August 18, 2017

Abbie and Leo became sort of parents to the girl. She was very shy at first, especially around Leo. However, ¬†she soon warmed to him when she got to know […]

“Alright let’s go!” Abigale yelled, completely revived. She was bouncing on the bed, trying to wake up Gemi and Leo. Her hair was a mess and she was smiling from […]

The vents were cold and plain. Elizabeth was shivering a lot, and Mini had no way of warming her up. They both felt rather useless. Elizabeth was still out of […]

Tapping away at a computer, Megan was learning about Elizabeth. The glass case which Elizabeth was being held in was freezing up around the edges. “Master will be very happy […]

Abigale awoke with a banging headache. Her red eyes fluttered open, only to blink a bit. Her face was wet from crying. She tried to move her arm, but they […]

Elizabeth woke on her bed. A nurse came in and checked that she was alright. Lizzy sat up and felt a sharp pain… everywhere. She looked at bandaged wrists, legs […]