Today’s Assignment- (Chapter 1-3)

Chapter 1

“Great party last night, Tony.” Clint walked past Tony in the cafeteria and patted his back. Tony put on a smile and nodded. He looked back at his food. He didn’t feel like eating. Tony often got like this after a party. Everyone complimenting him constantly. None of them were his real friends. No one really cared. No one but Bruce. He seemed to be the only person who stuck by Tony.

“You had another party?” Bruce asks. He never wants to hear about the parties while they happen. “Who did you sleep with this time?”

“Pepper Potts.”

“Again? I thought you hated her.”

“I hate sleeping with any woman. You know I am not that kind of person.” Tony sighed. He put his hand in his head.

“Then you know what do,” Bruce smiled. “You could always stop holding parties. Or if you do hold them, don’t get so blindly drunk that you hook up with a random girl.”

Tony let out the biggest sigh properly. He put his head on the table and Bruce moved closer to him. He wrapped his arms around him.

“Look. I know you aren’t into women like that when you are sober. I also know that Mr right will come around eventually.” Bruce rubbed his back.

“I some how doubt that Brucie” Tony said. To any outsider, Bruce and Tony seemed like they were a couple- but everyone in this school knew that Bruce had someone secret and Tony was single. Just- no one knew that Tony was strictly dick when sober.

The rich male stood up and left his lunch on the table.

“I have to go to class.”He said and left quickly. Class didn’t start for another half an hour but Tony really wanted to be alone right now, and heading to his Maths class was how he was going to do it. Only the chess club came into the Maths rooms during lunch, and today it was cancelled due to their captain being home sick…

What no one would tell anyone was the captain of the chess team was home with a hang over after being at Tony’s party last night and having his first alcoholic drink. They were underaged, but so was everyone else there. Tony barely even remembed what happened. All he knew was he made out with Pepper Potts and woke up naked in bed with her the next morning. The thought of what might of occured made him sick and it probably made Pepper sick too. The two of them didn’t really see eye-to-eye. But hey,  what happens at Tony’s parties, stay at Tony’s parties.

Tony walked into the Maths classroom, fully expecting to be alone- but he wasn’t. A blonde male, who he did not recognise (and Tony knew everyone in this school by name), was sat with headphones on and his eyes closed in the seat which was next to Tony’s. The male had a blue, red and white hoodie on. He seemed oblivious to the fact that Tony had just walked into the room.

Stark waved his hand in front of the male- nothing.

‘He must be asleep’ Tony thought to himself and took his seat, pulling out his books ready for the class which was due to start in 20 minutes.

Chapter 2-

Steve’s POV

The bell rang and I could hear it through my headphones. I turned the music off and noticed that someone was sitting beside me.  He was fairly handsome. His brown hair was short and clearly gelled. He had the beginnings of a beard. I’d like to see him with a beard. He was wearing a plaid yellow and red shirt. When did he arrive?

“Okay, class,” proffessor Coulson said, “today we have a new student. Steve Rogers. Mr Rogers has been through a lot so please be nice.” I see the male next to me look at me breifly before looking back at his notes. I never caught his name. He was done with the work so fast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone work so fast and yet still get every single question correct. He then left.

When I handed in my sheet, I had a lot of incorrect answers. Okay, so I aren’t exactly the smartest person out there. I know quite a lot about History, but my heart is set in sports. I want to be an athlete when I am older.

When the lesson ends, I have track. And once again- this guy is in my class. Maybe he is in all of my classes? I still don’t know his name. He looks good in the school kit. He is thin and quite muscular- but not too much so that it becomes gross. His legs are shaven. My friend at my old school, James Barnes (everyone called him Bucky), said that a man who shaves his legs is gay. I aren’t going to stereotype like he does though. We are both old fashioned but I have decided I also need to keep up with the times.

Tony’s POV

This guy seems to be following me. Steve. I am already starting to hate him. He is wearing the kit for track but my God, the man has muscles. His legs and arms are practically buldging out of them little holes. Everyone else has baggy clothes. You would have thought he would have gotten a size up so he looked kind of normal. No, I think he just wanted to show off that he had muscles. I can already tell that he is a to be a dick.

I got ready to run. I hate running. A car suits me much better. Driving. That’s my style. I’m still trying to convince my Dad to pay the school to do extreme sports like drag racing and stuff. I would exceed at that sport.

The teacher, Miss Hill, was timing us today. Honestly, I hate running this track on the best of days, but to be timed just annoys me. She lines us up and yells “GO” and I start to run. Only to be left in the dust of the stupid male Rogers. Mr Perfect. My eyes narrow when I finish my laps. I was a whole 10 minutes behind him. In fact, everyone was.

“Mr Rogers, that was excellent. I’ve been looking for someone like you to go onto the track team.” Miss Hill said.

The only person I know on the track team is Pietro Maxamoff. He was the fastest person in the school. Honestly, I know that Rogers would lose a race to him. Even if he did finish 10 minutes faster than me, Pietro’s worst time was 10 minutes faster than Steve’s.

It is the end of the day, and I am glad to get going home. I walk up to my car to see Bruce waiting for me.

“Hey, Brucie.” I wrapped my arms around him. He hugs back. Bruce was coming to mine to study tonight and I was finally getting to meet his girlfriend, Natasha. He got into the car and I opened my car door, only to catch Mr Perfect in the mirror and I groaned. I turned around to look at him. “Can I help you?” I asked with so much resent in my voice.

“I’m sorry. I just thought… Since you’re in my class… You could help me out a bit.” He held out his hand “I’m Steve by the way.” I didn’t take his hand.

“I know who you are.” I said, “Mr Coulson announced it, remember.”

“Yes, but I don’t know who you are.”

“Tony Stark.” I said and got in the car. “Bye.” And I drove off. I had no time for people like him. I had my own problems to deal with. My knuckles turned white from holding the steering wheel so tightly. Bruce definately noticed. He just thought it best not to say anything, I guess…

Chapter 3-

Tony’s POV

I pulled up at my place- well my parents place- with Bruce and got out. Bruce was staring at me and it was making me uncomfortable, so I decided to break the awkwardness by speaking.

“So, did you tell Natasha the address?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah.” Bruce smiled.

“Of course he did.” A woman spoke from behind me, making me jump because I didn’t know she was there. I turned around to see a girl who was our age. She had long ginger hair and a neat fringe. She looks like she has gone through a lot in her life but she was still hot. Banner was a lucky man.

“You must be Natasha.” I smile at her. Bruce walks over to her and kisses her cheek.

“It’s good to see you Nat.” He said and then we all went inside.

We pull out our books and smile. Natasha was aparently very smart, but aparently that wasn’t what she came here for.

“So Tony, Bruce texted me saying there was a guy getting under your skin.”

I leaned back and grabbed my can of red bull. I drank it and sighed.

“I do not.” I said. She smiled.

“You are lying. There is. Tell me.” How did she know I was lying? She must be one of those people who can read from facial expressions whether they are lying or not. I was never fond of that type of science.

I let out a sigh and place my drink down before laying backwards on the floor. They started to laugh and I groan. I rolled onto my stomach, the books falling from my lap.

“It’s nothing. He just showed up to the school and he’s so annoying.” I mumbled, hoping they wouldn’t hear. It was like they had super hearing though. They started to whispered to each other and then Nat spoke up.

“So you have a crush on him.” She said bluntly. I picked up a pillow and threw it at the pair.

“I feel really attacked in my own home.” I said and they started to laugh.

“I’m going to give him your phone number.” Bruce said. I shot him a glare and frowned. I stood up and climbed into my bed- starting to sulk.

Steve’s POV

He said his name was Tony Stark. I knew I had heard that name before so I decided to google him. Phones are kind of new to me. We weren’t allowed them at my last school so I never saw the need in having one. Me and Bucky would hang out at school and arrange to meet up while we saw each other in person. I only got one when I moved. I tend to google a lot of things due to this.

‘Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark is the child prodegy of inventor and scientist Howard Stark. Ever since he was a young child Tony Stark has been a genius’ 

That was all I read on Tony. I knew the name Stark but I didn’t know why, so I googled his father.

‘Howard Stark is the founder of Stark Industries. An American weapons company which hopes to change the world-‘

The weapons company. That is why I knew of him. My father once did work with Howard while he was still alive. It is kind of ironic that I would be in the same class as his son.