Sparks fly (Laxus x reader)- Chapter 9-12

Chapter 9

Previously :
“This is brutal” Natsu whispered.
“But what!?” Laxus roared. The second person ran in and saw him. she smiled and jumped on him kissing his cheek. He pushed her off.
“i don’t know” You answered his question.
“This relationship isn’t going to work if you don’t trust me” he said.
“I’m sorry it just looked like-” you were cut off.
“We need a break” he said. Your heart fell again.
“A-a break?” You asked.
“Yeah a break, till the trust is built again” he walked away. you fell to your knees crying and then…

Your body shook like mad. what was happening? heartbreak doesn’t do this. Laxus turned back to look at you when he heard you scream.
“Don’t be trying to fool me” he said looking at you. His face read ‘worry’ everywhere. You looked at your hand and then started coughing. Blood came out. You felt your veins all heat up and you felt on fire. Your breathing speed increased and then you fell to the floor.

Laxus’s pov 
She was shaking on the floor and the strong scent of blood was coming from her. I rushed to her side. This definitely was no trick. Her eyes were rolled back inside her head and sweat dripped from her. Wendy rushed over to start healing her but master stopped her.
“What are you playing at old man?!” I yelled/snapped at him.
“its due to magic therefore only Porlyusika can heal her” He said. Wendy looked confused. I picked up (y/n) and ran to the woods to find the magic healer Porlyusika.

The pink haired wizard looked at (y/n).
“Her magic Is thief. Shes an idiot” the woman smacked her across the face, as if she wasn’t in enough pain and Porlyusika is increasing it.
“why you slapping her?!” I roared.
“She deserves it for the type of magic she uses. are you still here I cant bear to look at you any more!” She yelled at me.
“I aren’t leaving!” I yelled back.
“ah love, it sickens me. What’s happened to her is he powers are rejecting her. she recently used it on really powerful wizards and now her body doesn’t want her to use Magic any more so it’s trying to remove it” Porlyusika explained.
“So what are you going to do about it?” I asked
“Are you still here?” she yelled.
“yeah” I said blinking. I get the feeling she isn’t going to heal (y/n) while I’m here. Maybe it’s best if I go.

Normal pov
Laxus left Porlyusika to work her magic on you. She restrained your body from rejecting your magic. The spell she cast on you should last till your body learns to accept your magic once and for all. Your eyes were normal, and the sweat was gone, you were recovering well. she told you to rest but how could you with what was on your mind. Your heart was still broken and only Laxus could piece it back together again.

You were given the all clear and walked back to the guild. you snook in through the doors and sat In the corner alone. Well you was alone till someone let slip that you was there, at which point you were surrounded by people asking If you were okay.
“Let the poor girl breathe” Laxus said and people left you.
“What do you want Laxus?” You asked, your lip shaking with sadness as he sat next to you. he took your hand.
“I wanna make sure you are alright” he said.
“I heard you were the one who took me to Porlyusika, thank you, but why?” You looked at him.
“because I still love you, even if we are on a break” Your heart lightened when he said that he loved you, only to be dropped again when he reminded you of the break. You thought for a second that he was going accept you back.
“I don’t know how to respond to that” You said. Your hand clenched into a fist and a lump appeared in your throat.
“Look im going on a job with my team, I’ll be gone about a day” he kissed your forehead “I’ll see you when I get back.” and then he was gone. Your heart was in pieces and tears left your eyes, burning as they went down your still tender cheeks.

Lucy looked at you from the otherside of the room. She looked at you feeling sorry for you. She sat next to you.
“Your hearts broken” she said which hurt even more. You put on a brave face and smiled lightly.
“its nothing that can’t be healed.” You got up and got some ice cream. You had a huge spoon in your mouth when Lucy told you that ice cream can’t heal a broken heart. “it can and it will” You spoke with the spoon in your mouth.
“No it won’t, the only things that will heal a broken heart are love and time” Lucy said
“and lots and lots of ice cream” You smiled slightly. It was a fake smile but oh well.

Chapter 10

You sat with your head on the bar. You had been ignoring people for the last week or so. Lucy was right, the ice cream didn’t heal your heart at all. It just made you feel sick. There was a loud commotion and you turned around to see Natsu yelling at Laxus. You sighed and put your head back on the bar. Then the yelling got louder.
“I can’t do that” Laxus said in a stern voice.
“Well yeah, i love her!” Laxus said in that stern voice again. You looked at them both.
“THEN WHY WONT YOU TALK TO HER?!”  Natsu yelled.
“I don’t want to hurt her anymore” Laxus returned, he seemed sad when he answered this time.
“oh” was all Natsu could say. You stood up and they looked at you. You walked towards them and grabbed Laxus’s hand, dragging him outside.

He looked down at you when you got outside.
“What did you mean ‘hurt her anymore’?” You asked. He just looked at you.
“You heard that?” He asked.
“Kinda hard not to hear that conversation you and Natsu said” you looked at him.
“well yeah, he was yelling.” Laxus said. “Look its been hell since we broke up”
“Your telling me” He pushed you to the wall. “What are you doing?”
“Making it up to you” He said and kissed you passionately. You kissed back slowly and closed your eyes. He pulled away looking at you. “Has it worked?”
“Not yet” you said and a smirk arose on his face.

*warning lemon dont read if you are innocent and/or under 14 years old just skip*

He pulled you close.
“I can make it up to you” He said and picked you up throwing you over his shoulder.
“How is this making it up to me?” You asked.
“Shut up, you have a good view” he smacked your bottom. You looked down and smirked.
“good point” You kicked your legs a little and smiled when he smacked your bottom again. He opened the door to his house and went upstairs, carrying you. You gulped knowing he was taking you to his bedroom. He threw you on the bed then closed the door and curtains. He climbed over you and looked down at you. His lips made contact with your neck, brushing across it. They were soft and warm. You started to want more. You lusted for him.

He removed his shirt and you got a great glimpse of his sexy body. His abs and other muscles glowing. You kissed his chest making him to have a low chuckle.
“I thought i hadn’t made it up to you?” He said with a cocky smirk on his face. He pushed you back and removed your shirt and bra in one clean swoop, like anime characters do, and gazed at your breasts in awe and blood dripped lightly down his nose. He sniffed up and wiped it before attacking your left breast with his mouth and playing with your other one. You let out a gasp and a small moan escaped your lips making Laxus’s smirk grow as he passed onto the other breast to give it the same treatment. You could feel his long hard schlong pressed up against you leg from inside his trousers. You kinda felt bad for it and so pulled down his trousers and boxers. His member sprung up proudly and your eyes widened at how big he was.

You slowly slid it in your mouth, sucking only the tip. He let out a low growl and thrusted his hips making you deep throat him. You gagged a little then started to bob your head looking up at him with cute eyes. You licked up and down him and around the end until you felt a warm liquid flow into your mouth. It tasted like someone had tried to put salt on something and then the lid fell off and they had a pile of salt, mixed with a gooey liquid. You didn’t like the taste but you swallowed it all anyway and then Laxus pulled you away from his member and removed your pants. He stuck and finger in you and started to thrust it while he leaned forward and licked at you clit, nipping it every now and again with his teeth. You rolled your hips moaning. He added another finger and went at a fast rate. Your vision went fuzzy and you bucked your hips releasing onto his fingers. He pulled them out and licked them clean and then licked out the rest of your juices before he pushed himself into you. You let out an involuntary moan as he thrusted into you at inhuman speeds. He hit that one spot which made you see stars and you moaned his name loudly. He kept thrusting and then you released onto him again, reaching your second orgasm. He became sloppy and with one last thrust, planted his seed deep into you. He pulled out panting. “Did i make it up to you?” he asked in between thrusts.
“Yes… definitely” You said back all flustered and recovering from orgasming. He laughed a little.
“Ready for round 2 yet?”

Chapter 11

You woke up and smiled. You were still at Laxus’s house and he had his arms around you, which made your smile grow so much. You moved his arms and then found some of your clothes on the floor, when you couldn’t find your shirt you woke Laxus up.
“Hey” He said with a yawn afterwards.
“Good morning Laxus” You said smiling. “Do you know where my shirt is?”
“Why? You planning on leaving?” He asked.
“Yeah, i don’t want to but in order to stay in my apartment i need to have money” You said.
“Do you want me to go with you?”
“nah im going on one for clever people” You stuck your tongue out at him and had a smug look on your face.
“You taking someone with you? Levy? Freed? Even Lucy could go with you” He said.
“Nah im going solo on this one, i got the job yesterday morning. Its only to find a stolen book.” You admitted.
“Then stay safe my lovely” Laxus said and kissed your head.
“Can i have one of your shirts?” You asked and he nodded. You put on a red one, it was quite large on you, but you didn’t care. “Ill see ya either tonight or tomorrow.”

You went to the guild before going off. Everyone was shocked to see you with a smile on your face and Lucy even started giggling because you had Laxus’s shirt on. You went to the train to get to Era. It took a couple of long boring hours to get there but when you arrived you were happy. You went to the building where the client, a man named Zachariah, lived.  He explained to you that the book was really important and was stolen out of his library. You went into the library.
“You have the books in alphabetical order and in order of genre” you noticed as soon as you walked in.
“Yeah i kinda have ocd” Zachariah said blushing a little.
“Yes, but with that been said, why are these books out of order” You say and point to a section of books. Usually it would go S T U V but where you pointed went S U V T.
“that’s odd” your client said.
“Someone came in and took the book from here, they knocked all the books off but then was in a rush to put them back, someone walked in but they had already gone.” you said and looked at them “Who came in at 3pm yesterday do you know?”
“um the security guard and the receptionist” he answered. “How did you know it was 3 pm?”
“the dust. The books around all have different rates of dust depending on when they were taken out. Most of then over a week, but these ones all have a really thin layer suggesting 3pm” You explained.
“Your so clever. I’ll check the security lacrima for 3pm last night” he said.
“Don’t bother, it’ll be wiped. Let me question them both individually and then I will be able to tell you who did it.” It took longer than you thought to question them but when you were done you had a clear culprit.

“so who did it?” Zachariah asked. You closed your eyes.
“I thought originally that it would have been the receptionist who did it and got caught by the security guard, but it was the other way around” You said, “it makes sense. The receptionist knew the order of the books and would have put them back correctly but the security guard didn’t leading me to believe the security guard was the culprit.  He gave me the book back naturally.”
“why did he do it though? He stole one of the most valuable magic books in the world.”
“his wife is ill. She needed healing seriously bad. The bags under his eyes said he hadn’t been sleeping, the torn skin of his lips told me he had been biting them because he was worried and the dust, creases, curry stains and hairs on his shirts revealed to me that his wife wasn’t very well” You said. Zachariah clapped.
“your a genius”  he said and went to get the money “as promised 35000 jewels.”
“it was only 30000 jewels on the leaflet” You said.
“I know, the 5000 is a tip for you being a beautiful clever girl” You smiled.
“thank you” You said and headed to the train station.

The ride back was rather boring, you sat in the passenger carriage alone. You just wanted to get back to magnolia to see Laxus. It was getting late. You will have to get back in about an hour. You will just have to see Laxus tomorrow. He will be worried though. You will have to him. Its all a bit of a muddle at the moment. You arrive back at Magnolia a bit later and go to see Laxus. You sigh when you see him, laughing with yet another  girl.  You weren’t even sad this time, just dissapointed. You cleared your throat standing behind him.
“(y/n) your back” Laxus said.
“So this is the girl you were telling me about” The woman said. She had bright ginger hair and wore square glasses. She took them off to reveal her beauty.
“Who are you?” You asked glaring a little at her.
“I’m just a friend, Laxus saved my life once” You looked at her and put your hand on your hip.
“Right” you said, you weren’t sure if you believed her.
“Well anyway see ya later” Laxus said.
“It was nice catching up to you Laxus” The woman said as Laxus got up. He took your hand pulling you away.

Chapter 12

‘Finally. Weekend. No jobs. Rent paid. Boyfriend coming round… Boyfriend coming around’ you think and get up to start rushing. Laxus was coming round to hang out. You had to clean up. ‘Not enough time’ You thought and gave up. You laid down on your bed falling asleep.


you woke up next to Laxus. He looked gorgeous like that. Asleep i mean. He looks so peaceful. You leaned over and kissed him, waking him up. He looked slightly annoyed but smiled when he realised it was you. He grabbed you pulling you near. 
“sleep with me (y/n)”  He said sounding half asleep. 
“No Laxus, we have to go to the guild” You said pulling out of his grip.
“What guild?” He asked. You looked at him.
“Fairy Tail…” You said.
“You want me to read you a fairy tale?” He asked and you groaned.
“No Fairy Tail. The wizard guild” Laxus looked at you like you were crazy. A life without Fairy Tail. How odd. “I need to see Natsu” You but your lip.
“why? He’s at work at the restaurant” Laxus said.
“I bet he’s having an argument with Gray” You laughed.
“Erza said if they had another argument shed fire them”  Laxus told you.
“Speaking of which, you best be getting to work at the hotel, Mira will have your head” You looked at him.
“Whats this hotel called?” You asked.
“(y/n) are you feeling alright? Your acting odd. You know that the restraunt and hotel are called Fairys wand”  Laxus said. Laxus explained everything to you. ‘so let’s get this right Makarov, Laxus’s grandfather (well you knew that bit)  runs a hotel and restraunt named Fairys wand. Mira-Jane runs the hotel and Erza runs the restraunt. Natsu, Gray and Lucy work under Erza as waiters. Me, Elfman and Cana are the bar people at the hotel, Loke runs the front desk and Lisanna is the cleaner at the restraunt. Laxus runs finances of both place’s you thought ‘i don’t like this place.’

End dream
“(y/n) wake up” Natsu said. You looked up at him. He looked around “you tided all this by yourself?” He obviously broke in through the window because there was a chilly breeze hitting you.
“yeah…” You said, “shouldn’t you be at work?”
“nah. There isn’t a decent job for me and happy to take while Lucy and Gray are doing there’s. I only came here, 1) for food and 2) because Laxus said you didn’t answer the door when he knocked” Natsu explains.
“What time is it?” You asked.
“3pm” Natsu answered. You jumped up and kicked him out. Laxus was supposed to arrive at 2. You were in a sort of panic as you ran back to the guild.

“(y/n)…” Freed said as you entered.
“Hey, wheres Laxus?” you ask. Freed points upwards to the second floor “thanks” you say and start running up, only to be grabbed by a big hand and pulled down.
“You know you cant go up there yet (y/n)” Makarov said.
“Let me go, I need to talk to Laxus” You said angry that Master was stopping you.
“If Laxus wants to talk to you, he’ll come down” Master said. Mira smiled.
“(y/n), i got you a present” She said and handed you some gloves. You took them and looked at them thanking her. “Master said you should wear them because you learned a big new move that could potentially kill us and you tend to lose your temper a lot” She smiled. You growled and touched Makarov, taking his power. You grew.
“You don’t trust me!” Your voice boomed.
“(Y/n) simmer down” He said looking at you annoyed.
“No, first you stop me seeing the man i love and then you dont trust me with my magic. What do you expect me to do on the second floor? Destroy it? Take a job? No i just wanted to be with Laxus!” You said angry.

Laxus stood at the edge looking down.
“Whats all the fuss about?” Laxus asked. You shrunk back to normal size as Makarov’s power left your body. “(y/n) are you causing trouble?” You looked away. You put the gloves on. “come here (y/n)” Laxus requested.
“I cant, Master wont let me up” You said frowning.
“Oh and whys that? Come on old geezer let her come up” Laxus requested.
“The rules are there for a reason Laxus” Makarov said. You huffed and walked out of the guild.
“Thanks for that gramps” Laxus said and jumped down and chased after you.
“Laxus really care for her, doesnt he?” Mira giggled.