Zodiacs- Chapter 6- Orphan Destruction

The plot to burn down the orphanage begun. Abigale stood in front of it. She walked through the front door and eyes of anger looked at her. She could see the hatred in them. Harry had obviously told them.

“So how was you planning on destroying the orphanage Abigale?” Harry asked.

“Skill. I’m better than you” Abigale says back with a smug grin on her face.

“Skill?” he laughs, “last time I saw you, I had punched you to the ground and given you a black eye.” He smirks and then looks at her face. “Which seems to have vanished.”

“Last time I saw you Harry, you were running away with your tail between your legs. You were scared of me.” Abbie said slyly.

“You’re not destroying it.” Harry said.

“I am” Abigale says and walks out of the orphanage with a grin on her face.

Gemi was sat on a bench, fully equipped in armour and a sword in her hand. Abigale sat by her.

“Are they going to come out?” Gemi asked, looking at the building.

“Even if they didn’t follow me, they will come out when the building is on fire.” Abigale said. Gemi smirked.

“Then go get into position.” Gemi ordered. Abigale nodded and climbed a fire escape from a nearby building. She gathered together her fire energy, which caused her to glow blue. Her hair curled and armour appeared, covering her torso. She held a golden bow in one hand and a golden arrow in the other, just a trick she had picked up along the way. She aimed the arrow at the orphanage, then shot. The arrow went through a window. It hit the ground then exploded.

Screaming kids ran out of the burning orphanage, only to be cut down by Gemi (who had been waiting outside for them). Blood of innocent kids had been spilled. A bull came running out, holding a sword. It was Taurus.

“Oh no” Abigale said, seeing Taurus charge towards Gemi. Abigale was going to shoot Taurus, then someone else caught her attention. Elizabeth was running towards the orphanage in panic. Abigale aimed for her.

“You’re the one who called me a tart” she said. She felt something hard hit her around the head and she blacked out.

Elizabeth had spotted the orphanage and was running towards it. It wasn’t the one which she had grown up in, but she felt for these kids. They were living the life she used to live. Taurus had beaten Gemi, because Gemi didn’t have Mini by her side, so Gemi was sent back to the stars. Elizabeth clapped her hands together and summoned Mini. Together they had caused it to rain. Taurus charged at Mini, thinking that she was helping Gemi, and knocked her back to the spirit world as well. Elizabeth pushed the water, from the rain, into the orphanage and put out the raging flames.

A hand hit the back of Elizabeth’s head. She blacked out instantly, just like Abigale had. Taurus, who saw who had knocked her out, rushed back into the spirit world very scared. Harry watched his companion panic and run away in fear.

“Taurus!” He yelled. The guy knocked Harry out as well, and took them all away.

“They are special.” He said, before disappearing in smoke.