The wrath of Ranka- Chapter 1

Ranka’s POV

“Haruhi darling, I am going to work!” I said. Since I found out she is pregnant I suppose I have been acting a bit stale towards her, but what do you expect? I trusted her to go to one party with those friends of hers and a couple of weeks later I find out she conceived a baby.

“Alright dad.” She said back. She acts so much like her mother. Strong willed and independent. And that is what scares me. I decided that the best thing to do was to induce an investigation to find out who got my Haruhi pregnant.

I thought about it all the way to work. It has been narrowed down to the 6 boys from the host club that she hangs around with. My suspicions are mainly on that blonde haired boy, Tamaki. The first day I met him and he had pinned Haruhi down so I am guessing he has a thing for her. I would be most surprised if it was the other blonde kid or Kyoya; however, I cannot count them out. When I find whoever did it, I am going to teach them a lesson.

Haruhi’s POV

Dad left me in the house alone. He had taken my phone off me and put it in his bedside cabinet. I knew that if I didn’t at least text the guys they would come knocking at my door, but if I get caught going after my phone- then I would be in BIG trouble.

I knew they would come knocking. At 3 pm today, 1 hour before dad was due home, Tamaki knocked on my door. I opened it and shook my head.

“Guys, you can’t be here. ┬áIf my dad catches you, you are all dead.” I said.

“Oh nonsense. What reason would Ranka have to kill us?” Tamaki said regally.

“Uh, the baby.” I said. The twins tilted their heads and shrugged their shoulders in sync.

“What baby?” They asked together.

“At that party. One of you got me pregnant. I don’t particularly mind, I just want to know who it was out of you lot, but dad wants to make who ever did it pay. So can you please leave?” They ignored my request and walked in. I let out a sigh. Something was going to happen, wasn’t it?