Zodiacs- Chapter 15- The Gemini argument

Both Abbie and Lizzy awoke feeling hazy. They couldn’t remember what happened to them and didn’t know where they were. It seemed to be a plastic or glass dome. They saw through it Morgan and Megan, who were sat on what seemed to be thrones. They watched over them as if they were animals in a zoo. A bright light filled the area, temporarily blinding both Abigale and Lizzy. When everything came back into focus they could see that they were no longer alone.

All of the spirits, zodiacs and just normal spirits, were stood around the dome in chains. Some of them seemed to have been given a beating. Leo was among the beaten. Upon seeing her boyfriend hurt, Abbie got enraged.

“This is your fault Water girl!” She snapped, laying the blame on Lizzy.

“How is it my fault Pyro?” Lizzy responded. The two argued for a long time, laying the blame on each other and calling each other horrible, childish names.

“Silence!” Morgan yelled into a bright red megaphone. This made the two girls jump and look up at him.

“Morgan?” They both asked in surprise.

“I knew you were stalking me for the wrong reasons!” Abigale yelled at him.

“When is there ever a right reason for someone to stalk you?” Elizabeth asked. Abigale took this sourly and snapped at her, telling her to stay out of this. Then the petty name calling started again.

From the name calling came a massive argument, the theme of which was Morgan. Megan yelled to interrupt it. Everyone’s eyes turned to her. Lizzy calmed, which enraged Abbie more. She hated water, and Lizzy was no exception to this.

“Ladies and gentlemen. We have here today two of the strongest Zodiac masters in world. Shall we see who is stronger?” Morgan yelled into the megaphone. Some of the Zodiac’s cheered, while others stayed silent.

“Are they going to make us fight?” Lizzy asked. Abigale cracked her knuckles.

“Fine by me.” She said in response. Her voice had a very dark tone to it.

“You each get two Zodiacs to help you out. Choose wisely.” ┬áMorgan told them. Lizzy scanned the crowd, looking for Mini. Gemi and Mini were stood next to each other. They didn’t seem to happy to be there.

“Mini” Lizzy said, “Shes been my best friend for around about 10 years now.” Mini appeared next to her. Her small hand took hold of Lizzy’s and she shook.

“Gemo” Abigale shouted, “Get over here!” Gemi appeared next to her.

“It appears we have a Gemini fight” Morgan said. Most of the crowd cheered. The only two not cheering were Leo and Virgo. They were scared for their masters and lovers.

Lizzy also chose Virgo. Her team was built up. Virgo grabbed her hand.

“I love you” She whispered and kissed Lizzy’s cheek. Elizabeth nodded in response to this.

“I know.” She said. Abbie obviously chose Leo as her partner and so the fight began. Gemi and Mini stood facing each other. Gemi held her blade tightly. Mini held her small dagger.

“Do you think you can beat me with that?” Gemi laughed, causing Mini’s face to fall into a frown. “Your eyes are showing fear. You are doubting yourself, because of that you will not be fighting at full strength. You have assured my victory”

“No, that’s not true. I will protect Miss Elizabeth with my life. I will take you down” Mini shook, she was obviously too terrified to do anything. Gemi laughed even more. They stared at each other.

“You are weak. Too weak to protect her. Face it, you haven’t improved in over 500 years. This fight will have the same outcome as the one we had back then. I will win.”

“I have improved. I have!” Mini’s voice cracked. She started to tear up.

“It is your destiny to lose to me. You will never change that because you can never change your destiny.”

“Mini, don’t listen to her. You are so much better than her. You have improved. She hasn’t.” Lizzy yelled, making the little creature feel a bit better about herself.

“Actually, Gemi has the upper hand. Mini is too weak and innocent to beat her. Gemi has no mercy.” Abigale said. Gemi smirked in response to Abbie- Whereas Mini started to shake once again.