Zodiacs- Chapter 19: Black-eyed spirits

Abigale glared at Morgan. Despite all of Lizzy’s warnings telling her to not rush in and do something stupid, Abbie did just that. She charged at Morgan with no plan of attack at all. That came round to hit her in the back. It was like shooting a turkey in a barrel. Too easy- Morgan just raised his fist and hit her into the wall. She stood up shakily. It was like the only thing currently keeping her standing was her anger. Morgan laughed.

“Welldone girly, you just ensured my victory. Congratulations… to me” He snarled. Blood was coming out of Abigale’s mouth. She put her hand over it.

“O flammarum precor ad sanandum. Obsecro sana me. Sana me!” Abigale said. When she removed her hand, she was no longer injured.

“How did you do that?” Elizabeth asked. “Was you enchanting a spell?”

“No, I just asked the flame to heal me. I tried it once and it worked. It’s kind of handy.” Abigale explained.

“Then heal Leo” Lizzy said. Abbie had never tried healing someone else with her flame before. There was no certainty that it would work.

Abbie rushed to Leo’s side ready to heal him but then a thought crossed her mind. He’s a zodiac spirit, he’s not human. Healing him might not be the same as her healing herself. Lizzy stood their looking at her, wondering why she wasn’t healing him. It was then that Morgan seized the moment to put himself in the winning position. He grabbed Elizabeth and held her firmly ready to do something terrible. Abbie turned around to see it and she wasn’t impressed. Morgan laughed knowing he had just taken the upper hand. He had it planned out. Abbie would be imobalized, Lizzy would try to fight back, and he would kill her. Abigale isn’t much of a threat without Lizzy.

“What’s the plan Abigale?” Lizzy asked, Gemini stood by also unable to do anything. Mini was freaking out. Abigale walked to the two small creatures and whispered in their ears. They nod in understanding.

“If you try anything I will kill her” Morgan said holding Lizzy tightly. Abigale laughed like she wasn’t interested in her twins life at all. Elizabeth teared up. He growled in response to Abigale’s reaction. “Alright then” he threw Lizzy to the ground. She hit her head a she landed on the ground, blood pouring out from a cut, which he had caused. Gemi and Mini rushed to her side to help her up. Morgan’s eyes went black as a storm arrupted. It was enough to get Leo to wake up. He grabbed Abigale defensively. All the spirits that were watching from the outside of the arena had vanished in fear.

“What’s going on?” Abigale asked as three spirits appeared, also having black eye. The three spirits were: Aquarius, Sagittarius and Cancer. They were stronger than most other spirits. When put together on a team they had the ability to beat even Leo in a fight. Gemi and Mini were shaking.

Aquarius held her hand out and yanked it back, which caused Mini to be dragged by her tail towards her. Aquarius had short dark blue hair, cut into a pixie cut. Her olive skin contrasted with the blue, short kimono she was wearing. Mini started to cry as Sagittarius point an arrow at her small head. Sagittarius was a centaur. From the waist down he was a beautiful light brown stallion. From the waist up to the neck he had a pale muscular body, covered by a green and red tank top. His face was chiseled and he had long, black hair tied into a pony tail.

“To make an example of her, an execution. This is what happens when you do wrong in this world.” Sagittarius spoke in a deep, threatening voice. The arrow was released, though it never hit it’s target. Elizabeth had frozen the arrow milimeters away from Mini’s face.

“No one hurts my friends.” The final spirit which had been summoned was Cancer, but he was no where to be seen, and then a red man jumped from the ceiling and landed on Virgo’s back. He was holding twin red blades. Cancer wore red clothing and you could see that there was something sticking out of the back of his t-shirt. That was his shell. The three spirits stood next to Morgan, eyes glowing black.

“We should het out of here” Leo said. Abigale shook her head.

“No. We will fight them, and we will beat them.” Was her response.