Zodiacs- Chapter 18- Escaping the arena

Lizzy looked at her sister, she had a look on her face which showed she wasn’t fully understanding what was happening. Either that, or she was was digging too far into the story. Elizabeth turned to Scorpio and opened her mouth to speak.

“There is just one thing that I don’t understand” She said. She looked back at her twin, hoping that Abigale would be wondering the same thing. Abbie thought for a moment.

“Oh yeah.” Abigale said, picking up on her sister’s thought patterns.

“If you sent us to the orphanage, why did you split us up?” Both twins asked in unison. Gemi and Mini’s mouths gaped open. “What?” The twins were still speaking in harmony.

“You are saying the same thing at the same time.” gemi said. Mini was still in shock.

“So?” Abbie asked. Leo went in front of her and faced her.

“Not even Gemini has a telepathic link to each other strong enough to fully do that.” Leo explained. Now it was Abbie and Lizzy’s time for their mouths to gape open.

“To answer your question, I didn’t seperate you” Scorpio said, interrupting the moment, which had just become stale. Everyone looked at him with confusion, the girls both thinking the same question.

“Then who did it?” They said in sync.

“Can you stop doing that? It is starting to get creepy” Mini requested, making the truns laugh.

“Hey stop copying me!” They yelled at each other at the same time. They turned their heads away from each other “hey you did it again!” They both glared. “I’m not copying you, you’re copying me!” Gemini got between them.

“Lizzy stop it” Mini said. Gemi jumped up and slapped Abbie across the face.

“Scorpio is trying to talk” Gemi spoke. The twins looked at him and bowed their heads in apology and shame. Scorpio explained to them that he had not seperated them from each other, someone else did. Scorpio didn’t know who had done it, just that it wasn’t him. The twins started to think, then looked over at Morgan who seemed bored.

“Him” Abbie said. Lizzy nodded in agreement. It was obvious. Almost too obvious. The way he knew them when they first met; the way he knew about Abigale’s powers in the restauraunt; how he adopted Lizzy and wanted to court Abbie; the fact that he captured them and made them fight. Suddenly everything had become clear. He had planned it all out from the beginning. He was the one who seperated them at the orphanage.

Morgan stood up and clapped. He smirked at them, but for some reason he still looked bored- like they weren’t entertaining him.

“Welldone, you figured it out. Now back to fighting. I haven’t got all year.” He spoke spitefully. Abigale walked up the the glass arena.

“Lizzy, come here” She said. Her brain was working on a way out. Lizzt walked to her and Abigale whispered in her ear. Elizabeth nodded and went to whisper in Mini’s ear.

“That isn’t fighting!” Morgan yelled. Mini nodded and whispered in Gemi’s ear. The plan was getting spread around throughout the fighters and they all got into position.

Gemi and Mini held hands and closed their eyes. They were stage one of Abigale’s plan. The flame on Gemi’s head grew, as did Mini’s water tail. They joined together. Morgan watched them with curiostiy. The flame turned blue as the water joined with it. It was now a flame made up of water. They blasted it at the glass dome, only for it to melt a small hole in the glass. Abbie inspectedthe hole. She npdded at Lizzy. Stage two of the plan was in action, due to stage one failing. She raised her hands at the hole and started to heat up the glass. It melted a little bit, but not much. Abigale moved out of the way as Lizzy froze the glass. It was now up to Leo and Virgo to finish the job. If stage three failed, then the only way out would be to fight, but neither twin wanted to fight the other any more. They had only just become sisters, and with their newly found syncronization in their brains- the fight would never end.

With the glass now frozen, Leo and Virgo got ready to break it. Leo pulled out his sword and made it extend to a great length.

“You ready?” Virgo asked. Leo nodded and held his blade with a firm grip. Virgo lifted him up and then threw him with enough power that he flew toward the dome. As he got closert to the frozen glass, the blade went through it and so did Leo. The glass shattered all around the dome. Leo was laid on the floor outside of the dome. He has a few cuts on his face from the glass, and he was unconcious. Abbie’s eyes widened and she rushed to him. She shook him.

“Why isn’t he going back to the spirit world? He needs to go heal!” Abbie shook him trying to wake him.

“Perhaps he can’t go back because of him” Elizabeth said pointing at Morgan. Abigale looked at him. She glared angrily and visible steam rose from her body. She looked like she was about to do something stupid and murderous.