chapter 3

I wish I could say I stayed strong and never let the blood control me, but no amount of medication could have stopped that. All through the time of the treatment I was thinking of Will. He was watching me all the time. It was actually a bit unnerving to know I had eyes watching me at all times. They did scans and gave me tablets and put me on a drip and I bathed and then went back on the drip. It was a very wholesome time.

Once they released me, I didn’t feel at all better. Will took my hand and decided it was best for him to talk to me, instead of a doctor. He took me back to his and I sat on the couch. William knelt in front of me, as if he were to propose to me. He kissed my hands.

“I’m sorry the treatment didn’t work” he said. I don’t see why he was sorry. He tried.

He demanded that I stay at his place, away from the scene of the crime. It wasn’t really a crime though was it, it was me nearly losing probably the closest person ever to me. It became apparent that Will didn’t know that I had also cut on that day, and his face when he saw the fading scars was not a good one. He seemed to shrug it off though, like it hadn’t happened.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from living with William. The house he lived in had only 1 bedroom, but had a spare duvet in a cupboard. He had only 1 bathroom, which was spotless and white. The rest of the house was a living room- complete with a bookshelf (which had every book in alphabetical order and none were dusty) and a white couch- and a work room, which had paperwork piled up neatly and organised accordingly. If I was supposed to leave this house in this condition, then there is going to be issues because my house is a complete and utter mess in comparison to this.

Will gave me a towel and one of his shirts. The towel was for the bath I was about to take, the shirt was to sleep in. With him being taller than me, the shirt would easily do as a nightgown.

The bath was nice. Warm, bubbly and relaxing. It wasn’t until I got in it, that I realised how exhausted I was. My eyes closed and I drifted to sleep. William knocked on the bathroom door, which was what woke me. I rushed out of the bath, wrinkled as a prune, and wrapped the towel around me.

“Were you still in the bath?” William questioned as I opened the door a crack and snuck my head around the corner so that he couldn’t see my body. “You’ve been in here over an hour.”

“I kinda drifted off.” I explained, “I’ll be 5 minutes.”

I liked William’s shirt on me. I thought it made me look cute. Gazing upon myself in the mirror, I realised that even with a grim reaper- self harm does permanent damage. We heal incredibly fast, but my legs were covered in scars. They would have vanished if I hadn’t done it with a death scythe. That’s all in the past now, right?

William’s eyes followed me as I strided gracefully out of the bathroom and made my way down the stairs, where upon I planted myself softly onto the couch and crossed my legs.

A couple of moments later, William sat himself down next to me.

“While you stay here, there will be a few ground rules that you must obey.” He spoke. “Number 1) No bringing men back, this is my house not yours and I do not wish to see you fraternizing with men on my couch. Number 2) If you borrow a book, you put it back exactly where you found it. If you hadn’t noticed they are all in order and I intend to keep them that way. Number 3)…” The list was a long and boring one. I had fallen asleep by the end of it, not that William had noticed through speaking his list with such enthusiasm that watching paint dry would be more entertaining. That is William for you though. What did I find attractive in him again?

William apparently shook me, but I didn’t realise because I was asleep. However, the dream I was having was not a good one.

I was in the hospital looking at Ronald while he was still unconscious. My body shook and I couldn’t move my feet to go to him. His arms and legs were covered in blood and stitches. He was connected to a heart monitor, which flat lined. I screamed out- though no sound could be heard.

The room went dark and I could move again. The ground was wet and sticky under my feet. I was in a room and I fumbled around the wall trying to find a switch. The wall was just as wet and sticky as the ground. When I found the light in the corner of the room, my eyes looked straight at my hands. They were covered in blood. I turned to look at the room and saw that the walls and floor were coaked in bright red blood.

Leaving the door I found myself in the middle of nowhere. A man in a white coat, which I knew but couldn’t remember the name of, grabbed me and drugged me. His smirk was as wide as a cheshire cat’s as he began to inject me with more and more drugs. His name left my mouth quietly.


I woke up screaming and patted everything around me. William had put the spare duvet over me so I wouldn’t be cold during the night. He came rushing in, hearing my scream, and panted as he looked at me. William looked a mess right now, but it was a cute mess. He was in his blue and white stripy pajamas; he had put his glasses on in a rush so they weren’t on perfectly; his hair was a little messy, like when I had first met him; and he had bags under his eyes.

A sigh escaped his breath as he sat down next to me and pulled me into him. Will stroked my hair and rubbed my back.

“I’ll stay up with you as long as you need.” He said.

“But you have work tomorrow…” I argued back.

“Grell, you’re health is important. More important than work.” This was a new side of Will which I had never seen before.

“Thank you.” I muttered.

Considering we had to be up at 7 to get ready for work, I am pretty sure Will never got to sleep again until 6:30. My head was laid in his lap and every time I fell asleep, I woke up screaming again within 10 minutes. One of the times when I woke up screaming, I shot up right and my head caught Will’s nose. There was a lot of blood, I think I broke his nose. I feel really bad about doing that.

Will was grumpy in the morning. I know I never got much sleep, but he got less. He looked at me with demon’s eyes when I woke. So a tired William makes a reaper into a demon and a tired me makes a reaper into a mute. I had nothing to say all morning and at work, I still had nothing to say. Will even told me “Maybe you should get no sleep more often, you’re quiet.” I don’t know if I should have seen that as an insult.