chapter 5

The day of the dance. Naturally I spent all day getting ready and annoyed William. I had a plaster on my hand over the cut, which I thought ruined the look. Never the less, William still called me beautiful when I was ready. He hadn’t made much of an effort. Not that I cared. He always looks handsome.

He took my arm and away we went. The dance was fancy. I had never been invited to one of these panties before. Not a high enough rank.

“Mr Spears +1. Didn’t think you’d come sir, and bearing miss Sutcliff on your arm aswell.”  The door boy said.

“I got told to bring someone so I brought Grell.” William said. I spotted a group of girls looking at Will. They were practically drueling over him. Some were glaring at me.

“Who are those girls?” I asked. William looked at them and took my hand.

“Lets dance” he said and pulled me onto the dance floor. I think he was trying to avoid the ladies that were looking at him.

We danced for a good hour,  barely speaking and then Will said he was going to get me a drink. He left me on my own in the middle of the dance floor. Someone grabbed my hand.

“Might I have this dance?” The man asked. It was Jack.

“Of course good sir.” He danced with me and leant in towards my ear.

“So you finally got William to notice you. I remember he used to not give you the time of day” he laughed. The dream I had was a dream right? “Anyway, now you’re in danger. See the ladies over there?” He spun us round so I could see them.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“They like William and so are jealous of you right now. Chances are they will try to hurt you so keep your wits about you.” He let go “i’ll see you later Grell.” Jack spoke and walked away.

Everything started to sink in and I ran towards the exit,  but the girls were blocking it, so I went to the balcony. A few moments later Will joined me. He put the drinks down and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“You okay?” He asked and kissed my cheek. I had tears in my eyes, of course I wasn’t alright.

“Can we go home?” I asked. I turned to look at William and almost saw a drown on his face.

“I’m afraid that we have to be here at least another half an hour. Remember I came because I was forced to.” He said. I took his hand and sucked in my sorrow.

“Lets have fun then” I said. I wasn’t going to have fun.  I didn’t know anyone here other than William and Jack and I think Jack left after the dance.

“Or we could stay here and just look at the view of London.”

“London is such a disgusting place. Look at it. They haven’t even got flushing toilets yet.”

“We are just ahead of our time Grell.”  He kissed my cheek. Being ahead of our time doesn’t mean the humans should throw pee out of the window and not bathe. Well they probably do bathe, but not enough. It is disgusting.

We waited at this party for another 40 minutes before William’s boss showed up. He wasn’t too happy to see me. The guy actually almost hit me for turning up with Will. It was William that stopped him from doing that. The girls were still at the door, so I had no escape from this madness.

“Alright Sutcliff, I’ll let you stay if you follow me.” William’s boss said. I didn’t want to stay, I wanted to go home, but that wasn’t an option with them women guarding the door. I shook my head and the guy grabbed my arm tightly. “Then I will escort you back to where you are staying.” My arm bruised from how tight he grabbed it.

I have never been more scared in my life than I was that evening. One of the girls scratched me on the way out then the man… He defiled me in ways you can only imagine. He dragged me to my own house- not Will’s- pushed me on the wall and defiled me.

Will didn’t come until morning. He looked almost as dreadful as I felt. He said that when I left he had to pry the hands of them girls off him. It was after he told me what happened to him that he realised something was wrong with me. He put his hand on my shoulder, and I flinched away scared from it.

“Grell, what happened?” William asked.

“Your boss.” I didn’t know if I could trust Will. Not right now. I thought of all the pros and cons of trusting him in this situation. Pro- he’s my friend. Con- hes a man. Pro- he wouldn’t touch me without my permission. The overall result lead to me deciding to trust him. I rested my head on his shoulder and cried.

“What did he do to you? This needs reporting to the authorities.” Will said. What would the police do? Even if it was the police that deal with none-human creatures. What can they do? They can’t go back in time and stop the man… raping me. “They will expect you to give a statement.”

I did as I was told. The trail was over pretty quick. The doctor they had on hand could tell straight away that I had been defiled. She said the way I was acting towards people and how my check up went was enough evidence to say it had happened. I just needed to give my statement. So I did. I told them exactly what happened when I left the party.

What was I supposed to do next? The man was arrested and replaced at work, but where do I go now? I can’t go home because their is still blood on the floor. I can’t go to Ronald’s because I would hurt him and I can’t go to Will’s in case of flashbacks.

“Grell I need to tell you something.” Will said. He took my hand. “What ever happens, I will always be here for you. I finally figured out what love is and it’s because I realised that I love you.” My heart beat fast hearing William say those words. Was this a dream though? A dream that was going to turn into a nightmare at any moment, just like all the others?

In this world. Good doesn’t happen often, so when it does you need to hold on to that good moment. That’s what I did. I held onto the good moment of Will telling me he loved me and here I am in bed with him again. It has been 2 weeks since the court trail and I started packing at home yesterday. I’m moving in with my boyfriend, and I am so excited. Last time I moved in with my boyfriend properly was…  never. I was with Sebastian for years and I never moved in with him properly, I just stayed over a lot. Same with Ronald. Will is my first boyfriend to ask me to move in with him and we have only been together a couple of weeks. Well he has liked me for a lot longer. We aren’t rushing things are we? It’s moving in together not marrying. Nothing bad will happen because if it does I can just move out again. My old house is staying my house as well. It’s paid for by work and so will stay my house forever. I am so excited. I hope nothing goes wrong and everything goes to plan.