The wrath of Ranka- Chapter 2

Haruhi’s POV

Being surrounded by boys is the worst. Especially when they are a bunch of stuck up rich kids who don’t listen to you when you try to tell them to leave.

“Guys, you need to leave before my dad gets home.” I tried to tell them, but they still continued to ignore me. Kyoya was looking through my bookshelf; Honey Senpai was raiding my fridge and cupboards for cake; Mori Senpai had followed him into the kitchen but bumped his head on the light bulb. The twins and Tamaki were whispering in the corner about something.

The door opened, and that was when I knew the Host Club was screwed.

Ranka’s POV

I walked through my front door and glared at everyone inside. For some reason the boys were here, but I am glad they are. Now I can finally start this investigation and catch the culprit guilty of impregnating my daughter. I closed the door and locked it behind me so no one could get out of the house. The boys all looked at me in fear that I might hurt them.

And so, I started my investigation. I took each boy into the kitchen individually while the others stayed in the front room with Haruhi. The first person I took into the kitchen was Tamaki. If anyone was going to be easy to make talk, it would be him. He sat in front of me shaking like a new born puppy.