Zodiacs- Chapter 17- Who they are

“Sister?” Elizabeth asked confused. “I have a sister?” Abbie turned her head and moved her hair to show Lizzy her birthmark. Lizzy’s eyes teared up. Abbie stood and faced Morgan. She glared angrily.

“Oi! When we were in the restaurant Mr Crux, you said my birthmark shared a lot of stories. Care to explain what you meant?” Abigale asked Morgan, who was busy kissing Megan’s neck. He completely blanked out her question.

“I know what happened.” A black man outside the arena stood up. He had black hair; black eyes and a large black scorpion tail.

“Big brother Scorpio!” Both Gemi and Mini yelled loudly with enthusiasm.

“Okay then, explain.” Both twins demanded. They spoke in perfect harmony to each other. Scorpio closed his eyes and smiled.

“I’ll tell you if you let me take you both out to dinner after all of this is over and done with.” Leo grabbed Abigale’s hand and kissed it. Virgo, who had recently returned, copied of what Leo was doing and did it to Elizabeth.

“Sure, as long as it is only dinner.” Abbie said. Lizzy nodded. “Now tell us, we need to know.”

“Where do I start? I guess I’ll start from the beginning.”

’16 years ago you two were born. Your mother lost her life during your birth. I believe she managed the first child’s birth- that’s you Abigale0 but the second was too much for her. I was watching, trying to help her. Your father was actually the last master I ever had. That time was tragic. The screaming and the blood. Mind you, it was mainly you two screaming. Anyway, your faher started to deteriate badly. Your mother’s death put a massive streign on him. The once proud mage degraded himself to nothing by abusing alcohol. He knew that he couldn’t take care of himself. He gave me orders to take the two of you to the orphanage then he released me from his service’ 

“How do you release your Zodiacs from your service?” Abbie asked. Lizzt nodded, also wanting to know, then she looked at Scorpio.

“You die.” Both members of Gemini answered at the same time. The twins looked at each other.

“In your father’s case, he took a long drop off a short pier.” Scorpio said.

“Thank you for sharing that information with us.” Lizzy said. She looked sad to know that her father had killed himself. Abigale took her hand and put her other hand on Lizzy’s cheek. It was like she was looming for something inside Elizabeth. Something she had found.

“I can’t believe I have a sister.” Abigale spoke, Elizabeth smiled.

“Me either- and you’re my twin. Growing up, I always felt as though I never fit in. Now I see why. I was missing my other half.” Lizzy spoke.

“Other half? Don’t turn this into a weird sort of romance. I am your sister, not your lover.” Abigale said and they both laughed.

“So is the fighting over?” Leo asked, taking Abbie by the waist. Virgo watched him and giggled.  She held Lizzy by the waist. It was obvious that she was using Leo as an example. He was her role-moddel.

“Between us- Yes.” Both twins said in sync.