Senpai Notice Me (a KyoKao story): chapter 1-2

Chapter 1

Kyoya’s Point of View

The Host Club was running smoothly today. For once, everything had gone perfectly. Even Tamaki was following the plan for once. I jotted down in my notepad everything that was benefitting us about today, but then disaster struck.

“If you like them so much then why don’t you make them your number one friend?” Hikaru yelled loudly.

“You’re my number one, Hikaru” Kaoru said innocently, but Hikaru wasn’t accepting it.

“I’m not buying that for a single second, all you ever talk about these days is them!” Girls were squealing at the outbreak like it was the best bit of drama they had ever seen.

I went to split them up, though I probably shouldn’t have. As I approached, Hikaru looked at me and ran from the room angrily. Kaoru sat down and started to cry with his head in his hands. Whatever this was about it was obviously pitting their brotherly love act in jeopardy, which means it is in my interest to have them resolve things.

I asked Haruhi to go after Hikaru, knowing that he would listen to her, which is why it was her I sent. Me, I went to speak to Kaoru. When Hikaru gets in a bad mood, he is almost always unreasonable and it is not in my interests to put myself through the stress of trying to get him to listen. On the other hand, Kaoru is more level headed and will listen to reason.

Kaoru still had his head in his hands as he cried. Tamaki did what I told him to do and cleared the Host Club. Today’s session was over. I lifted Kaoru’s head by his chin so he was looking at me.

“Are you okay?” I asked. It benefits me to keep him happy because we need the brotherly love package in the Host Club in order to make a profit, and also for some unknown reason, it hurts my chest to see Kaoru so distraught.

“I just upset my brother, of course I am not alright.” Kaoru said quietly. “I’m sorry for being rude. It’s just that it is stupid that he got so mad.” I nodded, understanding him as I listened carefully.

“If you don’t mind me asking, but what exactly are you fighting about?” I asked, wanting to get to the bottom of this. Kaoru went extremely quiet when I asked this, so I simply said “You don’t have to say if you-” but he interrupted me.

“I have a crush on someone.”

Hearing these words made my heart throb a bit, but I don’t know why. It hurt a lot, but I tried to stay calm for Kaoru’s sake. For once I was glad that Haruhi wasn’t in the room, she would have picked up on me hiding my discomfort probably instantly.

“Well Haruhi is currently talking to Hikaru, so hopefully we can dissolve this little dispute” I spoke. Kaoru looked away frowning.

“He won’t forgive me, he feels as though he is losing me because I like someone.” I nodded once again.

“Then perhaps you should show him he isn’t losing you. If this quarrel continues then the probability of you two growing apart is high and that won’t be good for the club.” Kaoru stood up.

“You know, you are really insensitive!” his cheeks were red, but probably because he was angry. “I would have been better talking to the boss about this, at least he would understand how I feel and not only care about the club. You’re so selfish!” My eyes widened and the pain in my chest grew greatly.

“Kaoru,” I whispered, “I’m sorry.” I hope that no one heard that, but they probably did.

Haruhi came back in the room with Hikaru trailing behind her. Tamaki, being the idiot he is, walked up to them and hugged Haruhi.

“I hope that nasty pervert didn’t do anything to my little girl while she was trying to cheer him up!” The blonde imbecile yelled loudly. I closed my eyes sighing at the sight.

“Hey cut it out Senpai!” She yelled. I do feel sorry for her sometimes.

“Kaoru, I just wanted to say I am sorry. I shouldn’t be so upset with you because you have a crush on someone,” Hikaru started to apologise and rubbed the back of his head. Tamaki’s head shot around to face them when he heard the word ‘crush’. “I guess I was just scared to lose you as my brother. Sorry for being jealous.”

“Hikaru, you could never lose me as you brother. I will always love you.” Kaoru said and they embraced. Well I am glad that was resolved quickly. Though I wish I could say it was relieved painlessly as well. I held my chest a little and Haruhi looked at me, so I moved my hand quickly.

Tamaki held onto Haruhi protectively and glared towards the twins.

“What do you mean he has a crush on someone? The only girl he is close to is Haruhi and I forbid it. You hear me? I forbid you from dating my little girl!”

“Erm Senpai, even if Kaoru did like me, it wouldn’t be your choice if we dated.” Haruhi said, “besides, Kaoru is bisexual. The chances of it being a guy he is into is equal, if not higher than him crushing on a girl.”

I knew that Kaoru was bisexual but I thought the chances of him crushing on anyone while still in highschool were slim to none due to how secluded him and Hikaru are. Naturally, I thought that point would come later on in both of their lives. Obviously I mis-judged them. With Haruhi joining the group, it becomes evident that she has broadened their horizons.

“So who exactly is it that you like, Kaoru?” Tamaki asked curiously. The twins grabbed each other’s hands and walked out quickly, clearly to avoid the question. Everyone in the room turned to look at me for answers.

“I am sorry, but I do not know nor do I care. Try to figure it out between yourselves.” I started and also walked out. The pain in my chest was still there, but it was no longer throbbing as badly.

Haruhi’s Point of View

After Kyoya left everyone turned their heads to look at me. I thought for a few moments.

“Well the only person that I can think of that it could be is Kyoya-Senpai.” I stated. They looked at me confused. So I tried my best to explain it to the. “We know that Kaoru likes both males and females, but given that he isn’t really close to anyone outside of the Host Club, it can be said that the person he likes is a member. Honey-Senpai and Mori-Senpai can be ruled out because Kaoru doesn’t talk to them as much as the other members. If it were one of them, his behaviour would change around them due to that fact. Tamaki-Senpai is ruled out because both of the twins view him as their ‘boss’ and just like to tease him. So that just leaves Kyoya-Senpai- or of course someone outside of school, which is really unlikely.” They all listened closely. I know for a face that Kaoru doesn’t like me because he has told me before that he believes Hikaru likes me and he would never want to stand in the way of that. It’s pretty sweet when you think about it.

“So If Kaoru likes Kyoya then we should do everything in our power to make sure they get together.” Tamaki exclaimed. The others agreed.

“No.” I said and pulled on Tamaki’s ear. “If Kyoya-Senpai doesn’t like him back then Kaoru would be heartbroken. We should just leave them to sort things out for themselves guys. You don’t meddle around with a person’s heart.” Tamaki nodded, now understanding me.

Chapter 2

Kaoru’s Point of View:

Hikaru and I went home that day feeling rather anxious. I have to admit that I feel incredibly tense after the incident with Kyoya-Senpai. I do have a thing for him, but I would probably die of embarrassment if he found out. There is no way he would accept me. It wouldn’t benefit him at all to be in a relationship with me, so he wouldn’t get with me. Hikaru is right, we should just stay together because no one will accept us properly. As the boss has called us many times, we are just ‘dopple-gangers’. The only person who can tell us apart is Haruhi and their is no chance of Hikaru getting with her, not with the boss being as over protective of her as he is. Hikaru has been awfully quiet since we got home. I hope he is okay, I don’t want him to be upset with me.

Hikaru’s Point of View:

I have something I need to tell Kaoru about Haruhi, but I can’t tell him without acting like a huge hypocrite. Basically, when Haruhi was talking to me, I laid a kiss on her cheek. It wasn’t a kiss like I’d usually give because I wasn’t teasing her. I generally meant that kiss, and I knew she could tell.

For once, her cheeks tinted slightly red. The only response, however, that I got to the kiss was:

“We should go back, you need to apologise to Kaoru” Why do I feel so rotten now? It almost feels like Haruhi has rejected me, but for her to reject me she would have to had said something. I am going to be brutally honest though, I am in love with Haruhi Fujioka.

Kyoya’s Point of View:

I sat in my room doing homework. My chest hurt a great deal and I was trying ever so hard not to get emotional. My sister was here with her husband and I really didn’t want either of them to see me in such a pathetic weak state. That would be awful and embarrassing. Fuyumi hasn’t changed at all since she married: she is still the type of person to take one thing out from my draw and in order to put it back has to pull out fifty other things to fit it in. Honestly, I wish she would just leave it to the maids.

“Key Kyoya.” She spoke, “Who is Kaoru?” I looked at her. How did she know his name? It’s not as though I talk about the Host Club at home. My father would never accept it.

“He is just a friend from school, why do you ask?” She giggled at me.

“More than just a friend I think.” She says. I start to wonder what she meant but then I looked down at what I had been writing. Kaoru’s name must have been written down about twenty times on my work in different sizes. What is getting into me? I crumpled up the paper and threw it in the bin, sighing after I did so.

“Fuyumi…” I started but I had to think carefully about what I was going to say, she already thinks something is going on between me and Kaoru. “What does it mean when your chest hurts?” She looked at me. Once again she tittered.

“Oh Kyoya, your chest is going to hurt if you’re in love.” She explained. But, I am not in love. There is no one that I love. Nor will their probably ever be. “I was in pain as well with my chest when I fell in love.”

“Love doesn’t benefit me at all, so I doubt that I am in love. Thank you for your input though, even if it was a load of nonsense and gibberish.”

“And that is why your chest hurts, Kyoya. The only way to stop the pain is to accept that you’re in love and tell this Kaoru person how you feel.” I closed my notepad when she said this and went to lay on my bed. I refuse to believe that I am in love.

I laid in bed thinking. I was just thinking about how awful I felt when Kaoru was crying, and how awful I felt when I upset him evenmpre. Would it be bad if I opened myself up to him more, rather than only thinking about the Host Club when near him? It wouldn’t be too bad but if I did that then I would also have to open up the idea that I am in love with him. What would it be like if I asked Kaoru out? What would it be like if we were a couple? Would my father accept it? Perhaps I should do it just to see his reaction. Would he be proud of having a sexuality that surprised him?

In the end I decided to give it a go and texted Kaoru. I would have called, but I don’t trust Hikaru not to listen in and I wanted this to be private. Of course by now I had figured out who Kaoru liked, which is why I knew he’d say yes. If my father disapproves of this, am I going to stay with him regardless? I am being too reckless right now. I am jumping into a situation without first knowing how it will end. I am acting just like Tamaki. And you know what, I don’t like it very much, even if it does kind of fill me with a sense of excitement. I can garentee that this is the last time I will act so recklessly.

Kaoru’s Point of View:

I got the text from Kyoya. He was asking me to meet him tomorrow alone. Well, not exactly meet him, he wanted me to go to his house but I wasn’t to bring Hikaru, so what did I do to make sure I was going to be alone? I texted Haruhi asking her to hang out with Hikaru for the day. I didn’t tell her why I didn’t want to stay with him, but she didn’t need that information. She accepted and a few moments later she called Hikaru. She actually surprised me as I listened to their conversation.

“Hi Haruhi.” Hikaru spoke into the phone, “What is it?”

“Hey, I was just wondering if tomorrow you wanted to go on a date?” That was the bit that shocked me. Hikaru’s eyes widened as if they were going to pop out of his face.

“Yeah, I can do that.” His speech was slightly stammered. I chuckled a bit. They arranged a place and time to meet. This was Hikaru’s second date ever. The first one was the one I forced him to go on. I remember that. It ended nicely and he calmed down with Arai. I remember watching everyone with the watermelon. Just me and Kyoya on the balcony. That was one of the rare occasions that I got to be alone with Kyoya-Senpai. But, tomorrow I get to be alone with him, in his house. I don’t know how I can contain my excitement.

“Hey Kaoru, will you be alright on your own tomorrow? I’ve got a date.” Hikaru asked with a huge grin on his face. I think it’s kind of sweet that he would ask that. It means he cares and doesn’t want to leave me on my own if I wasn’t going to be okay.

“I’ll be alright, I have my day planned anyway.” I almost told him about Kyoya, but I remembered that Kyoya wanted this to be just between me and him.

“Oh? What will you be doing?” Hikaru asked. I came up with a clever lie.

“I thought I might check out a commoner’s clothing store.”

“Awe, but I wanted to do that with you.” Hikaru complained.

“Well tough luck,” I laughed a little, “You have a date. Are we going to go to bed? I’m getting really tired.” I headed to the bedroom and stripped to my boxers. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight throughout all the excitement.

Hikaru’s Point of View:

Kaoru was hiding something, I could tell, but I wasn’t going to question him about it. He seemed excited and I was happy to see him like that. Besides, I’m also excited as well. I am going on a date with Haruhi. I wonder how well this will go. Wait, if this goes bad will she hate me forever? I really hope she doesn’t. She is my best friend other than Kaoru.

Needless to say, I panicked all night and got no sleep. I maybe got two hours and when the maids came in to wake us up for breakfast, Kaoru was on his phone texting. I wonder who he was talking to. Today could go either way. It will either be the best saturday of my life, or the worst. Either way, at least Kaoru is happy right now. After yesterday, seeing him cry, I am glad he has a smile on his face today.