Senpai Notice me (a KyoKao story)- Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5

Kaoru’s Point of View:

I was back at school today. I wasn’t sure whether Kyoya wanted everyone to know we were together, so I wasn’t going to do anything, but then a girl came running up to me excited.

“Is it true?”She asked panting. The grin on her face spread from ear to ear.

“Is what true?” I asked back. She shook her head.

“Don’t pretend not to know. You and Kyoya are together in a relationship, aren’t you?” She asked again. I blinked and nodded, thinking that Kyoya had told her. She ran off excited to tell her friends and I walked into the music room. Tamaki was happily talking to some girls, while Kyoya was sat in the corner of the room. He was writing in his notepad but was scowling. I walked up to him and said hi, but he ignored me. Did I do something wrong?

“Kyoya?” I asked and sat on the floor in front of him.

“Did you tell everyone that we were together? About 10 girls has asked me this morning and Tamaki swears it wasn’t him.” Kyoya asked.

“I thought you were the one who told them” I said and looked down. “If it wasn’t you and it wasn’t Tamaki, then who was it?” I looked around the Host Club at everyone who knew. Hikaru wouldn’t tell because I made him swear he wouldn’t and Haruhi wouldn’t tell because she is respectful. If Tamaki didn’t do it, then who else knew?

A group of girls came up to us and started to whisper to one another. I felt rather awkward right now because they were surrounding me and Kyoya, not me and Hikaru. I don’t know how to act when it’s Kyoya not Hikaru.

“Will you two kiss for us?” They all said in unison. My face burned up quickly and I knew I was blushing.  “Please.” I looked at Kyoya for help. He sighed and stood, then offered his hand to me. I gladly took it and then we kissed. It wasn’t a proper kiss like the ones we did at his house or mine, but it was enough to get the girls squealing and taking pictures.

“Who was it that told you?” I asked the girls. I felt like crying because now my private life with Kyoya was now public to the guests of the Host Club, and I didn’t want it.

“Honey- Senpai told us” they smiled happily. I looked over at Honey-Senpai then ran out of the room, heading to the bathroom to let out the tears I had been holding back. Some guys came in so I wiped my eyes.

“So I heard you got with that Ootori kid” One said. They seemed angry with me and I didn’t answer, which didn’t help. “Answer when spoken to doppelganger.” He grabbed my shirt and pushed me into the wall.

“So what if I am? It’s got nothing to do with you. You wouldn’t do this to Kyoya, so why do it to me?” This really annoyed them and they slammed my head into the wall.

“Oh we will do this to him aswell.” Then the next thing I knew, I was being punched and kicked everywhere. They left me on the floor bruised and bleeding from several places. My left leg, stomach and head hurt the most, but I was damaged everywhere.

Dragging myself up from the floor, I limped back to the music room and tried to avoid peoples gazes. I managed to avoid everyone until Hikaru saw me and panicked. He ran up to me and made a big deal over it.

“Kaoru!” He was checking over all of the injuries. “Who did this to you?” He asked. I flinched away as he touched a bruise on my face.

“It doesn’t matter.” I spoke. He laid his head on my shoulder, which also hurt but he didn’t mean to hurt me so I let him keep it there.

“It matters to me.” He whispered. So I told him that it was some homophobic guys who said they were also going to get Kyoya. I doubt they will though, because Kyoya’s family own a private police force and he can protect himself better than me. Hikaru got up and ran to Honey-Senpai to tell him what had happened and before I knew it I was telling him who hurt me. Honey- Senpai, though this is his fault for telling everyone we were together, is a good friend and went to beat up the guys that hurt me. I am lucky to have friends like that.

Kyoya’s Point of View:

Some guys came up to me asking if I was with Kaoru. I told them that this was simply a rumor and wasn’t true. I’m fed up of people asking me this today.

“Oh really? Well he said it was true just before we beat him up” The big guy, who I suppose is the ring leader, spoke. My eyes widened a little then I smiled.

“Well it isn’t true and so you just assaulted a friend of mine. All I have to do is press a button and you’ll be arrested” I smirk, having the upper hand now.

“How will you press the button when you haven’t got any fin-” I presume they were threatening to break or cut of my fingers then, but Honey-Senpai came up and kicked the ring lead in the head.

“Picking on my friends is a big no- no” He said and beat them up as they came to attack. I called my family police force and the gang were arrested for assault on Kaoru. He had to give a statement. When I saw him, it was painful. He was broken. Bruised, swollen and bleeding. It is a good job my family also tend with medical things aswell as police, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to help Kaoru out here.

He looked at me and hugged me.  He shook as he started to cry his eyes out. All I did was hold him close at his moment of weakness. I also wanted to cry, but I stayed strong for his sake.

“I love you” I whispered into his ear to try and cheer him up.

Chapter 6 (lemon warning)

a/n- This chapter contains Adult themes and images if you are not comfortable with it, just skip it okay? Thank you

a/n- This chapter contains Adult themes and images if you are not comfortable with it, just skip it okay? Thank you

Kaoru’s Point of View: 

Every time I look in the mirror I see this big lump of bruising. When I remove my shirt, the bruising on my chest and stomach upsets me. It’s all rather painful but its healing. Kyoya comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head on my shoulder. I am staying at his for a while so that I can get the medical supplies needed to fix all the injuries. Due to this, Hikaru is staying with Haruhi because neither one of us can sleep alone.

I laid down on the bed and Kyoya sat in a dominant position over me, pinning my arms to the bed. My heart was racing as he leaned over and kissed me deeply and passionately. I kissed back with all my love. This was the first time anything like this has ever happened to me and I am rather stoked for it to happen. He released my arms and I started to unbutton his school shirt. He has such a beautifully toned body. Kyoya placed kisses along my neck while I was helping him remove his shirt. His hand went up and under my shirt and my breath hitched feeling his cold hands along my torso.

Kyoya’s hands forced my shirt off, breaking it at the buttons because he was in a rush to see my body. His kisses became rather rough on my neck and I let out a soft moan. He sucked and nipped at certain points on my neck and collar bone, leaving love bites all over it, claiming me as his own. His kisses trailed to my chest and over my left nipple. He nibbled and sucked on it harshly making me moan a little more before he moved over to my other nipple. After about 30 minutes my chest was covered in the dark love bites that Kyoya had given me. The pleasure he was giving me was like nothing I have never experienced before. He tugged at my pants gently as he kissed me again.

Kyoya’s Point of View:

I pulled at his trousers wanting them off. My mind was pretty much blank other than the thought of wanting to be in him. Some might call that lust and I am not ashamed to say that I am lusting over Kaoru. I got the trousers off and started to rub at his boxers, feeling the tent which was growing ever larger. I’m not bothered about the torn clothing, he can borrow mine after I have claimed him. I stared to pull at his boxers but he stopped me.

“Your trousers off aswell” He said. I chuckled but complied and removed my trousers. His gaze looked me up and down and I smirked. His eyes laid onto my crotch and he gulped seeing my bulge. I wasn’t even fully hard yet, it was just a semi. Though he wasn’t small himself. I climbed back onto him and ground against his bulge, which made him moan.

“Don’t worry. This will be in you soon” I purred into his ear and pulled down his boxers letting his boner spring freely. I stroked it a little. I know that identical twins have the same sized genitalia so if it was just Kaoru, imagine the size he would be. He was blushing and letting out soft moans. It was driving me crazy. I just wanted to hear him scream with pleasure.

I kissed the tip of it gently making him squirm a little and I licked it up and down. He looked at me upset that I was teasing so I put it in my mouth. I sucked on it and started to bob my head making him moan more. He was enjoying this, though I never gave him the full lot. He frowned as I pulled off.

No one’s Point of View: 

Kyoya leaned over him again and put his hand to the younger male’s mouth telling him to suck on it. Kaoru sucked on the fingers, unsure of what was happening. When Kyoya’s fingers were good and moist he picked up Kaoru’s legs and and put the fingers inside of the males behind. He started to thrust them and wiggle them to stretch him out.

“Are you ready?” Kyoya asked. Kaoru nodded and braced himself for Kyoya’s entrance. Kyoya put his full length in and smirked down at Kaoru. “I like you like this. You’re so frail and defenseless.” The speech made the young twin blush bright red. Kyoya started to thrust kissing Kaoru as he did so. Moans escaped from their mouths into the kiss.

The pace picked up and Kyoya started to hit that one place which made Kaoru moan like crazy. He kept hitting that spot over and over until the two of them came together. Sweat dripped down from their perfect bodies and they panted for breath.

“I love you” Kaoru said and cuddled up to Kyoya. Kyoya smiled.

“I love you too, now its your turn to be dominant” He laughed and flipped them.