Zodiacs- Chapter 14- Capture

Abbie and Leo became sort of parents to the girl. She was very shy at first, especially around Leo. However,  she soon warmed to him when she got to know him.

“Mummy, can you help me read?”  Mary asked while tugging on Abigale’s sleeves. Abbie looked at her and nodded.

“Come here then” Abbie said sitting down. Mary giggled and sat on her lap. “What are you stuck on?” Mary pointed at the word ‘providential’.

“This one mummy” she kept pointing at the word. Abbie stared blankly at it.

“Can you get daddy to help you?” Abigale asked. Mary shook her head, which caused Abbie to tear up. “Please.” She begged.

“Mummy? What is wrong mummy?” Mary asked seeming very concerned. Leo came in laughing after hearing the conversation.

“You can read, can’t you Abbie?” Leo asked, teasing her.

“Of course I can, most words…” She looked at the word, but couldn’t even sound it out in her head. Leo laughed at her and she ran off in tears. The sudden retaliation of what he had just done flowed over him like a river. Guilt took over on his face. He ran after Abbie, leaving Mary behind. She started to cry also, but Leo had already left the room.

Before Abbie, images of Leo with his arm around Virgo played. These same images were playing in front of Lizzy’s eyes. Tears streamed down both girl’s eyes because the tone they love was touching another person. They stood frozen watching he betrayal, as it moved to kissing.

Next to Abbie stood Megan. She talked into a walkie-talkie to Morgan., who was stood by Lizzy.

“It worked sir, she’s frozen where she stands.” Megan spoke. Morgan’s voice came through the walkie-talkie.

“Bring her in. I have this one.”  Morgan said.

“Yes sir” Megan responded. She poked Abbie’s cheek, causing Abbie’s eyes to close as she collapsed to the floor. A bright light of gold whined and the zodiac ‘cancer’ appeared. Cancer wore a red tank top and his shell could be seen through the back of it. “Don’t injure her or the fight won’t be any fun to watch and Megan will get into trouble” Megan said. Cancer gently lifted Abbie and threw her over his shoulder.

At the same time,  elsewhere, Aquarius appeared to take Lizzy from Morgan’s hands. Aquarius was wearimg shells as she had been trying to seduce a spirit back in the spirit world.

“Don’t injure her or the fight won’t be any fun to watch” Morgan echoed Megan’s words. Aquarius picked Lizzy up off the floor and carried her off.

Leo arrived too late to catch Abbie. He saw Megan smirking.

“Nomine Dei spiritus exierit.”  Shouted Megan. She smiled at Leo as he stopped in his tracks.  He looked at his hands as they started to glow.  He was starting to vanish.

“What are you doing?” He asked and started to run towards Megan, but he had vanished before he had managed to reach her.