The wrath of Ranka- Chapter 4

Hikaru’s POV

I was waiting in Haruhi’s living room, holding Kaoru’s hand tightly because I was scared. Tamaki was currently talking to Ranka and I was terrified to be next. I barely remember anything from the night of the party. Tamaki walked out of the kitchen, looking like he had been crying. I actually started to shake, and then the worst happened.

“Hikaru is next” Tamaki spoke. I looked at Kaoru for help.

“It’ll be alright, you will be alright.” He whispered and placed a reassuring kiss on my cheek. I walked into the room and looked at Ranka, who seem more annoyed now than she was earlier. I broke.

‘I walked up to Tamak with Kaoru because Haruhi was apparently sad. Kaoru said he would go get us drinks. They were our first drinks of the night. I don’t usually drink, but I did then because I was getting annoyed at everything that was happening. Anyway I don’t know what drinks he got, they were in a red cup, but he gave his to Haruhi to try and make her feel more relaxed. That is all I remember because I drank a lot. Though, Haruhi woke up the next morning cuddled up with Kyoya.’