I Hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 9

I chose to hide the fact that I had just puked out blood. No one need be concerned about that but me. I will tell them if it gets serious. I went back to my beautiful daughter, who was in the arms of a man. The window was open. My body wouldn’t move.


“Don’t shout of him!” William growled. I could hear the footsteps coming down the hall. “Tell him everything is fine.” I look at Gwen in his arms. Knock. “Tell him it’s okay.” Knock. “Get rid of him Grell, or I’ll take her.” Knock. I open the door to Sebastian. He looks like he has been working hard in the kitchen. His tailcoat is off and his waist coat unbuttoned. I find myself staring at his chest.

“Is everything alright?” He asked. I nodded. “You don’t seem right Grell, are you still feeling weak?” I shake my head.

“Just leave please.” Said I in a little more than a whisper. He looked down at me and forced the door open wider. “Where is Gwen?” I turned around. Where was Will? I ran to the window. He wasn’t there. I ran into the bathroom. Not there either. William had my daughter. I fell to my knees and stared blankly at the wall. Tears welled up in my eyes.

Sebastian walked into the bathroom. I wish he hadn’t. I hadn’t cleaned up the blood yet.

“What happened in here?” He was looking at the toilet, which was covered in blood splatters. He knelt down to me. “Where is Gwen, Grell?” He pulled my head into his chest.

“W-Will…” I uttered out. Sebastian’s eyes flashed pink.

“Grell, come with me.” Sebastian helped me up. He walked me to his room. “Don’t worry, I will get her back. You can stay in my room.” He turned to leave and I grabbed his waist coat.

“Don’t leave me please.” I asked, eyes pleading him to stay. He looked at me and sighed. The waist coat came off because he knew I wouldn’t let go, and he walked off. I clung onto the little piece of Sebastian I had in my hands. What if Will hurts Gwen badly? What if he kills her? No, I can’t think like that. She is only a baby. She is his baby. She will be fine.

I walked down the halls and saw the guest room- which I was staying in- open with a baby crying inside. William was sat on the bed rocking her.

“She wants her mother, so get in here now!” His voice roared out. He must have sensed me outside the room. I quickly ran in and took my child off him, only for me to be pulled down to my knees by my hair. I almost dropped her. “This is the last time you’ll see this child” Will whispered in my ear. My eyes widened- I didn’t know what he meant by that.

I sensed Will in the mansion. He shouldn’t have been here, not with how weak Grell and the baby is currently. He seemed to be with Grell and the child. I sprinted towards her room. All I found was a crying baby and a note. I picked up Gwen and held her close then read the note.

Dear the Phantomhive household,
I have taken Grell, she happily came along with me and I am going to treat
her right. I’ll treat her in the way I want to treat her. I left the crying brat
though, you can deal with that. I have no need for a screaming baby. That
will only get in the way of what I have planned. For that demon scum
Michaelis- if you want to see Grell again, come to the children’s park tonight.
If you don’t come, then I guess you never really cared about Sutcliff and
you just led her on. Consider her upset if you don’t. To miss Amelia, get your
nose out of all of this- it’ll only lead you into trouble. For the servants- you’re
all idiot and you let a stranger into your master’s household. If he has any
self respect he should punish you all. I will be waiting at the park.
William T Spears

I handed the not to Ciel and he frowned upon reading it. He threw it across the room and got back to his work. I guess I should have handed it to Sebastian- that would have been better. I picked up the note and went to find him. He was in Grell’s bathroom cleaning up blood when I found him. I handed him the note and he read it.

“Well, I guess I am going to the park.” He spoke.

“That’s not wise sir, it is obviously a trap.” I spoke up. He stood up.

“Of course it is a trap Amelia, but I do care about the reaper. I shall go, however, you will be coming with me.” I frowned when he said this. I would have protested- had it not been Grell. The plan was that if Sebastian gets into trouble, I jump into action and ambush them. Sebastian was determined to save Grell.

I did not think demons could feel love until I saw how Sebastian was preparing to lay down his life for Grell. I know he will not admit it, but he has feelings for her and I do not blame him. In the past, this would have been Grell’s dream come true- the two men she longed after fighting over her. Now it is probably Hell. Who knows what torture William is subduing her to at this moment in time. He could be punching her, whipping her, cutting her… He could be doing anything. One of the reasons I am helping is because I do not wish to see Grell hurt, nor her child grow up without parents.

We headed out at the dead of night. Me and Sebastian- alone might I add. I had a really bad feeling about this plan. What if it goes wrong. Master Ciel would never forgive me if I messed up and Sebastian got hurt. There is so much pressure in order to save Grell. This better be worth it.