June 2017

Kyoya actually showed up today, I didn’t have to threaten him. I did a lot of thinking last night about Kyoya kissing me. That was my first kiss… ever. All […]

I sat in the room. No one was here yet but when someone did arrive it wasn’t Kyoya. That kinda upset me because I have grown quite accustomed to having […]

Well today is the day that I am going to meet Kyoya’s family. I’m still struggling to believe that I said yes to that. I brought a change of clothing. […]

Same time, early morning. I sat curled up on the sofa in music room 3. Questions were running through my head about Kyoya. I was still wondering whether I would […]

I sat there bored. No one was around yet, but that’s what you expect when you come to school an hour early. I’m sat in a music room. I don’t […]

Both Susan and William rush to put their shirts on. Just as they manage it, Susan’s mother walks in the room carrying two plates of toad in the hole. CUT […]

Ranka’s POV There was a lot of what Hikaru said that I didn’t pick up on because of how fast he spoke. I did; however, pick up on Kaoru getting […]

Hikaru’s POV I was waiting in Haruhi’s living room, holding Kaoru’s hand tightly because I was scared. Tamaki was currently talking to Ranka and I was terrified to be next. […]

Ranka’s POV I had Tamaki in front of me. My arms were crossed and my finger was tapping on my arm as I glared at the boy. “Please don’t hurt […]