Sparks fly (Laxus x reader)- Chapter 5-8

Chapter 5 

Your pov
You ever had that feeling where you suddenly wake up and your not in your own bed? You know that feeling? Where your like ‘this isn’t my bed’. I’m sure you all have. You probably got it when sleeping at your grandma’s or your best friends. Well that’s what feeling i just got as i woke up in that tent next to Laxus. I suddenly realized where I was. I looked at him, sleeping there. He looked so cute. I couldn’t resist but to draw on his face.I drew a mustache below his nose and some circular glasses around his eyes. He looked funny.I kissed him to wake him up.
“(y/n), why’d do you wake me up so early?” He asked.
“Its almost noon” i said and smiled. He opened his eyes to look at me.
“Good luck today then short-stuff” He said. You pouted.
“I’m not-”
“Short, i know, i’m just teasing you” he said. He got up and walked out of his tent only to be laughed at by everyone outside. Someone handed him a mirror and then. “(Y/N)!!!!” He yelled and you made a break for it.

I didn’t get away with it lightly. Laxus proper punished me, but he said that if he didn’t love me then it would have been A LOT worse. In a way i consider myself lucky, but i got injured so bad i could barely walk so lost the S class trail. i waited at the camp to see who would win. According to Makarov there is going to be 2 winners this year since the s class trails got canceled last time.i sat in camp with Mira, Lisanna, Juvia, Erza, Makarov and Laxus. Everyone else who wasn’t taking place in the next round went home and left us. Bit cruel if you ask me but there it is. People join the camp. Its… Grey and Loke. Odd i thought they would do well. It was a couple of hours till the next pair was eliminated, which were Levy and Gajeel. Gajeel wasn’t in a good mood after that all.
“It is official. Natsu Dragneel and Cana Albarona are the new S class wizards.” Makarov says. You huff at Laxus.
“That could have been me” i pout.
“Shouldn’t have  drawn on me while i was asleep” He says. we both cross your arms and look away from each other.
“You two having a lovers quarrel?” Mira asks smiling.
“No!” we both snap at the same time making Mira giggle.
“You know theirs always next year short stuff” Laxus says. I look at him.
“I guess” I say looking at him. “I’m sorry for drawing on you”
“I’m sorry for injuring you” He apologies and I kiss his nose.

I got on the ship to get home. Everyone in there usual places. Natsu spewing over the edge with Gajeel next to him, ect. All dragon slayers have motion sickness, even Laxus, though hes to proud to admit it. I was sat on Laxus’s lap. He was distracting himself from his motion sickness by kissing my neck lightly. It oddly wasn’t the most disturbing thing on the boat that people had to witness. Gray was laid down completely naked, even though it was cold, and Juvia was fangirling and flirting with him. Truly sickening to the eye. When the boat docked I wanted to jump up but Laxus kept his arms around me, not letting you go. He was enjoying kissing my neck to much. I finally got him to get off of the ship but I had to promise him that I would go to his house tonight.

We went to the guild hall. Makarov stood on stage with everyone that took place in the trail.
“We had a good show at the S class trails this year. The first round we sadly lost two pairs and then another pair had to forfeit due to injuries that happened outside of battle” I looked down at that. “This year we had two winners. The S class of this year are: Natsu Dragneel and Cana Alberona.” Many people cheered and I grabbed Laxus.
“Lets go” I said. I was so dissapointed and wanted to cry. Next year I will DEFINITELY win. I will train like crazy and get as strong as possible. I want to be as strong as Laxus… Or stronger. That will be nice. Me and Laxus went back to his place and we did stuff.

Chapter 6

“Good morning!” You yelled, kicking down the door of the guild hall. you saw Natsu on the second floor, looking at all the new jobs he can do.
“Hey (y/n), I need your help with this job” he yelled running down the stairs until… Trip. You giggled slightly. He handed you the flier.
“2000000 jewels” You said in shock. You almost fainted. You could see why Natsu wanted you to do this job with him. A magic user had stolen the clients power and he needed it back asap. You smiled at Natsu.
“So can you do it?” He asked grinning.
“Get me close enough and I can” You smiled back. An arm goes around you.
“What are you two weaklings talking about?” Laxus said. Natsu gets offended.
“You cant say that now, im s class, i can kick your but!” He yells.
“Knock yourself out” Laxus says.
“Natsu was just asking for me to go on an S class job with him” Your eyes were sparkling with excitement. Laxus looks at the job request.
“This seems like the perfect job for you (y/n)” He says. “maybe a little to perfect”

You sat on the train. Natsu was out for it. An S class wizard who cannot stand trains. Ha. You had to knock him out so he didn’t barf all over you. You ended up playing with his hair and making him look feminine, but you took them out before you woke him up. Don’t worry you drew a picture of him before you put his hair to normal. You were proud with your art. Reedus often offered to teach you picto magic because you were so good, but you denied because if you wanted you could just touch him and use his magic.
“Natsu…” you said for the 4th time. You slapped him till he woke.
“(y/n) do you have to wake me up so early” He moaned.
“Natsu wake up, we will miss our stop, then we will have to ride the train more” Happy spoke. Natsu sprung up at this and legged it off of the train. You walked off and sighed.
“Happy, how did he get S class again?” You asked.
“Because you for-fitted” Happy said flying around.

You went to meet the client and sat on a chair in front of him. He was a wealthy wizard, well ex wizard, and was telling you about the job.
“Do you really think you can do this, normal wizards, no matter how tough, struggle against these types of wizards?”
“Were sure,” Natsu said, “Theres a reason i brought (y/n) with me, she uses thief magic” Natsu says proudly making you smile a little.
“Thief magic, just like the thief that stole my magic.” The client says madly.
“I’m not the one who stole your powers” You turned your head away.
“hey i just had a thought. If a magic thief tried to steel the power that belongs to a magic thief what would happen?” Happy asked.
“(y/n)?” Natsu asked looking at you.
“Not a clue” you said back.

So the job began. You looked at a building.
“He’s in there” you said.
“How do you know?” Natsu asked.
“I can smell thief magic” you told him. He looked at you funny and then started to sniff up.
“oh yeah your right, wait did you use my power?” he asked. You punched him.
“idiot” you spoke harshly.
“Laxus is starting to rub off on you” He said. You looked at him then turned your head away titching.
“So whats the plan here?”Happy asked.
“I say we storm the place” Natsu claps his burning fist into his hand.
“I agree with you there, that would throw the enemy off guard, however that will instantly put him on full alert, stopping me from being able to steal his power” You spoke with knowledge and wisdom in your voice.
“So whats the plan then?” Happy asked you.
“Hey I’m the S class wizard here, why aren’t you asking me?” Natsu gets offended.
“(y/n) is smarter than you” Happy says making Natsu annoyed, “besides youd probably hurt yourself by coming up with a plan.” Natsu blew his bottle off.
“I have a plan” you spoke. Everyone listened. “Its a bar, which means he’s not alone in there. Ill walk in as bait. They will see my guild mark and ill be captured.”
“Thats a stupid plan, youll get hurt” happy said.
“Then Happy you fly through the top window with Natsu and take down the guy. You hit him with everything you got. Then you release me from my binds and i take back the power to give to our client” You finished.
“See i told you we should have brought her along, shes a genius” Natsu said.
“Aye sir” Happy spoke.

You borrowed some of Natsu’s power so they wouldn’t suspect you as a thief mage. You smiled as you walked in. There were many guys in there.
“Hey sweetheart, why don’t you come over here and hang out with me?” A fat bald drunk guy asked.
“In a relationship” You said. His friend started to laugh.
“Rejected!” He yelled. You walked past the guy who fit the description of the thief, flashing your guild mark at him.
“You there!” he said, you turned around and huffed, “Your with Fairy Tail”
“And?” You asked.
“Don’t think i don’t know why your here, You and your little friends have been following me” he said.
“So? Whats your point?” You were proper mugging him off. He growled in anger and grabbed you. You secretly stole some of his power.
“So what sort of wizard did they send after me?” He asked.
“Dragon slayer” you said and burned him. “im a fire dragon slayer.” everyone looked in disbelief. everyone except him.
“No that’s the other one. don’t try and play me as a fool. I knew a thief Mage had been following me” he said and you were tied up. Just as planned.

Chapter 7

“COME OUT COME OUT DRAGON SLAYER!” The man yelled standing at the doorway. He had you on your knees in front of him and your hands were tied.
“NATSU!” You screamed feeling a foot hit your back. You grunted in pain.
“If you don’t come out ‘Natsu’ this girl will lose her life after her magic” He puts his hand on your head.
“Natsu don’t come out just yet” You said. You started to drain the guys power and then he started to take yours. It just came out as pain. “Lets see who can keep this up for longer” You grit your teeth. The clients magic vanished from the guy and into the nearest wizard, which was Natsu. He felt shocked then ran out. You and the guy both looked incredibly tired. He fell to the floor and then so did you. Natsu rushed to your side.
“Come on (y/n), We need you to give the client back his power” Natsu said. Happy was slapping your face, trying to wake you up.
“Its no good Natsu, shes out of it” Happy said.
“We need to take her back to the client, he might have a lacrima that we can contact the guild with” Natsu said, picking you up.  You were put on the sofa.
“You may use my lacrima, just don’t expect to be getting paid till i get my powers back!” The client said angrily. Natsu looked at him.
“I understand” He said

Laxus’s POV

“Laxus, Natsu needs to talk to you urgently.” Wendy said. I looked up at the little girl.
“What can that weakling possibly want? Don’t tell me, hes messed up on his first s class job and he needs me to bail him out” I say laughing.
“I don’t know, all i know is its urgent” Wendy said rushing back in. I got up and walked into the room.
“Salamander” I said looking into the lacrima.
“Laxus, You and Wendy need to get here as soon as possible.” I wanted to laugh, knowing i was right but then he put the lacrima so i could see (y/n). I looked into it staring hard.
“What did you do!?” I snapped.
“She touched the magic thief user and they both ended up like this. Shes like this and im stuck with the clients magic” Natsu spoke.
“We are on our way Natsu” Wendy said and the lacrima faded. I was in shock. I felt my heart sink. I was so worried about her. About (y/n). My (y/n).

I arrived at the town were Natsu was and ran to the clients building. She was laid there, on the couch. I was there faster than a race car. My hand went on her neck, checking for a pulse.
“Shes in a coma” Wendy said, “I can speed up the time shes in it but i can’t wake her up.”
“Who did it?” I barked, gritting my teeth.
“Not me man” Natsu said sounding scared. He waved his hands in front of himself.
“You wizards are bothering me” The client said. I turned to him.
“This is your fault!” I yelled at him sparking. He hid behind the couch.
“I did nothing” He spoke.
“Laxus calm down. This won’t help her.” Wendy said in an attempt to calm me down.
“She never should have come on this job” I spat and walked off. I needed to cool off so i went for a walk to leave Wendy to heal her the best she could. I sat on a bench, thinking of her. She’s so precious to me, if i lost her, i dont know what i would do.

Normal pov

Wendy was casting a spell on you.
“Whats your problem?” Natsu asked the client.
“I do not know what you are talking about?” He said.
“You are against us, even though we have someone who’s seriously injured” Natsu said, sounding angry.
“Magic thiefs” he looked away annoyed.
“She’s stable.” Wendy said. Natsu grabbed the client.
“Look you…”  Natsu felt his power leave his body and flow into him.
“My powers back” the client yelled. Natsu looked at him.
“Were leaving then” Natsu spoke. He picked you up. “Wendy find Laxus.”

Laxus’s pov: 

I looked up for a second.
“Fairy tail!” I was surrounded by drunken men. “You guys hurt one of our own.” What looked like the ring leader said.
“If you wanna fight me, im not interested” I leaned back.
“Well to bad” They came running at me so i zapped them and they fell. Wendy came running out.
“Laxus, we are ready to leave” She spoke. I got up. Natsu had hold of (y/n) so i made him hand her over. He doesn’t get to touch her, this is his fault, he asked her to come with him.
“You know Natsu, there are reasons that these are S class jobs” I spoke. He looked ashamed. I blame him, but im not mad at him. Thanks to him i’m here and so is Wendy. (y/n) is in the best possible hands.

The trip back was long. I started to feel ill so Wendy cast the troya spell on me. I feel kind of bad for Natsu though, the spell didn’t work on him. When we arrived home i requested that Wendy, Natsu and Happy to go back to the guild to inform them whats happened. I took (y/n) to my house. I can’t really remember where she lived so my house will have to do. I havent left her side once since i got her back.

Normal Pov *ice make time skip*

You shifted in the bed. You felt rather ill but wanted to wake up. You could hear the birds chirping. You opened your eyes to find yourself laid in a bed with flowers surrounding you and an asleep Laxus sat on a chair with his head on the bed. You ruffled his hair lightly. He lifted his head to look at you.
“Welcome back short stuff” He said.
“What happened?” You asked scratching your head.
“Nothing important, im glad your awake” he hugged you. You got out of the bed taking the flowers. You stunk really bad so went to get a shower then went to the guild. Everyone looked at you went you walked through the doors.
“Welcome back (y/n)” Mira smiled. Natsu ran at you and hugged you a lot, apologizing to much. You learned that during your job you had slipped into a coma and it had been a week since then. According to Wendy, it would have been between 3-7 months before you woke if she hadn’t have got you. You were kind of grateful of Natsu for getting them when he did.

You had a drink of fresh orange juice, with no bits in it, and was sat at a table. You looked down feeling kind of useless. Lucy was next to you.
“At least we know one thing” Lucy said.
“What?” You asked in return.
“Laxus truly does love you, he rarely left your side and when he did he only went to go to the toilet or get you fresh flowers” You smiled at her comment. You would do the same for him.

Chapter 8

You were sat in the guild, snuggling up to Laxus. You had been snuggling up like this for the last few days, since you awoke from you coma. You had been staying at his house aswell. You were scared that if you went to sleep you wouldn’t wake up, so Laxus had to help you get to sleep. The doors flew open and a man with weird pointy blonde hair came in with a camera around his neck and a note pad in his hand. He went around asking every guild member questions then taking pictured. He spotted you and Laxus huddled up together.
“When did this happen?” The reporter asked. Laxus looked at him coldly, not answering any of his questions. You closed your eyes to try and sleep but instantly woke up. Laxus looked at you a little then held onto you a bit tighter.
“Your safe” he said looking at you. The reporter, Jason, took pictures of the two of you. He scribbled down something about there being a new couple in fairy tail. You weren’t happy about this being known, but you weren’t upset either.

You got a drink at the bar. Gray slumped by you and looked at you.
“How do you hide from someone you don’t wanna be near?” He asks you.
“Go on a job” You said simply.
“But what if this person is a stalker and follow you everywhere” He says.
“Ah Juvia’s annoying you.” You giggled a little and smiled.
“Ill go on a job with you, i usually go on late night ones, she has to sleep at some time” You smile and go to choose one. It was a simple job, finding a lost artifact. It only paid 10000 jewel but if there was only you and Gray going you didn’t mind. He accepted then you created a clone of Gray out of ice. Juvia fell for it and was watching that while you easily got away.
“I should have come to you for help sooner, thank you” Gray said. You just smiled in response.

You got to the place. Your client was a guy called Mr Sherbet. you were glad Natsu hadn’t come along because of his name. you got more information on the job from him. You were to find the thieves that had stolen his family ring. The ring had been given to him by his late father and he was to give it to his son when the time see fit. The thieves weren’t very skilled so you found then easily, however you wish you hadn’t. They had no magic power however they did have huge bottoms. That’s right, you were fighting the but juggle gang. You knew about them from Wendy. the looks of there huge bottoms scared you. They took aim at you and loaded up there cannons. You grabbed Gray and when they trumped you froze it. They looked at you scared. you punched them far away and got the ring back. The client was so greatful. on the train home there was some teens on there way to magnolia. They were reading the latest copy of sorcerer weekly and was giggling at you and Gray.
“(y/n) (l/n) can we have your autograph?” They asked.
“Why?” You asked back.
“Because your dating Laxus Dreyar, that’s why” one said.
“I heard you beat him in the S class trails, it’s unfortunate that you had to drop out half way through” the second one said, You looked out the window as they laughed at your failure.

You got back to the guild, 5000 jewel richer, and was happy. well you was happy until you saw one of the girls of the train flirting with Laxus. he didn’t do anything to stop her, even when she went to kiss him. You could feel your heart breaking so you grabbed the closest wizard to you and held onto them for dear life. That wizard turned out to be Mira so when you activated the power you did a satan soul take over. Laxus looked at you and pushed the girl away when you attacked.
“(Y/n) what are you doing?” He asked. You growled. Your heart was broken into a million pieces.
“What am I doing? What are you doing?” You yelled at him.
“Catching up with my cousin, what did you think I was doing” he said angrily.
“Your cousin? Oh” you went back to normal and looked really confused.
“Why do you not trust me?” He asked sounding mad.
“This is the first time he’s been this mad at her” Lucy whispered to Natsu
“Eye they are having there first fight” happy spoke.
“I do trust you, but…” you looked away crying
“This is brutal” Natsu whispered.
“But what!?” Laxus roared. The second person ran in and saw him. she smiled and jumped on him kissing his cheek. He pushed her off.
“i don’t know” You answered his question.
“This relationship isn’t going to work if you don’t trust me” he said.
“I’m sorry it just looked like-” you were cut off.
“We need a break” he said. Your heart fell again.
“A-a break?” You asked.
“Yeah a break, till the trust is built again” he walked away. you fell to your knees crying and then…