Zodiacs- Chapter 10- Run!

Tapping away at a computer, Megan was learning about Elizabeth. The glass case which Elizabeth was being held in was freezing up around the edges.

“Master will be very happy with the results” Megan said while typing. Movement came from inside the case. Elizabeth twitched. She opened her eyes. At first every looked blurry but it soon came into focus. Elizabeth looked out of the case to the brown haired woman. “Hello” Megan said laughing.

“What do you want Rapunzel” Lizzy said, clearly angry.

“Rapunzel? My, my” Megan pushed her glasses up ┬áher face, “its funny how that pod can change people.” Elizabeth struggled but couldn’t get free.

“Let me go!” Elizabeth yelled.

“Well we knew that you would be changed. The other one is so much stronger.” Megan tormented.

“The other one? We? What are you talking about?” Elizabeth asked.

“That is a lot of questions Elizabeth Smith, sadly Megan hasn’t got time for them. Megan has to tell master that Elizabeth Smith is complete.” Megan skipped away.

Elizabeth got angry. She struggled against the chains but couldn’t escape. A small figure was sat at the desk with a slice of chocolate cake. The little creature laughed at Elizabeth.

“I’ve never seen you this way Lizzy.” The little creature said.

“Mini. Get me out right-” Elizabeth was interrupted by Mini sticking her small index finger up.

“Did you know my favourite food is cake. Strawberry cake, chocolate cake, cheese cake, carrot cake…” Mini listed a load of cakes then took a spoonful of the cake she had in her hand and ate it.

“What flavor is that?” Elizabeth asked.

“Chocolate cake” Mini replied. Elizabeth became impatient and yelled for Mini to let her out. Mini shook her head and replied with “cake first, escape later.”

Elizabeth waited for mini to finish her cake. She was gritting her teeth.

“Right, now you’ve finished your cake get me out.” Elizabeth ordered. Mini looked at her ‘friend’. She shook her head at Lizzy.

“No” Mini declined, “you’re turning into a bully.” Lizzy looked at the little creature.

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth asked her. Her muscles were tense. The glass froze over more.

“You never act like this. You’re not you… Why is the glass freezing?” Mini asked. Elizabeth was staring at the glass as it froze more. She screamed in pain a bit. The glass froze over completely before smashing into pieces. Lizzy’s head dropped. She was still chained to the wall but was exhausted. “Woah! How did you do that?” Mini asked and started to unchain Lizzy.

“I don’t know.” Elizabeth said looking at her little friend. “I’m sorry for yelling at you” Lizzy apologised. Mini smiled and nodded, accepting her apology.

Lizzy and Mini ran out of the lab into the plain halls. They didn’t know what to expect. They ran down the endless halls. Elizabeth soon became breathless and needed to lean against the wall. She didn’t know if she could keep running. Mini kept dragging her along.

“So how come you can make ice now?” Mini asked, her water tail whipping back and forth.

“I don’t know.” Lizzy said in between breaths. She couldn’t understand where Mini got her energy from. “Mini, can we please take a break?” Lizzy requested. Mini shook her small head.

“We need to get out of here” Mini said.

“Yeah I know that, but not everyone has the stamina that you have, Mini” Lizzy replied.

“Oh yeah,” Mini realised that Lizzy was panting and so stopped.

There was voices coming from behind them. Lizzy turned around as soon as she heard them and then backed up. Thinking it was Megan, she ran as fast as her legs could take her and then got faster. A room was at the end of the corridor. Elizabeth ran into it and kept it open until Mini was inside. It was a room full of brown torn boxes, buckets and brooms. A supply cupboard. Elizabeth looked around until she saw a vent. She scrambled onto the wall. Mini looked at Lizzy to see what she would do. Elizabeth stared at the vent for a while, thoughts of what to do flowing through her mind. Then it occurred to her! She froze the screws and then broke the vent off the wall. The two rushed through the small gap quickly, heading deeper into the oncoming darkness.