Zodiacs- Chapter 4- Masters and Zodiacs

Lizzy sat at the oversized table with Mini beside her. Morgan had gone out a while ago and left her alone. The maid, who had brown hair that went up to her shoulders and wore a black maid outfit (that was quite short), kept coming in to see if Lizzy wanted anything. The maid was very nice. The door slammed shut, making Elizabeth jump.

“Elizabeth,” Morgan’s voice said. Lizzy jumped out of her seat and tackled him into a hug. “Hey there my dear.” He said and kissed her head.

“Where have you been? I was worried.” Elizabeth looked sad.

“I’m sorry if I worried you, I was at work. Well I was doing¬†one¬†of my jobs anyway.”

“What job was it?” Elizabeth asked with curiosity.

“Waiting at a fancy restaurant.” He said smiling.

“Did you have any nice customers?”

“You’re asking a lot of questions.”

“I’m curious.” The maid comes in to see if Elizabeth wanted something. Elizabeth said “yes” this time.

The maid bowed and smiled at Elizabeth. She went away and returned with two mugs and a pot of tea.

“Here we are miss” The maid said with the kindest of voices.

“Thank you, err…” Elizabeth says.

“Virgo” The maid responds.

“Virgo… Like the zodiac?” Elizabeth asks with curiosity.

“Not like the zodiac Miss. I am the zodiac Miss.” Virgo bows. Elizabeth stood up from her chair. She touched Virgo’s face.

“You are beautiful” Elizabeth whispers and then sits back down. She continues to look at Virgo.

“How unusual,” Morgan says interrupting Elizabeth’s train of thought. Elizabeth sits facing Morgan. She pours herself a cup of tea and sips it.

“What is unusual? And why have you got a zodiac creature?” Lizzy asks. She looks at Virgo then back at Morgan.

“I have quite a few zodiac creatures. They all appeared in front of me five years ago.” Morgan explained.

“That is when Mini appeared. Who else do you have?” Elizabeth questioned Morgan.

“This is turning into 50 questions…” Morgan sighed, “I have four including Virgo.”

“That wasn’t the question.” Elizabeth added.

“I have Cancer, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.” Morgan says.

“Why do you have four, while I have one?” Elizabeth asks quickly, “Do they have to choose you?”

“Yes Miss, we choose.” Virgo answers.

“Then who has the others?”

Elizabeth kept asking questions. Eventually she found out that all the zodiacs have masters. Morgan has four, which is rare. Most people only have one. More powerful people can have two. The only zodiac who doesn’t have a single master is Scorpio, because he doesn’t want one. Leo didn’t have a master until about two hours ago. Virgo thinks that whoever Leo chose as a master has to be extremely powerful. Virgo then asked Morgan if she could swap masters. She wants Elizabeth to be it, not him.

Meanwhile, Abigale was watching Leo talk to the manager because he was brought food that he didn’t order and couldn’t afford it. Abigale got bored and set the table on fire. She grabbed Leo and the food while everyone was distracted, and ran away. She saw someone in the middle of the street and stopped.

“Harry.” Abigale said. He looked at her.

“Abigale.” He smiled. He hugged her. Leo watched. He was getting kind of jealous. Behind Harry, was a small humanoid bull.

“Taurus?” Leo asks.

“Yeah, that’s me. Hey big bro!” Taurus said.

“You have a zodiac too?” Abigale smiled at the little bull.

“And you have two zodiacs, in fact you have a rather powerful one.” Abigale smiled more and nodded.

Taurus pulled out a small sword. He chuckled and the sword (and him) grew.

“Fight me big bro!” Taurus yelled. Leo chuckled and went into his pocket. He pulled out a massive sword, that couldn’t have possibly fit in his pocket. It was a gold sword with some words engraved onto it.

“I’ll fight you” Leo says.

“Fight me with full power” Taurus said then let out a loud ‘moo’.

“I only fight worthy opponents with full power.” Leo insulted. Taurus got angry and swung his sword. Abigale flinched and shut her eyes. She didn’t want to see Leo hurt.

“Have faith in your spirit” Harry whispered, “he’s Leo the lion.”

When Abigale opened her eyes she saw Taurus struggling against Leo’s sword, while Leo effortlessly held it up. Leo the lion is one of the most powerful zodiacs out there, why did Abigale doubt him? With one swing of Leo’s blade, Taurus was sent flying. He vanished immediately. Leo put his blade away.

“I best be going as well, I had a nice time Abigale” Leo kissed Abbie’s hand and vanished. Harry raised his eyebrows at her.

“That’s something I have never seen, a spirit actually in love with its master. You must be very special Abigale.” Harry smiled and took her hand.

He released it, leaving a crumpled piece of paper in her hand. She looked at it. It was her not to him. She looked up from the note to him. A hand hit her across the face, knocking her down.

“Harry…” She said. Her eye badly bruised from where he hit her.

“I won’t let you destroy my home” He hit her back down to the ground as she struggled to get back up.

“You know, you remind me a lot of my foster parents.” Abigale said, making Harry stop.

“How?” He asked looking at her.

“They also hit me.” She stood up, tears flowing from her eyes. There was a lot because she hadn’t cried in around five years. Her eyes started to glow again, “They hit me, so I killed them.” Gemi appeared from her glow.

“I’m sorry Abigale… I’m sorry” Harry ran. He ran very fast and very far. He ran to escape Abigale’s rage. The rage she couldn’t control.