Zodiacs- Chapter 5- Rising heat

Abigale fell to her knees. Her red hair draping over her face as she hung her head low. She was crying. Gemi’s small hand rested on her shoulder to comfort her. Abigale rested her head in her hands.

“It will be okay” Gemi said.

“Oh flammis obsecro sana me qua ego sum laesus!” Abigale said.

“I didn’t know you spoke Latin. Hang on let me translate.” Gemi had hold of her tiny head. “Oh flames please heal me for I have been injured.”

“sanabit, sanabit, sanabit” Abigale chanted over and over, “Sana me!” She screamed and he hand set on fire. It felt warm against her face. When she removed her hand there was no bruising or swelling around her eye. It had been healed, as if by magic.

“You know, I thought that if you played with fire you got burnt, not healed.” Abigale turned towards the voice.

“Morgan…” She whispered. He grabbed hold of her chin and looked at her eye.

“That is a truly amazing gift you have, and yet you waste it on petty things- like blowing up buildings. Do you think your parents would be proud?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t got any. You knew them?” Abigale asked. Her tone of voice still quite sharp from her having to fight someone she once called ‘brother’.

“Yes, I knew them, I knew them very well.” Morgan smiled. “They were like family to me.”

Morgan and Abigale started talking about her parents. They were apparently very close. Morgan brought Abbie a really nice ice cream from the local shop and then invited her back to his house. When they got back, whispers could be heard. The whispers came from Elizabeth and Virgo.

“Who is that?” Elizabeth asked, looking at Abigale.

“Master Morgan has brought a girl back, a girlfriend perhaps.” Virgo said, making it seem that Abigale was just some cheap tart.

“She looks my age.” Elizabeth said. Abigale could hear them talking about her and was getting angry.

The room started to heat up. Abigale’s eyes flipped to blue. Anger rose on her face.

“Abigale, calm down” Morgan said. He grabbed her hand to try and calm her, but soon let go. Her body heat had risen dramatically and he had gotten burned on Abigale’s hand.

“I don’t appreciate being talked about like that!” Abigale practically yelled. Elizabeth was watching. She was terrified. She didn’t know that there were more people who could control the elements. Abigale burned with a fiery passion. She left quickly, not wanting to burn anything. She seemed to trust Morgan.

Abigale got home and burned the bin. She was furious about what happened at Morgan’s house. Gemi sat on a stool with a tub of ice cream. She blinked her little eyes, staring at the angry Abigale.

“You’re funny” She said, “If you finish on a song this will be perfect.” Gemi had seen the whole thing as an entertaining play. Abigale threw a punch at Gemi’s face. Gemi’s eyes widened and she caught her fist. “Don’t be like this Abbie.”

“Everybody is just against me, and I don’t understand why!” Abbie yelled.

“Yelling at me is not going to solve anything Abbie.” Gemi said, sounding smarter than she actually was.

Gemi managed to calm Abigale down before they planned out how they were going to blow up the orphanage. Eventually they had the perfect plan. Abigale yawned and stretched. As she stretched she fell off of the chair and hit her head. Gemi shot up from her stool to check that her friend was alright. She was bit Gemi panicked and called Leo. Well more of yelled his name rather than call him. Leo came as quickly as possible. He totally over reacted. He had her lay on her bed with an ice pack on her head while he checked for concussion. She looked at him with and funny look then she smiled.