The morning romance- Day 2

Same time, early morning. I sat curled up on the sofa in music room 3. Questions were running through my head about Kyoya. I was still wondering whether I would be murdered if I was caught with him again. Because of this, I was praying that he didn’t show up this morning. For the first ten or fifteen minutes I actually believed he wouldn’t, and then he did.  He walked in with no laptop this morning. Instead he had a black note book. Typical Kyoya. I looked at him, thinking he might ignore me and get on with his work. He didn’t. No, Mr Ootori just came in, and sat next to me.

‘Good morning Miss (l/n)’ He spoke. I responded back by saying good morning. For a while everything was stagnant as neither of us spoke. Kyoya never worked on whatever it was he does in the morning now, and I was just staring into space. It was Kyoya who broke the invading silence. ‘Would you like to meet my family tonight after school?’ He asked. I was a bit confused at this. It sounded like something you’d say to your girlfriend, not to an acquaintance. I moved away from him a little and he chuckled. ‘I consider you a friend and my sister is dying to meet you’ he concluded. That made more sense. I could understand that. What I couldn’t understand was 1) am I his friend? and 2) he talked about me to his sister yesterday, why?
‘Let me think about it.’ I answered him.
‘If you want to come, meet me here at three o’clock this afternoon. I will only wait ten minutes for you. If you don’t come in ten minutes i’ll assume it was a no.’ I nodded at him.
‘I said, I’d think about it’ I said and stood up. ‘Give me 5 minutes and ill tell you whether its a yes or a no.’  I walked over to the piano and rest my head against the closed case. Kyoya looked at me and sighed.
‘I’m sorry’ he said. He sat down with me.

‘Ill go’ I decided. He smiled and hugged me. I got lost in the hug. It felt nice, he was warm. ‘Is it tonight or tomorrow?’
‘Tonight or tomorrow is fine either way. As long as the wait isn’t too long’ He said and put his book on the piano. I moved it off the piano.
‘Tomorrow, and don’t put that on there’ I said. He chuckled and put it on his lap. ‘So what will we doing at yours tomorrow?’ I asked him. He tapped his chin trying to think.
‘Maybe we could watch a film or something, you can get to know my sister. She will probably be very excited to meet you.’ I’m yet to imagine how any one could get excited over meeting me. I’m just an average girl, probably under average. What has Kyoya been saying about me? Has he been lying about me?

Kyoya chose to pull me into a hug. It was confusing why he did it but when I asked he didn’t respond. His eyes were closed. Obviously he fell asleep. That was reasonable considering we still had at least twenty minutes before everyone else flowed into the school and getting here an hour early means waking up very early. Kyoya looked peaceful, he was resting like a baby. He would have to wake soon though. His snoring was kinda mellifluous, but I knew it couldn’t last. I shook him awake and he had an evil glare on his face, which softened once he saw who woke him.
‘Is it time already?’ He asked. I nodded. Sadly, twenty minutes had passed quickly and we didn’t have any more time. He sat up and moved across the room as people came in.

‘Oh she’s here again…. Alone with Kyoya’ A girl whispered.
‘she’s always here early… Why is Kyoya coming early? What is happening between them?’ Another girl whispered. I realized that Kyoya had left his black book laying next to me by the piano and I picked up to give it to him. It had come to my attention that this book was extremely full and it was difficult for me to fight the urge of looking in it. He took it from my hand, almost snatching it from my hands, before I could look in it.
‘You going to be here in morning?’ I asked him.
‘Every morning’ He replied and winked at me. I assumed that the wink was meant to be suggestive but subtle, but all the girls picked up on it and I suddenly got a wave of embarrassment flow over my body. I left quickly, hoping the girls wouldn’t follow me.