The wrath of Ranka- Chapter 5

Ranka’s POV

There was a lot of what Hikaru said that I didn’t pick up on because of how fast he spoke. I did; however, pick up on Kaoru getting drinks and Haruhi waking up with Kyoya. That makes Mr Ootori my main suspect in this investigation now.

Kyoya’s POV

I remember everything that I did at that party, including waking up with Haruhi. Unless someone spiked my drinks then I don’t remember doing anything with her. On the other hand, I cannot understand why I woke with her if we never did anything- perhaps someone tried pulling a prank while I slept.

I do not plan on telling Ranka anything I know about the matter as that would not benefit me in anyway at all, so when I got called in, I said:

“I can’t remember being at that party, so how would I remember what happened?” From what Hikaru said to Ranak, it is clear that I am the main suspect, which is understandable, but I have no reason to make it worse on myself