Will you always love me? (page 2)

Susan closes her eyes and lets out a sigh. It was clear she did see her brother while she was there.


I went to his on a saturday to
surprise him. He was having a three
some with a skimpy girl and a guy.
A sight I never want to remember.

William let out a chuckle as she said this. He looked at her and kissed her forehead.


I have to go, I will see you later

William heads into a classroom. Sarah sighs and continues to walk towards her class.

Amelia “AMY” Lewis, 16, rushes into the classroom after William. She has short brown hair which isn’t brushed properly and has a red stain on her white shirt.


Lewis, You’re late. You better have
a good excuse.


I do miss, it is a good excuse.

There is a moment of silence. The class all look at Amy. The teacher crosses her arms and taps her foot.


Well? I am waiting. What is your
excuse Lewis?


I am still trying to think of that

The teacher rolls her eyes at Amy and starts to write on the whiteboard what they were going to be doing in the lesson today. Amy sat down quickly in her seat at the back. She looked out the window and sighs.


I didn’t know you could be so cheeky?

William offers his hand to her. She looks at it then at him.