Zodiacs- Chapter 9- Sleeping pods

Abigale awoke with a banging headache. Her red eyes fluttered open, only to blink a bit. Her face was wet from crying. She tried to move her arm, but they were secured in place. What looked like glass surrounded her and she was chained up against a wall. She looked around frantically in fear of where she was. ‘Oh no. I’m in a lab’ she thought, scared. A woman was sat at a computer, looking at the results to some tests Abigale had gone through.

Green smoke quickly fulled the chamber which Abigale was being held in, and Abigale choked. The woman looked up.

“You’re awake?” She said examining Abigale. She smiled. The woman had long brown hair which draped down her back all the way to her bottom. She was wearing a while lad coat and had some circular glasses on her face. She pushed her glasses up her face wand smirked. “Master said you were special, but I didn’t expect this.” She said. She was far too happy about Abigale.

“Who is your master? If you see him, tell him I need to smash his face in.” Abigale barked at the lab technician. She shook her head and giggled.

“I cannot say who my master is. He is far too powerful” she spoke, tormenting Abigale more. The room became hot and Abigale was gritting her teeth. Abigale’s hand clenched up.

“Gemi from the stars, I summon you. I summon you to help me!” She shouted, trying to get Gemi’s attention. The lab worker laughed again.

“Megan forgot to tell you that the glass case stops the link between you and your spirits. Master wanted Megan to be safe.” She laughed a lot. For someone so smart, her speaking in third person was rather funny. Abigale sighed. “Anyway, Megan must go check on the other one.” She skipped off down the halls humming merrily to herself.

Abigale was heating up. She started to melt the chains which held her. Molten metal dripped from them, until they were completely melted and Abigale’s hands were free. She freed her legs and then put her hands on the glass. She started to feel very claustrophobic. She screamed and punched at the glass. Her fist engulfed themselves with flames as she smashed herself out of the glass case. A red light started flashing and a voice began to speak.

“System error” It said. Abigale laughed a little before going on Megan’s computer. She looked at all the information Megan had gathered on her. It was quite interesting stuff.

Name: Abigale Smith
Age: 15
Power: Fire
Spirits:  –Gemi and Leo

and then their was stuff which even Abigale didn’t know.

Father: Nate Smith
Mother: Sophia Smith
Sibling(s): Elizabeth Smith

Although she didn’t want to, Abigale deleted all the files, which set off another alarm. Abigale ran down the halls. They were pretty much the same all the way down. Grey with a red line across it. It was really easy to get lost in it, which is what Abigale did. She was out of breath and stopped. A door lit up at the end of the corridor. Abigale looked at it and walked to it with curiosity. She opened it and walked inside. The door closed behind her. She tried to get out  but the door had locked. She turned to face the room. Black wires hung from the ceiling like branches dangling from a branches and then they spiraled down and wrapped around each other like vines until they split of and connected to large glass cases.

Abigale looked around a bit. The glass was blacked out so she couldn’t see what was in them. Computers were placed next to each case with their monitors turned off. Abigale hesitantly tapped on one of the computer screens. The case next to it lit up. A girl with half of her blonde hair shaved to bald laid with her eyes shut inside. A heart monitor was beeping on the computer screen with information below it.

Name: Scarlet Mae
Age: 18
Spirit(s): Pieces

She looked peaceful with her eyes shut. Abigale moved to the next pod. A child laid there. He had short brown scruffy hair.

Name: Zayne Scoop
Age: 7
Spirit(s): Aries

The next one Abigale lit up and she backed away from it, seeing who was laid in it. Harry was laid there. His eyes were shut.

Name: Harry Sprangle
Age: 14
Spirit(s): Taurus

Abigale tried to open his pod, but failed tragically. She sighed and looked at him.

“Harry.” She whispered, looking at his sleeping face.