Zodiacs- Chapter 20: The end of the fighting

“There is something you should keep in mind when fighting these three spirits together. You are never going to win. You will either drown, be cut in half or shot. No matter how good you are as an individual at fighting, don’t face these three alone,” Leo said. The girls, meaning: Abigale, Elizabeth, Gemi, Mini and Virgo stared at him. Their faces were a mixture of dissapointment and surprise.

“Leo” Abigale walked up to him and slapped him hard. He fell over from how hard she had slapped him. The opposing team just lauged at the quarell which had started. They weren’t, however, going to underestimate Abiie and Lizzy’s power. Aquarius charged towards Elizabeth, beginning the fight. She rose her hand and blade made from water surrounded her hand. Lizzy jumped out of the way just in time, but the blade cut her arm. Aquarius smirked as Lizzy suddenly felt a large amount of pain in her arm.

“Don’t touch the water or it will hurt you badly.” Virgo spoke.

“So then it is impossible to comout of this fight unharmed?” Abbie asked, remembering that Aqaurius can make it rain aswell as drown everyone. The suspense was too much. Virgo- out of all people- started to cry. However, the fight never happened how people had expected. The air turned heavy and no one could move, not even Leo or Aquarius. Everyone was stuck where they stood.

“Don’t worry mummy, I will save you.” none other than Mary called out. Libra smiled and walked through the fighters. She punched Leo, which confused everyone. Whose side was she fighting on?

“You know why I did that” She said, though Leo didn’t know.

Mary walked up to Megan. She stuck her tongue out at her and pulled on Megan’s hair, irritating her.

“Get off Megan, you little brat!” Megan snapped. Mary started to laugh at Megan’s way of speaking. It was a bit harsh, but Megan smiled away the pain. She was used to people laughing at her. Morgan was the only one who never really laughed at her. Abigale looked at Mary and smiled. She knew the girl didn’t like fighting, so she had stopped it before it had gotten too bad. Cancer, not enjoying being stuck, made a noise and left. Aquarius and Sagittarius followed him, agreeing with his decision. Libra set the rest free out of boredom and also left.

“Did we win?” Gemini asked in sync. Abbie nodded, thinking they had, but Morgan wasn’t surrendering. He pulled out a knife and charged towards Mary to kill her. Fear filled Mary’s eyes as she saw the knife coming towards her. The whole group ran to try and stop it hitting the young child, but it didn’t get anywhere near her.

Megan had jumped in Morgan’s path, taking the knife in her chest but saving Mary’s life. Morgan’s eyes widened as he pulled the knife out and Megan fell to the ground. He dropped the knife and held her limb body.

“The fight is over master.” She said. He started to tear up.

“Don’t die on me Megan, please live.” He watched as the light left her etes. The one person he had truely loved, died in his arms by his hands. “Help her Abigale. You can heal people. Help her!” he cried out.

“It’s too late.” Lizzy said. “She’s already gone.” She rubbed Morgan’s back as he grieved. Abigale couldn’t move. Her face was stained with teared and her body was frozen.

“Abbie.” Leo said, taking her hand. She looked at him slowly. “It’s over.”