The wrath of Ranka -Chapter 3

Ranka’s POV

I had Tamaki in front of me. My arms were crossed and my finger was tapping on my arm as I glared at the boy.

“Please don’t hurt me” He broke and cried.

“Why would I kill you? Unless you have something to hide.” I spoke. He nods then told me that he would tell me anything if I don’t hurt him. I knew he would be easy to break.

Tamaki’s POV

‘I walked into the party happily and saw Haruhi by the window. It seemed like she was the only person in the place not enjoying herself. Being the nice guy and host I am, I went to check on her. 

“Haruhi?” I asked. She looked at me making a small sound.

“Oh, hey Senpai. You having fun?” She asked. I wanted to say yes but I never.

“I cannot say I am. Sadly my little girl isn’t happy and it’s putting a damper on my mood.” I expressed over dramatically. I knew I was getting attention from that. The twins gathered around to see what was I was making a fuss about.

“What? Haruhi’s not happy?” They both said in unison.’

“So the twins are who I have to question next” Haruhi’s dad asked. I nodded. “Thank you, you have been very helpful. If I find it was you though…” She cracked her knuckles. I backed up a bit scared.

“Understood” I said quickly.

“Go bring in Hikaru Hitachiin.” Ranka ordered. I nodded quickly and rushed out to get Hikaru.