The morning romance- day 4

I sat in the room. No one was here yet but when someone did arrive it wasn’t Kyoya. That kinda upset me because I have grown quite accustomed to having Kyoya with me in the morning. The person that walked in was that brown haired host. Haruhi, I believe is his name. Either he isn’t really a boy or his parents wanted a girl so gave him a girls name. He walked in and brought out a book studying.
‘Excuse me?’ I asked. He looked at me. He does have very feminine features. I am gonna say that he is actually a she pretending to be a he. ‘Do you know where Kyoya is?’
‘Why would you want Kyoy- wait? Are you (f/n) (l/n)?’ She asked me. I nodded. ‘Kyoya told me to tell you he can’t  handle getting up in the morning. I’m sorry.’ She handed me a piece of paper. It said “Here is my phone number (y/n). Ring me when you can. I hope you can come to mine again some time- Kyoya.” I quickly put the number into my phone and called him. He picked up.

What?’ He said grumpily into the phone, sounding annoyed. ‘I only got to sleep at 4, you better have a good excuse of waking me up.’
‘It’s like you gave me your number just to have a go at me Kyoya’
I spoke into the phone. He went quiet and I could hear his breath through the phone.
‘(y/n)? You got the number then?’ He asked. He must be tired if he’s asking me that ‘Sorry, that was a stupid question.’
‘It’s fine. It’s not that you should be apologising for.’  
 I said. Annoyance now in my tone.
‘Oh. I’m sorry. I am sorry that I am not at school right now.’ He responded.
‘yeah, well you better hurry up and get here or i’m going to kick you a$$’ With that I hung up the phone. Haruhi looked at me shocked.

‘No one ever speaks to Kyoya-Senpai like that’ Haruhi said in amazement. I shrugged in response.
‘I do.’ I responded. Her jaw dropped.
‘If you get away with that… that means you’re…. Oh my… he likes you’ She eventually got out. I backed up a little.
‘No you’re joshing me.’ I said and sat down. I pulled a book out of my bag and started to read.
‘Alright then, lets make a bet. If he comes before the hour is up. He likes you and you buy me lunch’ Haruhi says.
‘And if he doesn’t?’
‘We will figure that out if he doesn’t come.’

After about 10 minutes the door opened. Kyoya walked in. His hair was a mess which actually looked cute. I don’t know why I just thought that. Guess I am buying Haruhi lunch today.
‘You wanted me here, so you better be able to entertain.’ Kyoya said. I caught a glimpse of Haruhi’s smirk and wink as she walked out of the music room.
‘I’m not entertaining. You know that.’ I told him.
‘That’s an intriguing notion. Perhaps i’ll make my own entertainment using you.’ He grabbed my wrist and pinned me to the couch.
‘Kyoya?’ I said and tried to get my wrist free. I was actually terrified that my only friend was going to rape me, but he started to laugh.
‘Like i’d do that to you. I wouldn’t hurt you like that’ he released my hand and carried on laughing. I wasn’t impressed and so slapped him across the face. With his cheek red, it was adorable.

The room went silent and awkward. I sat closer to Kyoya and he turned out head. We were too close and our lips touched. I look away quickly, blushing bright red.
‘If that was meant to be our first kiss, that was terrible.’ He said and turned my head back to him. His lips went against mine, this time kissing me. It took a few moments for it to sync in then I decided I didn’t like it, so I pushed it away. If I want to kiss a guy it’ll be me that makes the first move. I mean sure Kyoya is attractive, and cute and has a lovely personality and is amazing and- what is wrong with me?
‘I’m sorry Kyoya. I am just not ready to kiss a guy yet’ I lied. I am a good liar. The true reason is that I don’t want to mislead Kyoya. Will he pick up on the lie?
‘I’m not giving up on you (y/n)’ He spoke.