Zodiacs- Chapter 2- Water

Hands were swarming around Elizabeth. Many wanting a drink many wanting food, some wanting to touch and pet Mini. This was Elizabeth’s 5th year helping out at the hostel. She knew many of the people there very well, however new people came in everyday. She didn’t like everyone, but she still treat them all the same. Like she always said, “To be respected , you need to show some respect.” So she happily pushed her cart of food and water down the room.
“Hello Elizabeth” An old woman, with gray, messy and tangled hair said in her croaky, worn out voice.
“Hello Mrs Green” Elizabeth said back and handed the woman a cup of water and a bowl of soup.
“Thank you dear.” Mrs Green takes a spoonful of soup and blows it. “How is life back at the orphanage?” She asks.

“Ah well-” Elizabeth didn’t get to finish her sentence because an impatient man yelled across the room for to hurry up. “I have to go Mrs Green, I’ll be back to talk to you after my shift.”

Elizabeth had finally finished at the hostel and was exhausted. Mini had vanished back to the stars and Elizabeth was alone. It started to rain. A smile crept on Lizzie’s face. She loved the rain, she always had. Lately it’s been even better because Lizzie had Mini by her side and Mini made the water dance. Lizzie also had been learning to control the element, with help from Mini of course.
It was dark out. Even though it was raining, Elizabeth wasn’t wearing a coat because it was too hot. This caused attention from a lot of people. Elizabeth was walking down the ally, which lead to the orphanage, without Mini by her side. She was feeling nervous. Her feeling was made worse when she heard a bang from behind her. She turned around, but saw no one.
A hand went over Elizabeth’s mouth from behind. Lizzy was terrified.
“Come quietly and you won’t get hurt.” The masked man said. Lizzie counted how many people there was. Three. Three muggers or kidnappers or what ever they are. One of them started to play and sniff her hair.
“Blue hair. Doesn’t smell dyed. How can you have natural blue hair?” He asked, then he saw the birth mark behind her ear. “Oh, that’s how” He says and snickers.
“Well I’ll be a son of a gun, look at that” The last one said.
“Is that¬†their¬†symbol” The first one asked.
“Yes. We will have to take this one to the boss.” Elizabeth felt a hard blow into her lower abdomen, making her gasp. Her eye twitched. Another punch into her stomach. A tear ran down Elizabeth’s face. The rain stopped in the air.
“What are you doing?” One of them asked, frightened. Lizzie screamed, causing the rain around her to form into needle sharp droplets. They aimed for the men. Elizabeth’s eyes were red.
“You have one warning, leave this place now!” She ordered. They laughed then charged at her. Elizabeth raised her hands then dropped them. The water needles slammed down on the men, cutting and digging into them. As they all collapsed grunting, Elizabeth’s eyes returned to normal. She saw what she had done. The needles had returned back to normal water and ran down the men’s bodies. Elizabeth went light headed. Her care worker came outside and saw all the men with Elizabeth standing over them. Lizzie collapsed her her care worker only just managed to catch her in time.
“Oh Lizzie, what happened here?” She said and carried Elizabeth inside and laid her on the sofa.
She awoke to a cold, wet rag on her forehead and a swarm of kids around her. She sighed, remembering what she had seen before she blacked out. The kids all started throwing questions at her. There was a lot of “what happened?” and “how did you beat up them guys?” Elizabeth started to cry. Never in her life had she hurt a soul, and now their were three men who were not only being arrested, but were also close to death because of her.
“Okay, okay. Let the poor girl breathe.” Elizabeth’s care worker said to the kids. Lizzie sat up.
“I have news for you.” She said. This sparked Lizzie’s interests. “Someone wants to foster you.”
“Really? Who?” Elizabeth spoke with excitement.
“Thanks” Lizzie said. Her care worker smiled.

Before her was a young man with blonde hair. He had green eyes and was rather handsome.
“Hello Elizabeth, my name is Morgan Crux.” Elizabeth looked bewildered at the man before her.
“You are the guy who wants to foster me?” She asked.
“Of course I am, You interest me” he told her. She didn’t know whether to be happy or scared. “Oh yeah, you have never been fostered before, oh well. First time for everything remember.”
“Yeah, I guess.” She says in return.
The house that Morgan Crux lived in was huge. It was rather beautiful. There were three floors; six bedrooms- each with an on suite bathroom; a massive lounge; a game room and a cinema.
“You know, this place doesn’t seem right.” Mini says. She made Elizabeth jump because she didn’t know she was there.
“What? Where did you come from?” Lizzie asked.
“I’m a zodiac creature, I can come and go as I please” Mini said. Her squeaky voice sounded very innocent. Morgan looked at the creature in awe.
“Which zodiac are you?” He asked.
“Mini, from Gemini.” Mini stated proudly.
“Where is Gemi?” Morgan questioned.
“Gemi?” Elizabeth was confused at the conversation.
“I believe Gemi is with her half.” Mini said.
“Who is Gemi?” Elizabeth asked. She was very confused.
“You have been with me for five years now, and you haven’t figured out that I am only half of the zodiac Gemini. Seriously Lizzie, I knew you were dumb, but I didn’t think you were this bad.” Mini tormented.
“Hey!” Elizabeth said sadly.
“I’m sorry.” Mini apologized. Morgan looked at the two in wonder. He stared at Elizabeth’s birthmark. ‘So you are one of their daughters’ he thought to himself.