Will you always love me? (page 7)

Both Susan and William rush to put their shirts on. Just as they manage it, Susan’s mother walks in the room carrying two plates of toad in the hole.



Amy sits in the corner of the classroom. She is rather pale and has her head on the desk. She shakes from how hungry she was. William walks in and takes his seat next to her. He looks at her concerned.


You okay? You don’t look very well.

Amy nods and looks at him. William’s eyes widen as he sees the bruise, but decides not to say anything about it.


Have you got any food? I haven’t
eaten since yesterday morning.

William goes through his bag and pulls out a chocolate muffin and gives it to her. Amy thanks him and eats it quickly.


Why haven’t you eaten since
breakfast yesterday?

Amy puts the rubbish from the muffin in the bin and sits back down.


My mother forgot to pack my
lunch yesterday; I was grounded
last night and had to stay in my
room all night; I didn’t have time
for breakfast this morning and my
mother forgot to pack my lunch again.

William takes Amy’s hand and she looks at it. He smiles at her.


I understand. Your mother kinda
reminds me of what my dad was like
before him and mum died.