Zodiacs- Chapter 16- An explosion for the truth

The fighting began. Leo was facing Virgo; Gemi was facing Mini; and Abbie was versing Lizzy. There was an uproar of noise from powerful hits and explosions. Abigale was not going easy on Elizabeth, but Lizzy was holding her own against Abbie. It seemed that the two were evenly matched. Their would be no end to this fight. The only way one would win was if the other ran out of stamina, however, they both seemed to have the same amount of stamina. Because this fight was so evenly matched, the Zodiac audience were applauding it. Morgan, on the other hand, was getting bored due to neither side winning yet.

“Megan,” Morgan spoke, “is there a way we can make this fight end quicker?”

“Unfortunately no sir,” Megan answered, “it depends on the Zodiacs they have chosen, Megan believes the two girls were too evenly matched in strength.”

“I am bored. Did you have to give the water girl ice powers?” He scolded her. She frowned in response.

“You were the one who said that Megan should do that. You said you wanted them evenly matched. Don’t blame this on Megan!” Megan snapped back at him. He took her hand and kissed it.

“You are right my darling, I am sorry. Forgive me?” She nodded and he dragged her onto his lap, clearly flirting. Megan let out a giggle through the excitement.

“Virgo, help me please.” Lizzy begged. She was trying desperately to catch her breath from all the fighting against Abbie. Virgo picked her up, very worried for Lizzy. Abigale was also in the same situation. Leo was about to pick her up aswell, but Abbie wouldn’t let him.

“Leo, I am going to do something. It’s going to hurt a lot. Listen…” Abbie told Leo what she wanted to do. He was worried about how the outcome of her plan would unravel, however, he obliged and got into position.

“You ready?” he asked, worry clear on his face and in his voice. Abbie nodded. Leo held his breath and charged at Virgo very fast. Before Lizzy knew it, she was on the floor and Virgo was pinned to the glass with her head bleeding. She was too injured to stat in the human world, so she vanished to go heal. She came back shortly after.

The air around Abigale became scorching hot. The heat was visible and Abbie’s hair was floating upwards. Her eyes glowed and her skin looked like fire. She screamed in pain and a large explosion spread out from her body. Elizabeth put up a shield of water, but it wasn’t enough. Her shield broke. Fortunately, it had shielded her enough to not cause her serious injuries. However, she lost consciousness from the blast. Elizabeth was both exhausted and beat. Leo rushed to Abbie as her legs gave way from under her. Mini ran up to Elizabeth and checked her pulse. She let out a sigh of relief when she discovered it.

Abbie regained enough strength to walk over to Elizabeth. Her hand burning with fire. Mini stood in front of her, pleading her not to hurt Lizzy. Gemi laughed at how pathetic her sister was being and tackled her to the ground, allowing Abbie to get to Lizzy.

“Please don’t kill her.” Mini begged. Abbie got closer to her. She was ready to go in for te the kill, when something caught her eye.

“What’s that?” She asked and sat down next to Lizzy. Her hand distinguished and she moved Lizzy’s hair away from her ear. Mini got away from Gemi to have a look.

“Her birthmark.” Mini spoke. Abigale stared at it in shock.

“But that is the same one as mine…” Lizzy started to move. Her eyes opened slowly. Abbie hugged her tight. “You’re my sister.” She said with tears in her eyes.