I Hate You (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 10

The sight when me and Amelia got to the park was… gruesome. There was so much blood splattered out. The reaper was not one to break the rules, so this must be Grell’s blood- which worries me. Laid out in the middle of the park was she.

“Sebastian, I’ll get Grell, you stand back and if Will attacks, fight him.” Amelia suggested. If I did that, something could go wrong. I nodded and the woman ran towards Grell. I had my cutlery out and was ready to fight if I needed to.

“Amelia… You shouldn’t have come.” Grell said weakly. Amelia lifted her gently.

“I had to come, Sebastian’s orders.” Amelia said. Grell just nodded.

“No, she is right, you shouldn’t have come.” William spoke. I looked up only to be kicked in the jaw and to be sent flying back. I looked over at Sebastian, my jaw aching and blood dribbling down over my lip. I stood up and looked at Grell on the floor.

“Stick to the plan Sebastian” I said, though my jaw was dislocated so it came out more as “Spick oo de pan Sebatan.” It is a wonder he understood me. I don’t think he actually did because he walked over and snapped my jaw back into place.

“Repeat yourself, please”

“Stick to the plan.” I repeated. He nodded and ran at Will. I ran for Grell. Something, or someone grabbed me from behind, stopping me from getting to Grell. I turned around and got punched in the stomach by a reaper. It was one I hadn’t seen before.  I looked over to Sebastian, who had been grabbed by three reapers at the same time.

The plan had failed.

Grell looked up at us, she seemed so weak.

“Grell, Get out of here!” Sebastian yelled. Grell struggled to her feet then Will knocked her back down.

“Many thanks for coming, Mr Michaelis.”

I don’t know where we were taken. It was cold, dark and wet. Sebastian was with me, and he knew I was shivering. He is such a gentleman- for a demon. He gave me his tail coat to warm myself up with. I refused but he gave me it anyway. Demons don’t feel cold. I look around, but realise I cannot see a thing. My  glasses were not on my face, or around me.

“Where are we?” I ask. I could see a vague outline of Sebastian as he stood up.

“Basement.” he said.

“But to where?”

“I don’t know.” He walked up some steps and kicked the door. Sebastian is a strong man, the door came right off its hinges. Bit of a useless cage. Well, for Sebastian it is anyway. Me. I can’t get out of here. There are steps and I am blind. “You coming.”

I stood up to have a go.

“Guide me through it” He sighed and went to me.

“Reapers are so blind” He said and picked me up, carrying me out.

I was sat in the dining roo, watching William. He glanced at me every now and again and shook his head. I looked down at my meal, which he had cooked himself. I really wasn’t hungry. Shaking my head, I stood up.

“Sit down.” He said without looking at me.

“But Will-“

“Sit down Grell. Just eat. I don’t care if you’re not hungry, you have to eat at least a little bit.” He was acting really kind to me for some reason. It was odd. Usually at work he doesn’t even talk to me. I don’t understand why he has cooked me a meal and acting like my boyfriend or husband.

“I aren’t hungry, I have a headache” I say. He stands up and walks over to me.

“You have a head ache because that demon, Sebastian Michaelis hurt you. You were unconcious for a week and you need to eat to get your strength back.” He kissed my forehead. I nodded and sat back down.

“Alright William.” I said and started to eat slowly.