Zodiacs- Chapter 13- The psycho Libra

“Alright let’s go!” Abigale yelled, completely revived. She was bouncing on the bed, trying to wake up Gemi and Leo. Her hair was a mess and she was smiling from ear to ear. They walked out of the house for what felt like forever. A loud scream filled the air and a young girl, with jet black hair that covered her eyes completely came running down the street. Leo and Gemi looked at Abigale. “What? It wasn’t me… this time.” She said. They looked back at the girl, who was in a state of panic.

Abigale stepped in, when no one else would. She took the little girls hand and tried to calm her down. She was awfully cold and pale.

“Big scary woman” the little girl said in panic.

“Shh, calm down. What woman?” Abbie asked her. The girl took a deep breath.

“The woman in a green top. She waved a scroll and everything turned heavy.” The girl spoke.

“Libra…” Leo said.

“I thought she was contracted.” Abigale stated.

“Contracts can change, if the spirit wants to change or the original master died. We get passed on to the next heir” Leo explains.

“Mummy died.” the girl said sadly. Abigale kissed her forehead.

“Listen, I know it’s scary, but look I have spirits too. I will help you get through this.” Abigale promised.

“Will you be my new mummy?” The little girl asked. Abbie’s eyes widened in shock.

“Of course I will honey.” She said. “Her name is Mary” Abbie told Gemi and Leo.

“You said yes to being her mummy. Leo you’re a dad!” Gemi yelled loudly. Leo didn’t look happy.

“If Libra is her spirit, then I don’t want to be here.” Leo said.

“Oh yeah, she’s a psychopath.” Gemi said scared while shaking.

“Psychopath…” Abbie said. She looked at little Mary.

“Oh no.” Leo said. Mary’s hair rose from her forehead, revealing her eyes. Wind blew past her and then the air turned still. Mary’s eyes weren’t normal. They were a bright purple colour and they were glowing.

A woman stood in front of her. Mary’s eyes got covered up by her hair again. The woman had dark skin and her brown hair was tied into two buns at either side of her head.

“Leo. Gemi” She said with a smile.

“Hey Libra” Leo said, playing it cool. Mary ran behind Abigale scared.

“It’s the big scary woman.” She cried out.

“Is this Abigale?” Libra looked at Abbie. “Hallo, Ich bin Libra. Ich wohne mit meine Brude, Leo, im der Geisterwelt.”

“What?” Abbie asked.

“Oh you speak English. I’m sorry, Leo made it out that you were German” she said then turned to Leo and growled, pulling out her scroll. Leo got forced to the ground by the air. Gemi started to laugh then suddenly felt herself being forced the ground also, while Libra laughed.

“Please stop.” Abbie pleaded. Libra looked at Abigale and put her scroll away.

“You’re different” Libra said and started to sniff Abigale. “You smell like death.”