Zodiacs- Chapter 8- Pain of life

Elizabeth woke on her bed. A nurse came in and checked that she was alright. Lizzy sat up and felt a sharp pain… everywhere. She looked at bandaged wrists, legs and stomach.

“What the…?” she questioned.

“You know, we have been over this a thousand times. You need help, go to counseling.” The nurse demanded of Elizabeth.

“What?” Elizabeth asked. She was confused as to what was happening.

“Don’t avoid it Elizabeth, you need help. If your mother was still alive she wouldn’t want you doing this to yourself.” The nurse cried. Elizabeth stood up through the pain and walked out of the room.

She was in the hostel and she was pushing her cart along happily. ‘wait, wasn’t I just at the orphanage?’ Elizabeth questioned. People ¬†snatched and grabbed stuff off the cart. Elizabeth looked at them confused. They all know to wait their turn.

“Hello Mrs Green” Lizzy said happily. The old woman glared at her.

“Leave me alone wench” Mrs Green snapped at Elizabeth.

“I was only trying to be nice.” Elizabeth said sounding hurt.

“Well stop, I don’t want to talk to you!” The old woman hissed. Elizabeth ran out of the hostel to cry. She couldn’t take the insults which were being thrown at her from every angle.

As she left the door of the hostel, she found her self at the orphanage once again. People stared at her.

“Look its Elizabeth.” One child said.

“I bet shes looking forward to tonight” Another spoke and they all started to chortle at her.

“No, she will just try to kill herself again” the original child spoke. Elizabeth ran to her room. She opened the door and a bucket of paint and feathers fell on top of her head. She cried and jumped into the bed. She didn’t care that she was getting paint all over the sheets.

“Hey love,” a young female voice said. ‘love?’ Elizabeth thought. She looked over to see a girl standing in the doorway. She looked to be around 16 years old. “Are they bullying you again?” She asked. Elizabeth nodded and the girl sat next to her.

“I don’t like bullies.” Elizabeth said in her sad, broken voice. The girl pulled her into a warm embrace.

“Shhh, Megan’s got you,” She comforted Elizabeth. Lizzy cried into Megan’s chest. “Just don’t try to drown yourself again” Megan begged. Elizabeth didn’t know what she meant.

Elizabeth looked up to Megan. Megan’s brown eyes glistened as she looked back into Elizabeth’s eyes. Their faces were close to each others. Anyone watching would have thought they were going to kiss, but they didn’t. Megan’s eyes turned red and she pushed Elizabeth against the bed. She held a knife t her throat and glared into her eyes. She pierced into her soul with this and started to cut Elizabeth. Lizzy screamed in pain so Megan gagged her and continued to cut her.

After she had cut her a significant number of times, she removed Elizabeth’s gag and called the nurse in. She turned the nurse that she had caught Elizabeth self-harming. Lizzy protested, but it was her word against Megan’s and the nurse believed Megan. Elizabeth was really upset. She was more upset than she had ever been in her life. She got bandaged up and told to take a bath.The paint was hard to get off in the bath because it had dried onto her skin.

She looked up at the water in front of her. She wasn’t dumb but she had the urge to do it. She was trying to fight the urge, but it was really strong. She pushed her head under the water and held her breath. ‘Please lord, remove me from this torturous life’ she prayed in her head. She eventually ran out of breath under the water and her reflexes kicked in so she came up for air. She sighed at her failed suicide attempt then realised how stupid she was to even try that. She was talking about a permanent solution to a temporary problem. She figured the best thing to do was to face her problems, so she headed down to the other orphans.

She did something really unexpected when she saw Megan stood with the other children. She punched her square in the face. That was something she had never done before in her life and wasn’t happy about doing. It started to rain at this point and Megan (and everyone else) turned into dust. Elizabeth’s hands shook. She was scared that everyone had died, but was more scared for her own life.