Senpai Notice Me (a KyoKao story)- Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

Kaoru’s Point of View

I headed to Kyoya’s house after Hikaru had left for his date with Haruhi. I must admit I was shocked she asked him on a date. Maybe she likes him too? The time when I arrived at Kyoya’s was 9:02 am. I felt for sure he was going to be mad at me for showing up at his house two minutes late. I even had this huge speech planned out about how not everyone is perfect and some people will not always get to places on time, but he didn’t mention it. Maybe his clock is wrong? Or maybe he just didn’t care.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me quickly inside so that I wasn’t seen. It was strange. Usually when I go to a friend’s house, and their family is in, I would say hello to their family, but Kyoya dragged me straight to his oversized room and sat me on a chair, then he closed the door quickly and turned to face me.

“Um, Kyoya-Senpai?” I asked, sounding a bit like Haruhi. He looked at me and knelt in front of me, almost as if he was proposing. I started to get more excited and so stopped him. “No, I won’t marry you” I joked, hoping he would see the humor behind this. He probably won’t though, it is Kyoya. I doubt he even has a sense of humor.

Kyoya rubbed the back of his head and laughed a chortle. This was the first time I’ve seen Kyoya laugh. I thought the experience would be less pleasurable. Because he doesn’t laugh, I figured he didn’t have a very good laugh but his laugh was actually gorgeous. It was such a pleasing sound.

“Sorry, I know this looks like a marriage proposal” I gave him a soft smile. “Kaoru Hitachiin…” I interrupt him.

“No, I won’t marry you, I’ve told you that already.”

“Not what I was going to ask.” Kyoya sighed, “you’re making this complicated, perhaps in this case actions will speak louder than words.”

“What are you rambling abo-” I was cut off because Kyoya kissed me.

It was a simple closed mouth kiss, with good technique and I got a lot of arousal from it. Like seriously, when he pulled away I grabbed one of his boobs and placed it over my crotch to cover my erection. Kyoya looked at me and smiled.

“Kaoru Hitachiin, will you be my…” There was a pause as he tried to think of the correct word to say. I caressed his cheek a little and finished his sentence for him.

“Boyfriend?” I asked. He nodded. I didn’t need to answer with words. The message was very clear when I kissed him.

Considering we only just got together, I think we went too far. Their was no intercourse; however, their was sexual activities. I can honestly say, this was one of the best days of my life. I wonder what Hikaru got up to with Haruhi though, did they even kiss?

Kyoya’s Point of View:

I was laid on my bed shirtless, with a shirtless Kaoru laid next to me. This was something I had never done before and I actually really enjoyed it. I’m sure Kaoru has touched someone before, even if it was just Hikaru when they were younger. I wouldn’t have agreed if he and Hikaru got together, but it just seemed like a natural thing which was going to happen. What am I thinking? Kaoru wouldn’t do that stuff, and Kaoru wouldn’t do it with his brother. Right now he is texting someone. I didn’t know who. Though interested, I didn’t look over his shoulder. Then his phone rang. I listened in, not saying a word.

“Kaoru. Today has been great. Haruhi kissed me!” His brother spoke loudly into the phone. I could hear Haruhi speaking in the background, telling him to calm down because it was just a kiss.

“That is wonderful.” Kaoru sounded generally happy for Hikaru. I held his waist and gently kissed his neck. He chuckled and told me to stop in a playful way. Hikaru heard this through the phone.

“Is someone there with you? I’m on my way home.” I took the phone out of Kaoru’s hand and spoke to Hikaru.

“Kaoru may or may not be home until late tonight.” I said then hung up the call. Kaoru laughed and we kissed again. This couple thing is actually quite interesting.

Hikaru’s Point of View:

Someone spoke into the phone who wasn’t Kaoru and then hung up. It sounded like Kyoya. I look at Haruhi for answers, but never got any. I can’t understand why Kyoya was at our house, and if he wasn’t then why was Kaoru at his? Either way, it seemed strange to me. Haruhi took my hand and smiled.

“I should tell you something.” She began, “Kaoru sent me a text last nigh asking me to hang out with you today. I think he wanted us to hang out as friends but I turned it into a date. I assumed Kaoru asked me to do it because he knew I liked you; however, I now think it was because he wanted you out of the house and away from him.” She spoke. I frowned. So Kaoru didn’t want me? She hugged me and kissed my cheek.

“Why wouldn’t Kaoru want me around?” I asked. Haruhi thought for a moment.

“He wanted to be with Kyoya-Senpai today.” I Wish he would have just told me and not tried to get rid of me. I would have understood…

Kaoru’s Point of View:

I got back to my own home at 9:30 pm. Hikaru was still up, so I went to find him. He grabbed me when I found him and started to yell at me. I think Kyoya gave it away that I had lied to him. I was in tears when Hikaru finally stopped yelling. He hugged me and apologised. Obviously I forgave him straight away. I told him that me and Kyoya wanted this to be secret, then he started to ramble on about his date. It seemed like he had a really nice time. I really love my brother. He always knows how to make me smile after something bad happens. I just hope he doesn’t see the love bites that Kyoya gave me.

Chapter 4

Kyoya’s Point of View:

I stayed up all that night thinking about Kaoru, but I still fail to see whether love is the correct word to use here or not. I like being with him and I enjoyed my day with him. The day of passion. No, I can;t call it that because we never had sexual intercourse. When i left my room the next morning it was 1 pm. I guess that isn’t really morning, but I slept in. Fuyumi looked at me with a smile.

“Morning sleepy head. I hope you got plenty of rest after that day you had yesterday. That Kaoru is quite the looker isn’t he. I hope you don’t mind but I looked into his family.” How did she know what me and Kaoru did yesterday? She started to hum as she came over to me. “We better hide that before dad sees it.” She says referring to the love bite on my neck.

“I want him to see it. I aren’t ashamed of what me and Kaoru did.” I stated boldly. But the truth is, I really didn’t care what my father thought about this. I came to the conclusion that I will never be as exceptional as he wants me to be, so why should I try anymore? I haven’t given up, I’m just releasing myself from the stress of trying to be perfect all the time for him.

Hikaru’s Point of View:

I must have been in a fantasy right now. Was I dreaming? I think I was. I dreamed I went on a date with Haruhi and she kissed me. I also dreamed that Kaoru got home late from his date with Kyoya and he had a love bite on his neck. I was dreaming right?

I rolled over in bed. It was 1 pm. For some reason I was alone in bed and could hear Kaoru outside of the room laughing and talking. I couldn’t make out what he was saying. He walked in the room saying he will see the person tomorrow. He hung up the phone and sat on the bed. Kaoru laid down and closed his eyes, not saying a word to me. I rolled over and looked at him.

His features were paler than usual and his eyes had bags under them. I got a bit concerned so I put my hand on his forehead. His skin was as hot as fire. He opened his eyes, which looked very glassy and glazed. My heart sunk.

“Are you sick?” I asked. He burst into a coughing fit, which worried me. I laid next to him in bed and cuddled up to him. “I’ll stay by your side, don’t worry.”

By Monday, Kaoru still hadn’t improved. He was starting to scare me. I refused to go to school, my brother needed me. The constant shivering and sweating was terrifying and when he coughed I honestly thought I was losing my brother. After school hours, we got visitors. The way the Host Club was acting, it scared me more. Haruhi stayed quiet, she knew this whole thing was worrying me. Kyoya also stayed quiet. I guess he still didn’t want people to know about him and Kaoru yet. He seemed sad to be honest, maybe he is also worried, or maybe something happened at home.

Kyoya’s Point of View:

Tamaki, Honey-Senpai and Mori-Senpai left eventually, which was good because I had some bad news to give Kaoru. Last night my dad spoke to me. He really didn’t accept me being in a relationship with Kaoru. He is forcing me to break up with him. Now I thought long and hard about what I was going to do and I have to tell Kaoru my conclusion. I hope he appreciates the fact that I am probably going to lose any respect my father has for me because I want to stay with him. And I’m going to say three words that Kaoru is dying to hear. Their is definitely feelings there, but I’m still not sure what it is. Never the less, I am going to tell Kaoru that I love him.

I took his hand and kissed it, which made him smile a bit. He was so handsome when he smiled.

“Kaoru, I love you” I whispered so he could hear. He pulled me with all his strength and kissed me. Then the door opened and Tamaki came in, catching us in the act. He picked up something he had left and then looked back at us.

“So, are you two are a couple or something?” He asked. I looked at Kaoru and nodded. I guess the secret is out.

Tamaki ran out of the room shouting for Mori and Honey, who were waiting for him.

“What is it Tama-chan?” Honey-Senpai asked innocently. I had followed Tamaki.

“I walked in on a kiss. Kyoya and Kaoru were kissing.”He said and smiled. “I’m so happy Kaoru’s crush likes him back.”

“Wait you knew he liked me?” I asked. This was new. They knew something and I didn’t know that they knew it.

“Yeah, Haruhi figured it out on Friday.” Tamaki smiled, “she’s so smart.”
“Well done on your relationship, Kyo-Chan” Honey-Senpai spoke cutely. I smiled, nodded then went back to Kaoru, who was asleep. I climbed into bed with him and closed my eyes, letting sleep drift over me.

Kaoru’s Point of View:

I woke up later that day and I felt much better. Hikaru’s voice could be heard outside of the room, along with Haruhi’s, but they weren’t in the room. The only person in the room with me was a sleeping Kyoya. I shook him awake, which was a mistake. His eyes opened angrily and it was terrifying. You would have thought I would have learned not to wake the sleeping dragon by now, wouldn’t you? He calmed down and a small smile grew on his face.

“Are you feeling better?” He asked and kissed my cheek. I nodded, which made him sigh. “Good.” He mumbled.

“Are you alright?” I asked him. He stood up.

“I will be fine.” I bet he caught my illness. He was asleep with me and we did kiss. Him catching it wouldn’t be impossible.

Haruhi and Hikaru walked in and hugged me, both happy to see me away and healthy.

“You scared me so much” Hikaru said quietly as he held onto me tightly. I held back onto him. If their is one thing I know, it’s that I will probably never lose my brother. Hikaru had his eyes shut, but I was smiling and staring at Kyoya. He is so handsome. He could have any girl or guy in the world, but he chose me. I don’t see why. It can’t be for looks because otherwise he would like Hikaru aswell. So what is it? Surely I am not that special, I just really love him.