The morning romance- Day 1

I sat there bored. No one was around yet, but that’s what you expect when you come to school an hour early. I’m sat in a music room. I don’t know why I decided to come to this school, I have no friends at all. All I all day is work, I thought this music room would give me something to do. It did. I am currently sat at the piano trying to think of something to play. I decided to play Mozart’s Fur Elise but I got past the intro and got bored, so instead I am playing ‘Somewhere only we know’ by Lily Allen and I’m singing too.

Getting into the song, I didn’t realise the door open and someone walked in. I just heard the door close and I stopped playing.
‘Please, continue. That was good’ A male’s voice spoke out. I turned around and looked at him. He was a tall boy of 5’11. He had black hair and prescription glasses.
‘I’m done playing, if you wanted to use it.’ I stood up. The boy shook his head. I giggled a bit realising he couldn’t play. ‘I can teach you if you like?’ I offered. Once again he shook his head. He walked over to a sofa and pulled out his laptop. I looked at him for a bit before he waved his hand, calling me over to him.

He called me over so I sat next to him. He was typing an awful lot on that laptop and when I tried to look to see what he was typing, he hid the screen.
‘My, my miss (l/n). I never thought you were a rude person.’ I moved away a little from him.
‘Sorry…’ I said. I was thinking about asking him how he knew my name but I didn’t want to seem more rude than I already had.
‘You’re probably wondering how I know who you are, it’s simple really. I know everything about everyone.’ He said. So he’s a mind reader now?
‘Oh, so you’re Kyoya Ootori then. I get it now.’ I told him. He looked at me shocked. ‘You’re probably wondering how I know your name. It’s simple really. I know everything about everyone.’ I mimicked him. Kyoya let out a small chuckle. He closed his laptop.
‘What are you doing here so early?’ He asked. I let out a laugh.
‘I thought you knew everything about everyone. My mum drops me off an hour early every day because she has to get to work.’ I explained to him. He tapped his chin.

‘Then I guess I will come in early every day so you are not lonely.’ His comment made me laugh so hard. Kyoya getting up early. I may not know much about him, but from the rumours that I have heard he is not a morning person.

Kyoya and I started to have a conversation. The more we talked, the more I realised how much we have in common. He was actually a pretty nice guy. People started to come in. Girls came in. They looked at me with Kyoya and glared.
‘Well, i’ll see you later Kyoya’ I said and stood up.
‘Oh, okay’ He said and smiled at me. That was the first time I saw Kyoya smile at me. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow morning’ I smiled and nodded. When I left the room a bunch of girls followed me. They were whispering rather loudly. It was things like “what gives her the right to talk to Kyoya?” and “Kyoya can do better than her.” I never knew that Kyoya was so popular. I turned around and faced them.
‘1) Stop following me. 2) I’m not dating Kyoya so you can all chill’ I spun back around on the heel of my foot and walked towards my first lesson. Is this what I get for finally making a friend? I hope he doesn’t show tomorrow or I’ll probably die.