Matt took me some place that I really did not want to go. I mean, I did want to be there, it’s just that being there was kind of an […]

Chapter 11 Romanoff was shooting at Pax, who did a squeal like scream and shook his tentacles wildly. He started to charge towards her, teeth growing in his mouth. Each […]

Chapter 6:  Clint followed Tony, but he kept his distance. The guy absolutely stunk. He was plugging his nose the entire way there. The place they arrived at was not […]

Chapter 1: Tony looked up at him. The man who was standing over him. His hand gripping tightly on the billionaire’s hair forcing him to look up at him. Tony […]

Lilly-Anne sat opposite me at the table. I couldn’t bring myself to sit next to her right now. Not after what I had just done. I used the excuse that […]

When they first got the invite, Sherlock was not for it. To him, it seemed worse than being in a room full of Scoland Yard’s stupidest finest. Going to a convention, […]

For a normal person, spending time in the lab was boring fun. At least thats what Tony thinks about it. When Bruce and him get in the lab together science magic happens. But right […]

The week had been – eventful- to say the least. There has been, inventing, fighting, training, eating, sleeping, inventing, training, killing, selling, meetings, training, inventing, sleeping, drinking, partying, inventing- etc. […]

Tony was a very proud adult. He always wanted to work and just focus on the task at hand. He was kind of easily irritated and often missed meetings because […]