Senpai Notice me (a KyoKao story)- Chapter 9- 10

Chapter 9

Kaoru’s Point of View:

Back to school. I knew that as soon as we walked through them doors that all eyes would be on me and Kyoya. If the incident with the pain killers never happened then the glances would be on Hikaru and Haruhi now, not me and Kyoya still. They are getting away from being asked a gazillion questions constantly. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that we are back at school. The doctor had advised that Kyoya have at least a week off school- but he didn’t agree to that. Kyoya isn’t that kind of person. Honestly, I’m just glad that Kyoya is recovering.

The lessons dragged. Kyoya wasn’t in my lessons, which is understandable but annoys me greatly. The day is long without him by my side. It doesn’t help that Hikaru shares his lessons with Haruhi so every time I looked at them to talk to one of them, they were eating each others mouths. I bet this is how one of them feels around me and Kyoya when we are together. How does the Host Club work now? I have to go back to being all flirty with Hikaru. Kyoya and Haruhi will see that. That isn’t right.

Kyoya’s Point of View:

The Host Club. I was not looking forward to that but I am going to do it anyway. I can control my emotions around others. Even if Hikaru and Kaoru are being close- no reason to let the ladies know how I feel about that.

“So Kyoya, how is your relationship with Kaoru going?” A girl asked. I looked at her.

“So Kyoya, is Kaoru the reason you tried to kill yourself?”

“So Kyoya, are you okay with Kaoru and Hikaru being that close?”

The questions were driving me insane. I didn’t give them a response. Though to answer them three questions it’s: well, no, yes. I stood up and walked over to Tamaki when I heard Hikaru and Kaoru.

“Hikaru, I’m sorry we have been so distant lately. I won’t leave you again.” Kaoru spoke. My eye twitched again.

“No you won’t, because tonight in bed I am going to take my claim back on you.” I saw Haruhi’s eye twitched. We both felt the same about this situation. Tamaki noticed that I was behaving ‘oddly’.

“Mommy dear. Are you alright?” Tamaki asked. I walked away from him. A girl said the words which I never wanted to hear… Ever! ‘Why don’t you two kiss and make up?’ And what did the twins do? They did what the girls wanted and kissed. That’s when I snapped. I walked up to them and dragged Hikaru off of my boyfriend, everything went blank as I punched him in his face. The girls started to scream- most with excitement but some with fear.

Hikaru threw a punch at me and we soon were in a full blown fight.

I honestly can’t remember much of the fight because I had blanked out. I remember Tamaki and Kaoru dragging me off Hikaru, who was bleeding and unconscious. What had I done?

When I came through again I caught a proper look of Hikaru, who was in Haruhi’s arms, and then my attention turned to the angry Kaoru in front of me. He looked both angry and upset. He shook his head and then tears fell down his cheeks.

“It’s our job” he said and walked away. I went to go follow him but Tamaki stopped me.

“You really did quite a number on Hikaru.” He spoke. “Perhaps your main priority should be to apologise to him when he wakes up.” I looked back at Hikaru. I didn’t just hurt Hikaru in this fight, but I hurt Kaoru. I think my main priority should be to apologise to Kaoru, but I am going to apologise to Hikaru first.

When Hikaru came round, he looked at Haruhi, who was still holding him, and kissed her roughly but passionately like he hadn’t seen her in over a year. I coughed to make my presence known and he looked at me. His head shot back into Haruhi’s chest as he was scared.

“Please don’t hurt me again” He said. I shook my head.

“I’m not going to hurt you, and I didn’t mean to hurt you before. I apologise. I blanked out with jealousy and hit you. I am sorry.” I bowed and hung my head in shame. What is wrong with me lately? Hikaru stood up and poked me.

“You look like Kyoya… but I’m not convinced it is you. Anyway… Apology accepted. It was my fault, I shouldn’t have kissed Kaoru.”  I shook my head.

“No. For once the blame was mine.”

Kaoru’s Point of View: 

I went home. I want to be alone. No one talk to me now. I need to be alone. It was our job. Don’t put us down as brotherly love packet if you’re going to attack my brother when he gives me the love he’s supposed to. Am I overreacting? Hikaru is probably fine. Kyoya will probably apologise and everything will be okay… right? Everything will be okay. I still want to be alone.

There is a knock on the door. I don’t want to answer it.

“Kaoru, open the door please.” Haruhi’s voice calls out.

“Kaoru, open up.” And there is Hikaru’s. I expected there to be a 3rd voice. I expected to hear Kyoya’s voice, but I never. I opened the door to a bruised Hikaru and a worried Haruhi jumping on me to give me a hug.

“Come quick.” Hikaru said. He dragged me by my arm outside. He pointed at the roof of mine and Hikaru’s tree house from when we were kids. The treehouse was 30 ft tall. Our dad kept building extra floors on it until it got to the point where the branches were almost snapping and we weren’t allowed to play in it no more.

Up at the top was Kyoya.

Fear rushed through my mind as I looked at him. What was he doing?

“Kaoru, I am sorry for hurting your brother.” He said, “I’m sorry for hurting you.”

“All is forgiven, come down.” It was clear that I was scared. He looked down at me. Haruhi pointed at the branch to show that it was starting to snap. I rushed into action. I climbed up the tree house to get to Kyoya. To my Kyoya. I climbed all the way to the top and held onto him. “Come down please.” And then it happened. A snap, a scream and… nothing.

Chapter 10

Hikaru’s Point of View: 

I couldn’t find them. The wreckage was too great. There was too much wood. Haruhi was the one to spot them. A hand coming out from under a pile of wood. We ran to them and started digging through the broken wood. Haruhi called an ambulance and told them where to come. It was urgent. Neither were awake. Their breathing was highly shallow and fading. They needed help instantly.

The ambulance came. They took my brother and his lover away. Haruhi was crying her eyes out. I had to stay strong for her, but this was all my fault. I said he had to get Kaoru’s attention. How was I to know he’d climb up there?

A week had passed by and neither had woken up. The doctor said it might be time to say goodbye. There was no way I was going to say goodbye to Kaoru. Me and Kaoru. We were born together, we grew up together, we only had each other. The plan was that we died together too. If he died, I would lose my mind and be alone. There was no way I was going to say goodbye to my twin brother.

A stir.

The respirator started to make a noise. The heart monitor kicked into life. Kaoru’s eyes opened slowly. My brother was alive.

“Be gentle with him” The doctor spoke and left the room.

Kaoru’s Point of View: 

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes were the relieved eyes of Hikaru. I couldn’t tell you what had happened or why he was so worried. I couldn’t tell you where I was or why I had a breathing respirator over my mouth. I couldn’t tell you why I couldn’t move my body without there being a lot of pain.

“Hey” Hikaru spoke. He pulled his phone out, sent a quick text and then put it away. I assumed he was texting Haruhi, but then Tamaki, Honey and Mori walked in. No Haruhi. What had happened? Why does everyone look so relieved that I’m awake. “Do you want to sit up? I can get you a glass of water.” Hikaru said. I tried to sit up but the pain stopped me. Hikaru’s hand supported me to get me up and then I could see the issue. A hospital room. Why was I here? “I’ll get you some water.”

I took the breathing mask off. I didn’t need it.

“W-what happened?” My voice was hoarse from lack of liquid going down it and every word was painful to get out.

“Treehouse” Mori-Senpai spoke.

“You gave us a fright Kao-chan. You and Kyo-chan fell.” Honey-Senpai said.

My mind flipped. I saw Kyoya up there. I climbed up there. I gripped onto him and then the treehouse vanished from under us.

The heart monitor beeped faster.

“Is Kyoya alright?” I said quickly. Everything went quiet. “Is he alright?” I almost yelled. The pain was still there.

Hikaru gave me the water.

“He’s alive if that is what you’re asking” Hikaru answered for me.

“Let me go see him.”

“You won’t like what you see”

“Let me go see him” I repeated. Hikaru nodded.

They put me on a wheelchair and took me to his room. Haruhi and Fuyumi were in there with him. I guess that’s why she didn’t come into my room, Kyoya couldn’t be alone.

Kyoya was battered and bruised all down his face, neck and body. There was a bandage around the stump of where his left arm used to be. His leg was put in plaster. This was worse than the first time I saw him in hospital.

“Take me closer.” I said. Hikaru obliged. I started to stroke his hair. “I’m sorry Kyoya.” I whispered. I took his mask off and placed a gentle kiss on his cold but soft lips. Then the heart monitor started to fade. I put the mask back on quickly but the emergency button had to be pushed.

It happened in a flash. The doctors came running in. We got kicked out of the room. The door shut. I kept thinking: I’ve killed him. I’ve killed my Kyoya.

I was in shock.

Haruhi’s Point of View:

Kaoru hadn’t killed him, though I bet he felt like he had. He was sat shaking waiting for them doors to open again and the doctors to tell us the news. They eventually did open. It was about 5 hours later though. The doctor had a smile on his face and then opened the door wide so we could see Kyoya.

“He’s awake.” The doctor said. Kaoru, though he was probably still in pain and was drugged up to help that, jumped out of the wheelchair and almost fell through the door. Hikaru caught him and helped him get to Kyoya.

Kyoya was busy looking at his left hand, or lack of a left hand. He had to have it amputated because when he fell a load of wood fell on his arm and completely crushed part of it beyond repair.

“I can still feel my hand…” He spoke quietly. “An odd feeling.”

Kaoru climbed on the bed and laid his head on Kyoya’s chest. He was crying. Kyoya didn’t understand why Kaoru was crying by the look on his face, but he wrapped his arms around the younger male anyway.

“I’m sorry Senpai.” Kaoru said.

“It’s okay Kaoru, I’m sorry too” Kyoya responded.

Kyoya’s Point of View:

I got discharged from the hospital a week later. Hikaru and Kaoru invited me to live with them, which- to get away from my father- I accepted.

We weren’t ready to face the school again. We just needed rest. Of course we got that rest… Okay me and Kaoru never rested. As soon as we were able to move again without it hurting us we were back to being active. Our bodies pressed against each other just like our lips. I bet Haruhi and Hikaru were getting annoyed with us.

Kaoru was in the kitchen. I walked in on him when he was reaching for something on the top shelf. I know he has maids to do this sort of thing for him, but since we could move we both decided we were going to do it ourselves to get our bodies back in gear. I assume he was after a glass. I reached up to help him, but I tried to do it with my left hand- which I no longer had. He looked at me and I reached with the right hand instead.

“Kyoya…” He whispered.

“I’m okay. Just not used to not having it yet.” He nodded and poured himself a glass of water. What I meant by ‘not used to not having it yet’ is ‘not used to being useless yet.’ If I said that to Kaoru he would probably argue with me.

“Well your new arm will be here soon” He said. I nodded. I doubt I’ll be useful with somebody else’s arm. “And the doctor is certain that he can connect the nerve endings so you will be able to use it like it was your own.” I let out a sigh.

“Kaoru, I don’t care any more.” I walked away.

“Senpai.” He called out. “Senpai notice me!” I turned back and walked to him. He pulled me into a kiss.

“I did notice you Kaoru.”