudly followed by laughing. Blood runs down the screen. The bloody face of William is on the screen and he laughs. The screen zooms out to see a dead woman on the floor. She is covered in blood. Her blond hair is full of blood and her blue eyes are wide open but lifeless. William walks over her laughing and out of the room.

Screen returns to black as the title comes on the screen.


An empty basement. Knives and scissors on the floor. Chains wrapped around the drain pipe covered in blood.

GREENVILLE ACADEMY, England, school kids in white shirt and black ties are walking into the building. It is the first day of term.

WILLIAM Lester,17, walks into the school. He is the “perfect” looking male with brown hair and brown eyes that are almost black. As he walks by a lot girls follow him with their eyes and blushes appear on their cheeks.

SUSAN Murphy,16, approaches behind him and jumps on his back. She is William’s girlfriend. Blond, blue eyes. One of the “pretty” girls at school.


Hi Susan, did you have a nice
summer? Visiting your mother in
Scotland right?

Susan smiles and takes his hand. She leans her head against his arm.


Yeah, Scotland. It was so boring
there. Nothing to do and my mother’s
place doesn’t have Wifi.

William nods. It is obvious he doesn’t believe her. A frown appears on his face as if he knows she did something and is lying now.


You could have spent time with your brother, doesn’t he live up there too?