Will you always love me? (page 5)

Amy heads towards the kitchen so she didn’t have to keep shouting. NORMAN ,37, was sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea. His bald head shined as the sun light hit it through the window. He was talking to Amy’s mother.


Hi Norman, how was work? Mum
didn’t break anything again right?


No, You’re mother was a delight.
I would like her to be there more

Amy’s mother grabbed Amy’s hair and dragged her out of the room. She smiles at Norman then closes the door behind her.


I thought I told you not to go in
there. Why do you never do as you’re
told? I told you I would speak to you

She hits Amy over the head and then smacks her across the face. Amy’s eyes water like she is about to cry.


Now go to your room, and don’t come
back down till 7


But then I will miss dinner. Mum you
never gave me any lunch, I can’t miss
dinner as well!

Her mother hits her again, this time giving her a black eye. She grabs Amy by the hand and drags her up the stairs and locks her in her room.


Why are you never doing as you
are told? If you did as you were
told you wouldn’t get hurt. Obedient
children get good stuff, disobedient
children miss dinner.