The morning romance- Day 3

Well today is the day that I am going to meet Kyoya’s family. I’m still struggling to believe that I said yes to that. I brought a change of clothing. There was no way I am going to turn up to Kyoya Ootori’s house in this stupid yellow school uniform. They would think that the circus is in town. There is no chance in hell that I would ever be seen at a a powerful, rich families house in a puffy yellow frock.I sat waiting for Kyoya to arrive. He really is always late and if I really am going to be seeing him every morning, I essentially just wish he would for the most part show up on time . Or at least at the same time everyday.

He arrived ten minutes later today than he did yesterday. His eyes had  black bags under them and he literally looked demonic. I couldn’t even bring myself to say good morning to him. Perhaps all the early mornings really are finally starting to take their toll on him in a major way. He walked past me and sat down. He stared at me until I took a seat next to him.
‘You know it’s rude not to say good morning to someone’ I said. Though I know it’s true, I also never said good morning to him. He scowled at me and laid his head on my lap, which brought a blush to my face. Kyoya was still for a few moments. I thought he had gone to sleep, but then he looked up at me.
‘You still coming to meet my family later?’ He asked. I nodded and stroked his hair trying to get him to sleep. This caused him to start glaring at me. ‘Don’t touch my hair.’ This caused me to laugh and pushed him off my lap. He fell on the floor.
‘You’re such a girl’  I joked. ‘Don’t touch my hair, you’ll mess it up and I spent an hour on it this morning.’ It’s fun to tease him.

Kyoya sat up and sulked on the floor. I wrapped my arms around his torso. His head turned away from me and I frowned.
‘You really aren’t a morning person are you?’ I asked. He grabbed my arm and pulled on it, which made me fall. ‘ow. You bum.’ I said and rubbed my head. He grabbed my hand off my head and pinned it down climbing onto my waist- straddling me .
‘In the right circumstances I can handle mornings quite well actually. As for right now- this is not the right circumstance right now.’ I thought for a moment that he was going to kiss me, or do something else with me, but he just stood up and sat back on the couch- leaving me bewildered on the floor. ‘Are you not getting up?’
‘No, I like it on the floor.’ Kyoya chuckled a little bit.
‘You’re so weird…’

—————————————–time skip to when you go to Kyoya’s————————————–

I waited in the music room for him. There was still many girls here talking to Tamaki Suoh. I don’t even understand why they have a host club. Kyoya walked in, followed by fangirls and I rolled my eyes.
‘That is stupid.’ I said.
‘You ready to go?’ Kyoya asked and offered his hand. I knew that if I took the hand, then all the girls following him would probably maul me alive. Kyoya dropped his hand in disappointment.
‘I’m ready’ I said and he nodded. Before I left someone grabbed me from behind, it was Tamaki, which relieved me a little.
‘Did you see Kyoya’s face? He wanted you to hold his hand. Kyoya doesn’t open up to anyone so if he starts to open up to you don’t ignore it okay’ Tamaki whispered to you. You got your arm free and nodded to him then ran to catch up Kyoya.

Kyoya’s family was nice. Well what I met of it anyway. I wasn’t allowed near his father because he was busy at work. I met one of his brothers and his sister. Kyoya kinda dragged me to his room and his sister was in there trying to get a shirt in a draw.
‘You know we have maids for that’ Kyoya said to him. She denied needing them and after a few minutes there was more shirts out than in. I sighed and knelt by her. It was rather difficult to get them in but I managed. His sister, which after he told me her name so I now know her as Fuyumi, looked at me in wonder.
‘Are you miss (l/n)?’ She asked. I nodded. She was happy to meet me but left me and Kyoya alone. Think what you like, but that was a very uneventful evening and I got rather bored. He just did his homework… And no I was not his homework you dirty people ;). But I can tell you now that you use SOHCAHTOA for trigonometry.