Zodiacs- Chapter 7- What was and what should have been

Abigale awoke in a strange place. The smell of smoke was in the atmosphere, and rubble covered the streets. When Abigale woke up, she was standing, which she thought was odd. There were screams of a little girl ringing through Abbie’s ears. She looked around, but saw no one. The screams got louder and louder. They soon became ear-piercing. Abigale held her head. She was crouched and the screams were hurting her.

The screams suddenly came to a stop, and a girl was stood in front of her.

“Hello.” Abigale said. The girl had short red hair and was in a blue night gown. Behind her ear was a birthmark. This gave away that the little girl was actually a younger version of Abigale. “Hello” Abbie repeated.

“Abigale, tea is ready” a kind voice said. The young Abigale ran towards a door and the other Abigale followed.

A little girl was playing on the floor. She had blue hair and blue eyes, a man was watching her. The man hair, which matched Abigale’s. They both had the same birthmark as well. The woman, that had called, was putting plates of food onto a table. She liked like the unnamed little girl, minus the birthmark. They were a happy family. Abigale smiled at it.

The little Abigale skipped outside. Abbie followed to see what happened next. The little Abigale vanished. There was a man stood facing away from Abigale. Sobs could be heard. Abigale turned him around. It was the same man from the happy family, but he was crying. He cradled two babies with birthmarks behind their ear. ‘Who is the other girl?’ Abigale questioned herself. She looked away to see where the smell of smoke was coming from. When she turned back there was just one baby on the floor.

Abigale went to pick up the crying child, but it burst into flames right below her. A woman came and put the flames out. The woman was hooded, but Abigale made her out to be her care worker from when she was little. The woman took the baby into the orphanage. Abigale followed once again. She was intrigued as to what was going to happen. The child was now eight and was starting to look a lot more like Abigale. She had a young boy bowing to her and they were laughing.

“I remember this.” Abigale whispered, watching the two young children play.

A man and a woman came in the room with a box. They handed the little girl it and smiled.

“Don’t trust them!” Abigale yelled at her younger self. The man and woman took the little girl home. They started to yell at each other and then at young Abbie. Abigale freaked out at this and punched the man.

In response to this, the building started to crumble. Abigale ran out and saw that every building was crumbling. A skull rolled at her feet. She looked at it. A mountain began to form around her. A mountain of dead bodies and skeletons. At the top stood a 15 year old Abigale. She was wearing armour and was wielding a golden sword. Abigale screamed at what she was witnessing and tears were shed. She was terrified at what she had become. ‘How could I have done this?’ she thought to herself, ‘I killed so many people and never felt a thing. I am a monster!’

She climbed up the mountain of dead bodies. Their heads and eyes (if they had any) following her every move. She reached her other self and shook her.

“This was the wrong path.” She cried out. “We shouldn’t have done this.” The other version of herself looked at her.

“But we did do this. They deserved it.” Her voice was nothing like Abbie’s. It was dark and deformed. It sounded like a monster had possessed her. But a monster hadn’t possessed her, she was the monster. “You can’t change the past.” Abbie collapsed to her knees and cried.

“I wish I could.”

The mountain of corpses became hollow and Abbie fell through it. She landed hard on the ground of somewhere dark and red hot. All versions of herself were around her.

“Welcome to hell!” They all said in the same scary, evil and dark voice. Abigale screamed.