Zodiacs- Chapter 3- Leo the Lion

Water dripped from broken pipes, forming puddles on the floor. Abigale stared at the droplets, as they caused the water to ripple. She hated it. She hated the water. She hated how it always went back to being calm after having drops added to it. Abigale couldn’t be like that. That is why she hated water. She splashed the puddle across the floor and walked to her chair. Gemi was sat in it, lighting candles then taking the flame into her palm and distinguishing it.

“Want to go burn down something?” Abigale asked the spirit.

“That’s all we ever do” Gemi complains.

“Shut up, you enjoy it.” Abigale says and takes the small spirits hand. “We can but down a hotel or a hostel or something.”

“fine” She groaned and moaned about it.

Abigale had turned into a horrible human being. After her foster parents, she had created an image of the human race. She saw everyone as insects that needed to be crushed. She was hiding that she was scared of them. She was scared of their power, just like they were scared of hers. ‘Abigale the merciless’ was her title. Always burning stuff and never leaving survivors. They were becoming quite famous, her and Gemi.

Abigale and Gemi stood before an orphanage. The orphanage that Abbie had grown up in, to be precise. She had a bad feeling about this job. She felt as though something was going to go wrong. She walked through the door and eyes stared at her. Someone she recognised was sat at the table. It was her friend, Harry. He was a year younger than Abigale. Growing up, Abbie had felt as though he was her family, he felt that she was his big sister. They were inseparable.

Abigale suddenly started feeling sick. Memories of him were flowing back and they were making her dizzy.

“H-Harry.” She stuttered. He looked up from his work and smiled.

“Abigale, is that really you? It’s been like six years, don’t tell me your foster parents dumbed you back here.” He said cheerfully. Abigale clenched her fists.

“No, I actually haven’t been with them for five years.” Abigale spoke with sorrow. This job was going to be a difficult one.

“Why? What happened? You were so happy when they fostered you.” Harry said, his ginger hair falling over his eyes.

“They died.” Abigale simply said. She held her breath to stop herself from crying.

“You know, we don’t have to do this job if you don’t want to Abigale” Gemi said, clearly seeing her friend in a distressed state.

“No, we are doing this one. I have never backed off from one before. But I don’t think I can kill him.” Abbie said back. She was looking at Harry. “Delay this job till tomorrow” Abigale ordered. She gave Harry a note before her and Gemi went off to destroy a factory.

They destroyed the factory with a massive explosion then went back to their home laughing.

“Did you see the looks on their faces?” Gemi laughed.

“Yeah, they was all like ‘Please don’t hurt me’ then we hurt them anyway.” Abigale snickered.

“Well it’s like we always say.” Gemi begins.

“If you play with fire, you will get burned.” They both say in sync with each other.

They were interrupted by clapping. Gemi looks at the person who was clapping then started to shake.

“Oh no” Gemi manages to say. She vanishes quickly. The person walks towards Abigale and she gets a good look at his face. Brown eyes and red hair that matched Abbie’s. His hair was styled like cat ears a little bit.

“Well done, you scared my spirit off. You must be quite powerful Mr. I have never seen her scared before.”

“I am powerful,” the guy said, “My name is Leo.”

“Wait… Leo the lion zodiac?” Abigale asked. She looked at him with wonder and her heart sped up.

“You catch on quick.” He says and smiled. His smile causes a small pink blush to appear on Abigale’s cheek. It was barely visible, but it was there.

“So why is Leo the lion visiting dear old me?” Abigale asks innocently.

‘Because I have been watching you for a while, and I am stunned at your feminine beauty’ Abigale fantasises. She completely missed what he said, but Gemi was back and was looking at her weirdly.

“Did you hear what I said?” Leo asked.

“She was dreaming!” Gemi laughed “About you Leo.” The red haired spirit did not seem amused.

“I said that you and Gemi have to stop, you are getting too recognised.” He said. So he wasn’t bothered that she had practically murdered people, but he was worried that she would become famous for it.

“Why would you care if we get recognised or not?” Abigale asked then winked.

“Because…” He blushed at her wink and had completely forgotten his sentence. “Please stop flirting with me. I am here on business, not pleasure.”

“Why can’t it be both?” Abigale whispered in his ear.

Abigale was making Leo feel a little on edge. He really liked her, and that was a problem for Leo. He vanished, leaving her with Gemi, but he dropped a note. It read: ‘We will talk about this later.’ Abigale blushed at the note, most probably getting the wrong idea.

“You know, if you want to date Leo, don’t get all flustered with him around me.” Gemi said in a serious tone.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” Abigale said, denying her feelings.

“Oh please, you are obviously digging Leo, don’t deny it.” Gemi laughs at her red face, “don’t worry though, from the way he was acting he likes you back. I think he wants to ask you out.”

“You think?” Abbie asked.

“You bet! Just don’t get all lovey dovey gooey.”

Abigale stood in a beautiful red dress with flames at the bottom. She was stood on the top of a warehouse waiting for Leo. She looked really beautiful.

“Hey.” A voice said behind her. She turned around, thinking it was him, but it wasn’t. In front of her was Morgan Crux. “You look stunning Miss.” She smiled.

“Thank you sir.” She curtsied to him.

“You now, I would love to see you again.” His blonde hair blew in the wind making him look handsome and charming.

“I’m sure you will,” Abigale smiled, “I’m Abigale.”

“Morgan,” He introduced, “I’ll see you around Abigale.” He kissed her hand and then walked off.

There was a bright light and Abigale turned around. Leo was in front of her. He blushed seeing her in the dress.

“Hey, do you have a date or something?” He asked.

“Or something.” Abigale responds. Did he not like her like that?

“Okay” he looked at her sad. He does like her.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Abigale asked. She put her hand on his cheek to cheer him up. This just caused them both to blush.

“I wanted to stop you from being… What’s the word?” He was blushing a lot. They looked deep into each other’s eyes. They leaned into kiss, but never did.

“Are you guys going to kiss now?” Gemi asked, eating popcorn.

“Gemi, go and find Mini and leave me alone.” Leo told her.

“No, because Abigale is my friend, and you are my big brother.” Gemi says.

“Gemi get out of here before I mash you!” Abbie said, scaring Gemi. Gemi vanished quickly, leaving Leo and Abbie alone again. “So where were we?” Abigale asked.

“I can’t remember.” Leo lies. His face was bright red. “Want to go grab something to eat?” He asked.

“Yes. I am starving, I missed lunch” Leo grabbed her small, tender hands and lead her into town.

They sat together at a restaurant. Abigale smiled and looked at Leo. His red hair spiked, still looking like cat ears. His brown hues gazing over the menu, then Abigale, then back at the menu. He was wearing a black suit and a red shirt. Abigale had told him to order for her. Her eyes were wandering the place. It was a rather fancy restaurant. She was worried that Leo wouldn’t be able to afford it. If he couldn’t, she could always just blow the place up. The waiter came to take their order. He smiled when he recognised Abigale.

“Is this your boyfriend?” Morgan, who was the waiter, asked. Abigale blushed. Morgan took a look at Leo. “He doesn’t look like he can afford this place. Abigale,” he leaned down to Abigale’s ear, “Please don’t blow this place up.” He begged. Her eyes widened at his comment.

“How did you know?” She asked. Morgan pointed at her birthmark.

“This here, shares a lot of stories.” Morgan said. He took the order and walked off.

While they waited for the food, Abigale was watching Leo’s every move.

“Abigale,” he said, “I want to be your spirit.” ‘That was a bit random’ Abigale thought.

“Why?” She asked him.

“Because…” he blushes, “I am in love with you.” He said.