Zodiacs- Chapter 11- Fight

The vents were cold and plain. Elizabeth was shivering a lot, and Mini had no way of warming her up. They both felt rather useless. Elizabeth was still out of breath from all the running. An opening was up ahead. Below, Elizabeth could see some pods. An opening in the vents were up ahead. Lizzy kicked it open and jumped through, only to see how many pods their actually was. She was shocked at how big the room was and how many pods were slotted in it. At the other side of the room a girl, which Elizabeth recognised, sat asleep by a pod. She had a small spirit with her.

“Gemi!” Mini yelled. Gemi’s small face brightened up. They ran too each other and hugged one another. Abigale woke up from the commotion. Abigale looked around the room. Her eyes locked onto Elizabeth’s and she glared at her as she stood up.

“Get away from the spirit, Gemi!” Abbie ordered.

“Why?” Gemi asked, looking cute with the other spirit.

“Because they are the enemy” Abigale proclaimed.

“The enemy, what have I ever done to you?” Elizabeth asked.

“Many things!” Abigale snapped. Gemi quickly realised what was going on and turned to Mini.

“Abigale is going to smash your master” Gemi yelled and pushed Mini.

“No, Lizzy is way stronger than your master” Mini retaliates.

“Awe chéri. What you need to realise is that Abigale is very powerful” Gemi argues.

“So is Elizabeth!” Mini yells, getting mad. She looked so cute. Elizabeth laughed at the two.

“Well Abigale is more powerful than Elizabeth, that’s why I got her and not you. Because I am more powerful than you” Gemi said proudly.

“But water over comes fire everyday” Mini says with a smug look on her face.

“Once one learns to control the fire, one can do what every they want with fire and one becomes unstoppable. Even wind and water can’t beat you” Gemi states, while holding her small finger in the air and closing her eyes. Gemi and Mini argued like an old married couple. Abigale was still glaring at Elizabeth while the little spirits were arguing.

“Will you please stop looking at me like that” Elizabeth asked. Abbie’s hand lit on fire. Things were really starting to heat up. Elizabeth’s eyes were drawing to the flame instantly. Abigale punched Lizzy with the flame, sending her hurdling backwards into some pods. One by one the pods began to open as a voice rang out saying ‘pod ejection’ repeatedly. Hundreds of people raise from their sleeping states. It was an army of dead finally awakening ready to attack. Elizabeth stood up and her dazed face vanished. She clenched her hands into fists and they began to freeze over. She punched Abbie in her stomach.

Abigale’s flames rose from the ground, trapping Elizabeth in a fiery circle with her. Elizabeth twitched her hand and water drowned out the flames in one quick swish.

“So that is how you want to play, is it?” Elizabeth said. It was water against fire. Both girls had mastered their powers but only one would be victorious. By this time though, people were starting to climb out of their pods, which distracted Abigale. Elizabeth punched her, causing her lip to split and bleed.

“This isn’t over” Abigale said and vanished into the crowd of people which had gathered around to watch them fight.

“Coward!” Elizabeth yelled and then walked away with Mini at her side.

Hundreds of people ran towards the door. Abigale was one of those people. The crowd screamed loudly. They pushed and they shoved. Abigale was going back and forth between people, being shoved into more people, until she fell over. She got trampled on by hundreds of scared people trying to escape the building. A tear ran from Abbie’s eyes even though she didn’t want it too. Gemi sat by her companion. She wiped the tear away.

“It’ll be alright” Gemi said and helped her friend to her feet.

“Will it?” Abigale asked and limped out of the door. Gemi struggled to keep her upright when walking.

“Yes it will. Please call Leo to carry you, I can’t keep this up” Gemi said, beginning to lose her breath.

Leo appeared. Abbie told him to help her walk, but he ignored her request and picked her up bridal style with one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back. Though she didn’t seem happy that he wasn’t letting her walk, Abigale put her arms around Leo’s neck as he ran out and headed towards the hospital for her.

“I’m fine, really I am” Abigale said to Leo. The doctors had her change into a gown once they got her a bed.

“But you’re not. You have a broken wrist, 3 broken ribs and a broken ankle.” Leo said. He sat by her and held her hand.

“How do you know that? The x-rays haven’t even come back yet” Abigale spoke.

“Magic” Leo laughed.

“Magic? There’s no such thing” Abigale looked at her bed.

“I know.” Leo said and kissed her on the top of her head. When the x-rays came back, it turned out that Leo was right. A broken wrist, 3 broken ribs and a broken ankle exactly. Abigale would have had to stay in bed for months, but because of her healing abilities she was only bed ridden for two weeks. She had Gemi and Leo to look after her aswell once she was out of hospital. She was a very lucky girl.